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New Bike and ‘Insanity’ Workout pages

With the idea of me trying to change direction with my training (away from running because of my injury… sniff sniff)… I’ve added the following pages with information on other training methods on the above main bar: The Bike page … Continue reading

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Wk25 – Run then Circuits with GIll

Thursday morning was circuits with Gill. I tried to run on Wednesday night to see if I could do our usual 5 mile run together, but my leg gave in, so the other option for us was circuits. This would … Continue reading

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Wk25 – 4.2M Clyde Bridge loops with knee pain

The plan for Wednesday’s run was to try to run up to 5 miles and see if I experienced any pain in my knee/IT band.  I had run 1.5 miles on Monday night on the treadmill (13.5 minutes) and hadn’t … Continue reading

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Taking control of a healthy way of eating

I met up with a good friend of mine at the weekend.  She told me that she was on the ‘Slimming World’ diet and that just about everything she at had a ‘syn’ value (which quite honestly stunned me).   It … Continue reading

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Ow ow ow…

Jeezo… my legs are sore… my hamstrings and quads! Ouch.  I don’t know if it’s from the circuits from Monday night, or from double spinfit on Tuesday night… or from the injury I picked up last Friday. My hope is … Continue reading

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Wk25 – Double Sweato Spinfit

Tuesday night was double Spinfit. I didn’t really think about my knee pain as it hasn’t been sore much. Only the odd niggle when I’ve crossed my legs for too long. The first class was good. Helen said she lost … Continue reading

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Changing your lifestyle to aid weight loss…

Short term weight loss can be achieved in many different ways. I hate to hear that people are dieting, and much prefer the ‘healthy eating and exercising’ option. Diet, detox, starvation – they’re not the way to go to lose … Continue reading

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12 common running injuries…

I’ve noticed a lot of people searching for injuries and ending up on my site, so I thought I would provide a little more information on where I look for information on injuries and provide some information on some common … Continue reading

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After effects of circuits…

Oooh, I can feel the circuits I did last night… not too much pain but just enough for me to know I worked hard. 🙂 Lets see what’s slightly sore..: my triceps, my upper back/shoulders, my hamstrings. 🙂  Reassuring muscle … Continue reading

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Wk25 – Run then Circuits and Strengthening

Monday night I went straight to the gym after work. My leg was feeling ok and I was keen to try a short run on the treadmill. I was going to try 10 minutes but once I got on it … Continue reading

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