Who is Lorn?

For more information about me, see: About Lorn… otherwise (if you know me) feel free to add suggestions in the comments section below… (be kind!)

Lorn is:

  • The youngest of 5, she has 3 older brothers and one older sister.
  • Able to take a slagging because of how much her 3 older brothers wound her up when she was little!!
  • From Wick where she grew up before she moved to Aberdeen for 4 years, then to Glasgow where she’s lived since 2001.
  • A graduate in Fine Art, Printmaking and Digital Manipulation.
  • A positive, enthusiastic and inspirational Running Coach.
    (Privately, one to one sessions (contact me) and with Kaizen Active).
  • A Swimming Teacher for Glasgow Life (City Council).
  • A Runner.
  • A Road Runner.
  • A Marathon Runner.
  • A Trail Runner?
  • A Hill Walker.
  • An Ultramarathon Runner.
  • A Swimmer.
  • A Traveller.
  • A Basketball Player.
  • A Triathlete? (once… ahem)
  • A Daughter, Niece, little Sister, Aunt, Friend, Girlfriend, Bud, Running Bud.
  • A little bit crazy.
  • Sarcastic and funny sometimes.
  • Teetotal now (I gave up after  a really bad hangover and anyway, I started drinking WAY too early…)
  • Caring, very friendly and sociable.
  • An inspiration (? apparently…so I’ve been told!).
  • Fit and Healthy (thankfully!)
  • Passionate.
  • Has raised lots of money for charity.
  • Determined.
  • Someone who likes to have fun!
  • A machine (once again – so I’m told :-P)
  • A Garmin / gadget freak
  • Guardian to Jasper & Asda
  • Committed (slightly obsessed)
  • Generous / sharing
  • A Wicker
  • A born again Weegie
  • A chart/graph lover
  • A half-cup full person….

…. an other suggestions…?  😉

2 Responses to Who is Lorn?

  1. Well grounded, caring, opportunistic (in a good, jammy way), high calibre.

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