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Wk48 – 5M in the cold and dark with Gill

Wednesday morning and I was ready for my first run since the long one on Saturday.  Bellahouston was closed due to ‘Industrial Action’ so we missed our usual Circuits session and did our 5 mile run instead.  It was pretty cold out when I … Continue reading

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Two tosses of a coin and a swim

Tuesday night and I REALLY couldn’t be bothered to go swimming.  There were so many excuses I’d made up: I worked a little late, and it would be 6pm before I got to the pool. I wanted my dinner. I … Continue reading

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Wiped out after my long run….

Whole body tired.   Calves feel like bricks.  Slightly stiff shoulders.  Very hungry tummy.  That’s how I feel today: my long run hangover continues.  🙂 It’s two days after my long run on Saturday and I’m not actually too sore.  But … Continue reading

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Picture of the week

Courtesy of Vic Sharp at … I thought I’d share this photo with you: I ran all around this on Saturday. 🙂 (Might I add it didn’t look a bit like that… it was windy, rainy and wet. Miserable!  :-P).

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Two very different HANGOVERS

The Alcohol Hangover The start of May 2009. The day after my best friend’s 30th birthday party. I was sick. So sick. Dry mouth. Thumping and hazy head. Watery eyes. I could probably still taste the vodka in my mouth … Continue reading

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Wk47 – 33.33M around Glasgow

I’m going to make this short in bits but probably long all together. I hope you’ll like it. Today I ran my longest and perhaps hardest run yet: 33.33 miles around Glasgow in windy, wet horrible conditions. (It might have … Continue reading

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Still smiling after 33.33 miles

> > Tough stuff!! > > >

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Worth sharing…

I saw this on Debbie Martin-Cosani’s blog and thought it was good and worth sharing.  It was created by Julie (her blog is good – take a look), self-confessed ‘watcher of the trails’ this is a lovely thought-provoking and inspiring … Continue reading

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Yummy porridge

I thought I’d let you know about a new porridge I’m eating just now. It’s yummy and makes a change from the plain stuff I’m used to. This Alpen blueberry, cranberry and nuts porridge is really tasty. A little bit … Continue reading

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Rest before the storm

Thursday night I was meant to be going to the gym to run on the treadmill and perhaps do a kettlebell workout after a haircut. But it didn’t really go that way. I should have gone straight after the hair … Continue reading

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