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Wk44: 3000m and some teaching points

Monday night and I went straight to the pool after work. Fit girl picked me up after work and it was funny because we were both going to email each other during the day to ask if we wanted to … Continue reading

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Top 10 ways to have a safe trail run

Part of proper running form on any type of terrain includes taking quick, compact and light strides.  This component of running mechanics is especially crucial when train running.  Stay light on your feet and try for a stride rate of … Continue reading

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Rest and recovery :-)

I think I might have my training plan of 1 week of lots of running miles, and the next week as recovery, spot on. Two days later, after my 4 hour run on Saturday, I feel rather tired today. I don’t … Continue reading

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Wk43 – 26.8M WHW Milngavie to just past Drymen and back

Saturday was my second long run of my Winter Ultra Run Challenge. It was going to be 12-13 miles from Milngavie and back: 24 – 26 miles along the West Highland Way. The weather was meant to be rain all … Continue reading

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Weather and route for my next long run

The weather on Saturday morning (29th October) is meant to be pouring rain (10’C ish) … although the forecast said that last week and it didn’t rain once! It will be my first proper run on the West Highland Way (as … Continue reading

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Week Number Calculator

I get a lot of people coming to my blog after they’ve searched on ‘how many weeks into 2011 are we?‘ … and I did this post earlier in the year to explain it: Popular Search Engine Terms #2 Here are … Continue reading

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Wk43 – 5.1M Queens Park

I’d been looking forward to my planned training for Thursday night all day:  a 5 mile run and 45 minutes of Kettlebells. Then as usual, at about 4:45pm, my enthusiasm for the impending exercise waned a little and I had … Continue reading

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Teaching Swimming is fun!

Following on from my Teaching different levels of beginners how to swim, I thought I’d share some other points in relation to teaching swimming and how I provide motivation for those I teach. I’ve been teaching swimming for almost 10 … Continue reading

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Wk42 – 4.25M walk around the Clyde

Wednesday night after work I went for a walk along the Clyde with FG before it got dark. We won’t be able to do it as of next week so we took the opportunity whilst we could.   There was a heavy downpour at … Continue reading

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50 Weight Loss Tips

Need to shift a few pounds? Make these easy changes to your diet – and watch the fat fall off! 1 Swap your regular cheese for goat’s cheese. It’s 40 per cent lower in calories than the stuff made from … Continue reading

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