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Secret addiction…

I once knew this girl who had a secret addiction and sometimes suffered from insomnia. It affected every single other part of her life. No matter how tired she was, or how much she tried, she couldn’t get to sleep. … Continue reading

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How to deal with injury constructively

So, you’re training for a big event… a run, big walk or triathlon… 6 weeks into your 12 week training plan… and ‘PING’ something goes. You’re injured and you need to reassess your training and goals.  I used to get … Continue reading

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5/5 Top 10 ways to achieve your personal best

To take your training and competition to the next level you need to do more than just put in time, you need to have a plan.  Your training program requires constant adjustment throughout the year to avoid plateaux and burnout. … Continue reading

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Time for a rest: swollen & sore ankle

You might remember me talking about having sore feet from walking the West Highland Way: The pain cleared up after I stopped walking, but as the days went on feet were in excruciating pain whilst walking. By day 2 … Continue reading

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Wk46 – 4.3M Maxwell Park

After my long run on Saturday I felt pretty good.  On Sunday I wasn’t sore, apart from a little niggle on the top of my right foot where I went over my ankle. I’ve managed somehow to slightly strain the … Continue reading

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Top Ten Ways to Avoid Over Training

Training to reach your peak potential as a distance runner is like walking a fine line between just enough training and too much training.  If you don’t train with enough quality and quantity you will end up under reaching and … Continue reading

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Thinking about running an ultramarathon?

Thinking about doing an ultra marathon? 8 weeks ago I decided I was going to enter an ultramarathon. I did think it might be a tall order, but after having completed the training for the marathon in April and completing … Continue reading

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Wk26 – Run then Circuits with Gill

Thursday morning I was up early again to meet Gill at Bella for some circuits again.  Last week she said she had really bad back pain after the last session we did, so I was keen to maybe lift lower … Continue reading

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IT band rehab workout

In my quest for getting my IT band back to normal… I’ve come up with the following workout to help strengthen my legs and hopefully get me back running soon. For more informatin on IT band friction Syndrome (ITBFS) go … Continue reading

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New Bike and ‘Insanity’ Workout pages

With the idea of me trying to change direction with my training (away from running because of my injury… sniff sniff)… I’ve added the following pages with information on other training methods on the above main bar: The Bike page … Continue reading

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