Motivation means:

  • the act or an instance of motivating,
    or providing with a reason to act in a certain way.
  • the state or condition of being motivated.

Motivation is the core of all action. Whether a person succeeds, fails or leads depends upon this variable. Getting to know the intricacies of your own motivation can have lasting effects. By understanding and acting upon the things that motivate you one begins to understand what it means to live a healthy, happy life.

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How to get motivated:

Be Happy:  A great deal of motivation comes from understanding one’s state of happiness. Try and be happy in life and try and have a positive outlook on life.

Be more energetic:  Be energetic to gain more energy!  There are several factors that affect your level of energy:

  • Diet: Understand that your body has needs too, and if you ignore those needs your body will tell you. In short, understand what your body is telling you.
  • When you have a headache, before you grab those pills in your medicine cabinet, try putting some water into your system. Drink a glass or two, wait for fifteen minutes, and see if the headache is gone.
  • A good lesson to learn is that caffeine doesn’t actually help you gain energy, it just lessens the effect of being tired. Consider replacing your caffeine with vitamins B6 and B12. Vitimin B is healthier, more convenient, and cheaper.
  • If you need energy, seek it out, because it will be extremely hard to stay motivated without it. If you exercise, you will gain more energy.
  • Sleep is nature’s downtime. Make sure that you get enough of it, and a high enough quality of it.
  • Make sure your bedroom is completely dark at night.
  • Make sure there are no sounds keeping you awake.
  • Make sure that your bedroom isn’t too warm at night.
  • Attempt to get not eight, but nine hours of sleep every night. Eight hours is a healthy amount for an adult.

Get the support you need.  You can get support in many areas of your life.  If you need childcare to help you be motivated and get out there, you can maybe rely on your friends and family to help.  And if you simply need motivated, friends and family can help there too:

  • Good Friends: Keep yourself in good company. Remember the “Ladder Scenario”: If you are climbing a ladder, and your friend keeps knocking you down when you finally start getting to the top, do yourself a favour next time: keep your footing on the ladder, and when he goes to kick you down, grab his leg and throw him down, and with that, out of your life.  Better yet, don’t have friends like him!  Try and surround yourself with positive, supportive friends who are there for you whatever happens.
  • Good Family: Unfortunately, you can’t choose your family, but if you have a good family they can provide great support.  But if they are the people at the top of the ladder, perhaps it is better to find another ladder to climb, and find other people who can support you the way that a family would.

Feel fulfilled: Fulfillment is a very crucial part of staying motivated. Knowing that you are doing the things you wish to do can push you forward more than any other variable.

  • Take time to sit back and admire what you’ve done and how far you’ve come. Seeing how far you’ve come can give you a sense of purpose.
  • Don’t be embarrassed to take credit for what you’ve done. You know you’ve worked hard, and getting praise from other people can strengthen your resolve in pushing on.

Motivation comes easy for some but is difficult for most. Uncover your full potential and get motivated by giving yourself a mission and setting goals.


  • Never give up on life.
  • Beware of sappers (negative people), or people who don’t like to see others get ahead. I know I’ve been in the company of negative people before and they’ve brought me down… surrounds yourself with positive, happy people. 😀 ( like me 😉 )
  • Try to think positively and try to be happy.
  • Recognise what makes you sad and try and remove it from your life.
  • Develop a non-defeatist attitude toward life, start looking at your life as you are in control of everything, no matter how out of control your life truly is, pretend it’s all up to you.  Use your imagination… no one is controlling your destiny.  You make your own destiny.  You create your life and you can do anything you want to.   If you believe you can do it, you can!

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