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Bad habits and will power: chocolate

In the last few weeks I’ve fallen into a bad habit of having chocolate nearly ever day: mars bars, snickers, Easter Eggs. It tends to be mid to late afternoon when I get chocolate cravings, and think ‘f&ck it! Why … Continue reading

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5 miles of thoughts (and snots)

This morning I was due to meet Gill at 6:30am at Bella for our usual 5 mile run from Bella.  She’s usually there before me, and today I should have known when I was there first that she wasn’t going … Continue reading

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You are what you eat…

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The Story of Low Carb Dieting

An interesting BBC Horizon programme about Low Carb Dieting… it’s from 2004, so may be a bit outdated, but it’s still interesting.  Here is is split into 5 x 10 minute clips: Well worth a watch.  🙂 The underlying fact of … Continue reading

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Swim an ultramarathon?? Eh?

There’s an older man who goes to my gym every week day morning. He works very hard when he goes and sweats bucket loads. He appears to do the same things all the time though and today was saying that … Continue reading

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Never, ever give up…!

A lovely little video about the power of movement to heal : and a reinforcement of “whatever you can do, do it”. And as he says, “Just because I can’t do it TODAY, doesn’t mean I can’t do it SOMEDAY.”  🙂

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Thursday thoughts

I thought I’d do this a day early, and get my thoughts together for the week. 1. Back to running for me My achillies seems ok now (I hurt it walking the West Highland Way: 96 miles) do towards the … Continue reading

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Wk13 Thursday Thoughts

I’ve not done one of these for a while, but I’d like to get them going again, so I thought today would be a good day to do one. Here are my Thursday Thoughts for this week, Week 13: 1. … Continue reading

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The possibilities are ‘Limitless’ :-D

Help, I think I may have (another) problem!! And I can’t decide if it’s a bad problem or a good problem! Limitless Have you ever seen the film ‘Limitless‘ wtih Bradley Cooper in it? (from 2011) If not, here’s a … Continue reading

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New Thoughts page, and a strange abundance of Creativity!

I was noticing that my Thursday Thought posts were becoming a bit of a regular, so I thought I’d set up a page to hold them all (and any future Thoughts posts). Here it is: Thoughts 😀 Also, I’ve been … Continue reading

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