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Pace band for 2:15…

Here’s my pace band for 2:15 🙂 Good luck to all those running the GSRs today. 🙂 I’ll post the results for the Great Scottish Run on here later and some photos too probably.  🙂 Remember you can like my … Continue reading

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Half Marathon Strategy

The following text is adapted from The Competitive Runner’s Handbook by Bob and Shelly Glover. If you buy ONE running book in your life… buy it.  It has the answer to any question I’ve ever had about running, everything from … Continue reading

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End of 2011 Marathon stats

I forgot to include this graph and pace detail in the post I did about the marathon I did on the 30th December: I ran the first 18.5 miles on my own: 8:16 pace. Then was grateful to run with … Continue reading

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Thoughts for my long run

So I was thinking about my 20 mile run to Milngavie and back on Saturday.  I’m considering my pace, what time I’ll leave and my energy for the run. My Pace I’m looking back to the marathon distance I did … Continue reading

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GSR Half Marathon Pace Calculator

 Great Scottish Run Half Marathon Pace Calculator I’m usually one for having a ‘pace strategy’ for races… I don’t tend to target a time, rather I see how my running has been in training and apply paces for mile splits … Continue reading

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Suitably pleased with that long run….

Thursday night and I did a nice and strong long run around 11.7 miles of the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon route. I pushed it right from the start… no exact plan pacing or negative splits  – I just wanted … Continue reading

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Wk21 – 7.6M West End and Bridges

Thursday night and it was my second run of the day.  I had to make it up so that I’d done 12 miles that day… 5 miles in the morning meant I was aiming for 7 miles in the evening. … Continue reading

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Getting your pace right when you run can be a bit tricky.  Most people run too fast on their long training runs and not fast enough on their speed/tempo workouts.  Some people run at one set pace and don’t worry … Continue reading

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Wk21 – 5.1M Queens Park

I had a nice wee 2 rest days on Sunday Monday.  Sunday was the usual, teach swimming etc and Monday was the bank holiday, so I decided it would be good to take a break from running and have a … Continue reading

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Wk15 – This Road Runner is BACK!

I decided last night with the lovely weather and me being back to swimming teaching after 4 weeks off, that I’d get back to running on Monday morning. We’d done the 42 mile cycle on Saturday and my legs felt … Continue reading

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