Road trip – 18 Dec 2021

I took a road trip yesterday and I thought I’d post the pictures here to remind myself of how magical a day it was.

First thing on Saturday in Glasgow there was freezing fog (and I think it stayed all day), when I escaped out for a day trip to Glencoe.

I hadn’t really looked at the weather other than to know it was forecast to be a nice day, so the fog in glasgow was a surprise.

I was out the door for just after 715, to get the blood pumping and steps in over a quick 5k. I didn’t expect to run faster than usual, but I felt good so I went with it.

We went out for some breakfast at our new favourite, the Grindhouse, about a mile away, then I started the journey to Glencoe.

I stopped at Tyndrum for a pee and to message Pennie Latin about how good her podcast, Speaking of Suicide is… I’d listened to the Mark Allen episode and then Joe’s story which was so moving and engaging.

If you haven’t listened to the series, I highly recommend it. Search for it in podcasts, it’s brilliantly put together, with amazing stories and I’m sure it’ll save lives.

I took a few photos on the way, and after Tydrum, the fog seemed to clear and it was a beautiful blue sky day.

(Me in Glencoe in my Christmas jumper and body warmer).

Here’s my first favourite picture of the day, at my new favourite spot in Glencoe. Bright blue skies, but it was cold:

Here’s me a bit further on. The almost full moon was just rising, and someone else stopped to get a picture, so I asked her (Sandra) to take a picture of me.

If you know me or have read this blog, you’ll know that the full moon reminds me of my rather eccentric aunt who passed away 7 years ago… she used to call her best friend… Sandra… and go ‘arrrroooooooo’ down the phone at her.

It was a funny coincidence that the woman taking my photo was called that too, but it made the full moon and scenery even more special. After taking some photos, I drive some more and then stopped at the spot I’d been at earlier at Glencoe.

I took some pictures and videos… and I FaceTimed Fit Girl and then FaceTimed my Dad and step mum as the sun was setting, to let them see and share the amazing sight.

This is I think my favourite of all… the e place was so tranquil, with the low hum drum of cars far away on the A82 and other roads, and the water lapping into the shore.

On the way home the almost full moon was almost magically guiding me home. With bright stars surrounding me, I felt very safe and secure and it reminded me of when I’d travel to see my Granny and Aunt in the winter.

I used my Stellarium app to check, but I could see Jupiter shining very brightly, then Saturn faintly and Venus bright in the sky. My Dad loves planets and the stars, so it was nice I was able to share the view with them too.

If you don’t have the Stellarium app, and you like the stars, I’d highly recommend it.

I even saw the plough to my left, with the moon in front of me. I was reminded of December 19 years ago when I helped me aunt May my Granny to rest in Lochaline. It was such a life chabgujg experience, and the first time I really let some sort of spiritual or symbolism into my life.

(Stars / moon / rainbows = strong values / my drive to my family / my Granny proud).

At one point I asked Siri to play my music randomly; and the first song that came ok was Runrig, Protect and Survive…. Bringing me right back to being 11, with my Mum, at one of their concerts. Another random thing, that fitted so well.

When I was driving along the A82 on Saturday, the road was well lit up by the moon, and I stopped to get this picture up on the flat pong but of road, that I always say I’ll stop for a picture but I never do. My iPhone 11 Pro camera made it probably more bright than it actually was, but again, it was so tranquil and nice.

So I had the moon, the stars, the mountains, the scenery a good podcast at the start, then good music accompanying me, and I had my Christmas jumper and my body warmer and my Rohan jacket to keep me warm. I did a good thing that day, and I made myself feel very proud to be me.

I stayed at that spot for quite a while and it was dark by the time I left. I was cold and hungry too, but I had snacks in the car and warm clothes. It meant I’d be driving home in the dark, but it was well worth it.

As I drove into Tyndrum and beyond, the fog was back, so I had to drive carefully. And when I got to Glasgow the fog was as thick as I’d left in the morning, maybe even thicker.

What a lovely day and night… well worth the journey and time taken to do a good thing.

Here’s my fav picture again to end the post.

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