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Three rounds of Super Cardio

Today was pretty super for me: Three rounds of Super cardio for me, and super productive at work too. 🙂 Super Cardio 1: Early morning social 5 miles of chat with Gill on our usual route through Pollok Park from … Continue reading

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8 Week 10k Training Plan

I’ve created an 8 week training plan for the 10k distance.  It has been designed so that you can put any date of a 10k event in and it will generate two 8 week training plans. There are two versions … Continue reading

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I’m a qualified Metafit Instructor

I kept this one kind of under wraps and haven’t written about it so far… (because mainly I don’t have time to do it as a coach)… but at the start of the year I became a fully qualified Metafit … Continue reading

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Kaizen Run Club: Speedwork with Maxine…

Well, tonight I had a bit of a crazy idea… a bit of fun with a new Kaizen mascot, and some speedwork. Here’s our new mascot: Maxine the Greenspeedmachine! She makes a funny squeeky noise when you squeeze her and … Continue reading

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Strength training (not cardio) is the real fat burner

We’ve all been there at some point. You need to lose some weight. For some people, they end up opting for the cardio as their primary means to burn fat. However if you’re not including some form of strength training … Continue reading

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Crazy Intense Circuits for Carole

Well… Saturday morning is when Fit Girl and I are taking our new recruit Carole through my Crazy Intense Circuits at Bella.  🙂 Here’s what I’m planning:  around 45 minutes of crazy intense work:  30 seconds work, 10 seconds rest.  A warm … Continue reading

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Strength & Fat Burn Workout

Heres a strength and fat burn workout for someone who wants to make the most of their workout time in the gym. Research has shown that high intensity interval training is good for burning fat and helps your body keep … Continue reading

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5/5 Top 10 ways to achieve your personal best

To take your training and competition to the next level you need to do more than just put in time, you need to have a plan.  Your training program requires constant adjustment throughout the year to avoid plateaux and burnout. … Continue reading

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Increased Calorie Burn After Exercise

I’ve always read and beleived that exercise is good for you.  Exercise was always promoted to my by my parents and school and I’ve always taken part in extra curricular activities after school and outside my work life. Exercise is … Continue reading

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Wk4 – 7.45M speedwork

After my abismal attempt at 7 miles of speedwork last Wednesday (- I only managed 2.5 miles before stopping the treadmill), I thought I would try a different approach.  Here was the plan before last nights run: Run outside, and not on … Continue reading

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