February ease off into March

I’ve been a bit quiet on social media and on here… balancing everything, I’ve taken a bit of a step back from training in the last few weeks. And it’s all good.

I noticed about 2-3 weeks ago that I felt I needed more rest, and decided to let it go as it felt, and as a result I’ve been doing less exercise, getting more sleep and focusing on starting a qualification with work (that will require a lot of study). Knowing that’s coming has possible made me pull back on my training a bit to help get a bit of a balance.

I managed to get the textbook for the course from Facebook marketplace for a reasonable £25 too, so that’s good.

It’s great to be invested in by my employer and be put through a qualification relating to my role. I’ll just need to get used to the work involved over the next 12 months or so.

So I’ve been studying / reading and getting ready to submit assessments, instead of running etc. but I’ve still managed to get some swims and strength work and a few walks in too.

Good thing too as the weather and days are starting to get brighter, which is nice. I love it when Spring comes around – lighter and brighter days… the warmth is still to come though.

Here’s the training (and rest) I’ve done over the last three weeks:

Last week was particularly restful (or lazy!?) but on Wednesday I had an odd sore head with some nausea (not covid or pregnancy!) … so I took some extra days of rest and self care to recover. And by Friday I was feeling back to normal.

I didn’t even notice my monthly mileage for February until yesterday… not like me, but my focus has clearly been elsewhere.

Swim – 25,600m
Run – 23.7 miles ! (Hardly any!)
Cycle – 15 miles
Walk – 13 miles
Strength – 3 times

Really not a lot of training, but hopefully it’ll have allowed my body some rest.

Next week the plan is to build some more exercise in each day, although, I might not do my run or spin on those days. I’ll take it as it comes.

Let’s see what March brings. The flowers are coming up and things are looking good.

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