My present to you

I have a present for you…

It’s something I’ve been wearing for quite some time now.
And I’d like to give you your very own one for you to wear too.

I tend to wear mine most of the time.
And you can too if you want.

Or you can wear it when you feel you need a boost: a boost of your Super Powers.

Here it is, it’s your Super Powers cape.

Unlike normal presents, it’s not a physical thing as such.
It’s invisible: invisible and easy for you to put on and take off whenever you feel like it.

Wear it if you’re feeling a bit down or sad.
Wear it if you’re doubting yourself or if negative thoughts might be creeping in to your mind.

Wear it to help you through tough times.
Give a cape to the people you care about or lend yours to others when you think they might need it.
Wear it when you’re needing an extra push to get something challenging done or wear it every day if you want.

By wearing your Super Powers Cape, you’ll turn your Super Powers ON.
Believe in yourself, think positive thoughts and hopefully you’ll succeed.
It might be tough at the time, but your Super Powers Cape and your Super Powers will get you through, and you’ll be proud once you’ve achieved what you set out to do.

Whether you need a bit of a boost at work to get a project done, climb that mountain or master your first ever hand stand.

Get the confidence to stand up in front of a crowd and deliver a speech or a pitch…

Or if you need some Super Powers to run those extra miles when you’re tired.

If you need a bit of a push to get up that hill on your last hill rep… or through those last 3 or 10 miles of your marathon.

Your Super Powers cape, along with positive thinking and a belief you can do it, will help you to achieve.
Your Super Powers will push you to step outside of your comfort zone, and learn and experience new things.

Remember your cape and you’ll be a able to run that marathon, nail that interview, get that job – get where you want to be, and achieve what you want to achieve.

You can do it: you can do anything you set your mind to.
You can be who you want to be.
You can set goals, work hard, have fun and achieve great things.
You can share your Super Powers and give others a Super Power Cape so that others too can be Super too.

So, what are you waiting for?
Tie your cape on around your neck and fly. 🙂

For more on becoming the Super version of you, being the best you can be, go here:

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20 Responses to My present to you

  1. Fraser Welsh says:

    Lorn, my dear, your generosity (again) knows no limits.
    I gladly accept my gift and will wear it with pride.
    As I am a bloke I will have to get the missus to iron it though.

  2. Marion Clark says:

    We have been trying out your heart rate training with a fellow runner who loves it . I will be putting on my cape tomorrow and testing it out on a ten mile run tx for the cape : )

  3. Catherine Cameron says:

    Thanks Lorn! You inspire me and I am going to pass on your blog to my hubby & daughters. xx

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