Transferred to the Brighton 10k

I feel a bit of a sense of relief.. and less of a failure today… I say failure, I don’t really feel like a failure, but I know that given the way my leg is, there’s no way I’ll be able to even attempt a marathon on the 12 September…

… so with travel and accommodation booked… I’ve transferred my Brighton Marathon entry over to the 10k instead. Thankfully they just took a very small transfer fee and that’s it sorted (after I emails them and they got me to fill in a form).

I can’t even remember when I entered and booked all of my travel, 2019 sometime, or early 2020 for the marathon which was meant to be in September 2020… but it was postponed to the 12 September this year. Little did I know I’d still be injured! Booooo.

I’m travelling down by plane to Heathrow, then meeting some of the lovely and amazing my friendly Bots from Ellon… Jen and Glynis and crew… then I have a hotel room for two nights.

I’m up to running about 5.5k just now, and working with the physio to hopefully get my leg recovered. If I’m still injured, I might not do the 10k, but we’ll see. I’ve got about 8 weeks to build up and see what’s what anyway.

I was going to spectate / cheer them on, but now I might be able to participate in a race of sorts for the first time in a long time. I’m looking forward to a fun weekend anyway, whether I’m running or not running.

( Here’s where to enter, but I think it closes soon: )

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