Diets and Diet Pills Don’t Work

Diets don’t work. Period. See here for examples: Diets (that) don’t work

Any form of calorie restriction, restriction of a type of food group (ie carb, protein or fat) or recommendation to eat only certain types of foods may work short term, but tend not to work long term and can actually end up with weight gain in the long run.

I suggest living by the Smarter ScIence of Slim SANE way of eating and replacing bad food choices with better ones.  I also recommend eating to maximise nutrition and fuel your body so that it can work the best it can. Put crap into your body, you’ll get crap out. It’s your choice what you put in, so choose wisely.

See here for more information on how to improve what and how you eat:


Despite the wide range of weight loss products on the market, not one of them is proven to work. I’ve used thermobol in the past and haven’t noticed any change in my body fat or weight. So whilst it was perhaps doing something to my body, it wasn’t doing what I paid the money for it to do.

I say eat healthy and live by the guidelines above and you won’t need to spend money on diet pills.


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Diets & Diet Pills Don’t Work
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