My Super Lean Regime…

Those of you who follow me on my Lorn Pearson Trains Facebook page might have seen that I’m getting together a new concept… my Super Lean Regime:

It started out as an idea for a workout and nutrition challenge for me, and I’ve got it together to be a workout and nutrition challenge that anyone can do.

I’ve created a section on the top banner of my blog for it and I will create an online guide and workout sheets that you can print out and take to the gym each week.

Here’s a bit more about my Super Lean Regime:


The aim of my Super Lean Regime is to get you into the best shape you can be: the Super Lean version of you.  I want to help you to lose body fat (and weight) forever by helping you to improve your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle routines.

The Super Lean Regime:
Burn fat, build muscle and transform your body
in twelve weeks using the secrets of the Super Lean.

My Super Lean Regime is not about restrictions or dieting, it’s about fuelling your body, burning fat and building muscle to help you become lean, strong and healthy.

All you need is between 20 – 45 minutes a day, 6 days a week and you’ll be able to benefit from the Super Lean Regime.  The initial part of my Super Lean Routine will last 12 weeks and be split into three 4 week phases: Phase 2 builds on Phase 1 and Phase 3 builds on Phase 2.

There after you will be able to incorporate it into your life and reap from the benefits the way I have (-24lbs. -9% body fat, low blood pressure, happy and healthy: see here for my journey: inspirations/my-weight-loss-journey/).


There are three elements of the Super Lean Regime:

  1. Nutrition: Eat a good balanced, healthy and nutritious diet.  Time your nutrition well to promote fat burn and starve your fat stores.  I’ll also be suggesting some good optional supplements to look out for and the ones to avoid.
  2. Cardio: Do Cardio Intervals three alternate days a week (Tu, Th, Sa).  Cardio workouts will be short and intense and feature variation to achieve results.  You choose the type of cardio you enjoy the most or mix it up with various types of cardio for more variation.
  3. Strength Training: Do Strength Workouts on other alternate days (Mo, We, Fr).  Lifting heavy things in circuit format with limited rest to promote fat burn and formation of muscle to burn calories and look good.

The Super Lean Regime has come together after a culmination of years of me perfecting how to lose weight, get fit, maintain the weight loss and be healthy.

It’s the way I live: healthy and active and always looking for her next challenge to take me to the next level.  I want to help you to get to the next level and beyond and I thinks the Super Lean Regime will help you to do just that.

Who’s in? 🙂  

I’ll finish posting the information in the next week or so and provide the workout printouts each week so that you know what to do each week.


Super Lean Regime Wk1
Super Lean Regime
About Super Lean

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