My winter training plans 2021

With autumn upon us, I’ve had a look at my training and set myself up with a 3 months training plan which fits with my work and life.

I tried it out last week and it seemed to work well. Although for some reason (4 strength sessions and 2 runs of 10 miles in total) my right leg is sore again. Boooo.

Here’s the basic weekly plan:

It includes:
– 3 swims (one open water once or twice a month depending on how it goes with the cold! 🥶) – 1-2 runs (or 1 spin and 1 run)
– 2-4 strength sessions
– 1-2 rest days

The strength sessions are Apple Fitness 20-30 minutes, usually with Sam or Kyle, and last week I did 3 of them in my lunchtimes which was good.

The gym is right next to our house, and I have flexi time, so it was easy to take 40 mins out for linch to do it.

Swimming is at the Gorbals through the week (I might try out Bellahouston as it’s open soon); and either Tollcross at the weekend or an open water swim in a loch.

Thursdays are full in days at work, so hence no strength training at lunch time; but I’m open to being flexible and if time does or doesn’t allow I’ll flex as suits.

Here’s what I did last week:

Coaching for the Glasgow Triathlon Club for their development swimmers has been great too. I coached some of the kids / juniors for two weeks just there, but it’s maybe a bit much with a full time working week too. We’ll see.

The plan is I’ll have a recovery week even 4 weeks up to Christmas. No events to train for, but I might do a big open water swim somewhere at some point. Tbc.

Here’s my rough plan for the next three weeks, with a recovery week each 4 weeks.

I’ll see how my leg goes and maybe cut back on the strength or the running, but I’ll see.

It’s nice to be settled in my training and in my work. Working from home really suits me, although I could probably do with some more interaction with people for both.

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