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Helping Janice PB her 10k

Today, at the Jimmy Irvine 10k at Bellahouston, I was fortunate to be able to help another runner achieve a massive PB over over 3 minutes overall and a 6 minute PB on the course. 🙂 Results here / Janice’s Fundraising … Continue reading

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Run Stronger, Get Faster – Training Plans

I get a lot of queries from people who want to get faster. If you know me, you’ll know that getting faster isn’t necessarily a focus of mine, but I’ve done it and more importantly, I know how to help … Continue reading

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Coaching session: Meaty speed work

Tonight I was fortunate enough to coach a School Champion (…from a few decades ago…)! We’ll call her ‘Champ.’ 🙂 I’ve met and worked with Champ a few times now and had one previous coaching session with her. Champ is … Continue reading

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8 Week 10k Training Plan

I’ve created an 8 week training plan for the 10k distance.  It has been designed so that you can put any date of a 10k event in and it will generate two 8 week training plans. There are two versions … Continue reading

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Kaizen Run Club: Speedwork with Maxine…

Well, tonight I had a bit of a crazy idea… a bit of fun with a new Kaizen mascot, and some speedwork. Here’s our new mascot: Maxine the Greenspeedmachine! She makes a funny squeeky noise when you squeeze her and … Continue reading

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Kaizen Run Club Sunday 10th Feb

KAIZEN RUN CLUB SUNDAY 10th FEB Read this: Which type of Dog (runner) are you? Now here’s what we will do at Kaizen Run Club on Sunday: We will all decide if we are an Old Dog, Puppy or Littlest … Continue reading

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Which type of DOG (runner) are you?

What constitutes as a good run for one person might be way different for another.  Whilst one person might be time focused, always aiming to beat their last time… others may just be simply happy with getting around a route … Continue reading

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Kaizen Run Club Santa Dash Training Run 1

Today the Kaizen Run Club ran the Santa Dash route… from the Marriott Hotel, along Argyll Street, up (busy) Buchanan St, St Vincent St, down Finneston, along Lancefield Quay and back up Brown St to finish back at the hotel. … Continue reading

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Run Games for Running Groups

In my quest to make running fun for all, I’ve made up some simple speedwork running games for using at the Kaizen Run Club I take.  This Tuesday night our playground will be the well lit Clydeside. I have three … Continue reading

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Kaizen Runners 10k GSR Route

Here is the Kaizen Runners 10k route we are going to do on Sunday 19th of August in preparation for the Great Scottish Run on the 2nd September! KR GSR 10k Route It will cover most of the GSR route … Continue reading

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