Wk42 into Wk43

That seemed like a long and busy week last week… my training included 3 shortish runs, 3 swims, 1 strength and a HIIT workout. And I was swim coaching twice, for 3 hours, and work Monday to Friday.

I probably could have had a rest day in there somewhere, and I usually rest on Saturdays, but I wanted to do the 5k for Moira Jones, so I’ll get a rest day on Thursday next week maybe. Or maybe Tuesday if I’m tired.

I did a couple of swimming time trials,
– 1 mile in 28:17 on Wednesday
– 1 km in 18:12 today in a 50m pool
Oh and I swam 100m in 1:33 on Friday too!

Here’s my time trial results for the last fee months (including my 3,000m events):

Some good (but perhaps small) progress, ok swimming strong and enjoying it.

I’m booked in to swim next week, on Wednesday at the Gorbals, Friday at Bellahouston again, and Tollcross on Sunday.

It was nice to be back at Bellahouston swimming again last Thursday. I stopped teaching there in about 2014/15, and 6-7 years on there are still some of the same staff I worked with, there. It was nice to see them again.

The swim time is at 630 though, so it’s a bit early, but I’ll see how I get on. I’m doing sessions of about 2,500 – 2,800m when I go.

This last week I had a nice run with Glynis who was down from Ellon for a concert and staying near me. It was good to catch up after Brighton and hear how she was getting on. Hers me ruining a perfectly good picture. Lol.

Here’s the nice picture, the day after the full moon (taken by Glynis).

And here’s the moon the morning before, just after the full moon. They always remind me of my aunt. Arrroooooooo.

We went out to our new favourite place for brunch on Saturday – The GRIND house offer shop, which is just about a mile away.
I had a yummy poached eggs, with avocado and halloumi… although I liked the one with the portabello mushrooms better.

Here’s my training plans for next week:

I’ll likely not do all of that, and might have rest days and lie ins maybe, on Tuesday and Thursday. I didn’t manage to get any naps this weekend and probably needed them, so I’ll try and see if I can be kind to myself next week and get some catch up recovery.

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