Asda & Jasper’s Adventures

May I introduce you to Asda (ginger cat) and Jasper (grey cat) … they are our (toy!) cats and they go on all of our adventures.  Hill climbing, cycling and trips abroad.  😀

A bit of background of them… Jasper was a little overweight when we got him, but he’s trained hard and managed to get to his ideal weight. 

Asda on the other hand is slender and fit, but has some issues about his ginger ‘strawberry blonde’ fur.  😉  Asda has to watch out when he’s abroad and make sure he puts plenty of sun cream on his skin and his nose because of his pale complexion. 😉

I’ll update this page with more detail and pictures soon.

In the meantime here is their very own blog: 

hee hee hee

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