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I’m going to be a pacer at the GSR half marathon!

I got news today that the organisers of the Great Scottish Run want me to be a pacer for the half marathon. 🙂 I was planning on doing the event anyway with a friend of mine Pauline Davies. It’s her … Continue reading

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Kaizen Active Metafit

On Thursday night I went to the Kaizen Active Metafit launch night. I’ve done Metafit for a few months at Glasgow Club and I have to say the Kaizen Metafit class was the best one I’ve been to yet. David … Continue reading

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Intermittent Fasting Week 3

This week I’m wondering where I can fit in my intermittent fasting day… I’ve been doing it in the afternoon through to the evening (not eating from 2pm until 8am the next day)… but this week I’m going to try … Continue reading

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Taper and Recovery

This week has been a good recovery or taper week for me. Monday was a bank holiday where I did not much more than walk and eat. 🙂 Tuesday I lay in in the morning and took Kaizen Runners at … Continue reading

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Aaaaaaahh! :-)

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Q. How does pacing work in a Half Mararthon?

A first time half marathon runner posted a question on my Facebook page and I thought I’d answer it here for her…it might help others thinking the same thing… (thanks for the question Mandy) Q Hi this is my first … Continue reading

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Fruit Freezdo

Here’s a wee tasty (cold) treat… 1. Cut up some fruit and put it in a bowl: I’ve took some strawberries and blackberries… … And added some melon … 2. Then add a tablespoon of low fat Greek yoghurt. 3. … Continue reading

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Reasons to increase your exercise intensity

What’s your exercise intensity level? Are you pushing yourself or just going through the motions? Are you working out outside of your comfort zone? If you’re not, you should be. Here are 9 reasons for why you should increase your … Continue reading

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Tuesday Thoughts 28/08/12

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted and also a while since I’ve posted about my thoughts… so I thought I’d post my Tuesday Thoughts. I’m away on holiday next week – I finish up on Friday afternoon (31st) … Continue reading

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