What an ace Saturday that was!

What an ace day that was! It started off with an earlyish breakfast in the Grindhouse up at Darnley Street (our new fav spot) where I had French toast with caramelised apple and honey, with some coffee…

I probably should have had my usual smashed avocado and eggs on toast, but the French toast was tasty too.

Then I went and listed some bits and pieces, and then with the weather a bit wild, but in between heavy showers, we went to Bellahouston Park with my kite.

The wind was about 45 mph, and once the shower stopped we got out for a walk, then not long after we got the kite out.

I’ll add some videos later, but here are some of the pictures. It was one of those great windy days when sometimes the kite goes back up all on its own.

That saves Fit Girl from having to go and get it and throw it back up, but when she did do it she did a great job of it.

I probably should have worn something a bit warmer, but to be honest, the fight I had trying to keep the kite up and me not get blown away, kept me warm enough.

Here’s me… happy again.

We flew the kite for a but half an hour or so, then after that we went a walk around the park. And even saw tro rainbows and the elephant.

Here’s the park elephant.

After kite flying we decided to go to The Kitchen and get a couple of strawberry tarts to keep us going. Yum.

The afternoon was then spent with me playing about with my car, tidying it a wee bit before I treat it to a full valet on Monday / pay day. I’ll pretend I’ve got a new car if it’s all nice and clean. Ha.

It was still light by 430pm, so I thought I’d squeeze a run in before dinner, and as the du went down.

My old run up to Queens Park and back. I was feeling good, so let go a bit and did a good fast run. Maybe I should run at 4 or 5pm more often.

I got most of the rest of the day light, then s ie as running near to hike it was dark. I had my apple time to run playlist on – one which took me around Washington DC. My heart rate was higher than I’d usually have it be, but I felt good so kept it there.

A nice wee Saturday filled with fun, kite flying, food and a good run.

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