Here are some of my blog posts for if you’re just starting out running:

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How to run and enjoy it!

My Beginner Training Plan:
20 week getting started plan

Aimed at someone who is not currently active, but wants to get active and fit!

Running is a great way to get fit – it’s fun, cheap and surpisingly sociable.  But if you don’t know how to start or you haven’t run since you were in school, it can be hard to get into.  How do you pace a thirty minute run?  How do you run a 30 minute run?  What kit do you need and how many times a week to you need to train to see an improvement?

Hopefully this page will give you some insight into how you can become a runner.  🙂

Anyone can run, you just need to try it and take your time getting to know how to do it.  The more you try at running, the fitter you’ll become and the further you’ll be able to go.

Getting Started

I wrote this post on starting to get fit, it includes 3 days of cardio (walking or running) a week: 20 week getting started plan It then goes onto include strength work and events so that you can gently build up your activity levels and fitness levels too.

If you’re already quite active you could head out for a slowish, short run straight away, but don’t worry if you don’t feel confident to run continuously from the start.  Many new runners get started by combining running and walking and this is a great way to build up your fitness.

That first run will probably be a big challenge.  ‘I felt sick’, ‘I struggled to breathe’, ‘It was hard work’.  However you should feel good after it and the next time it should become easier.

If you’re not confident about running outdoors, you could start off by running indoors on the treadmill.  Then once you can do that, find a friend to run outdoors with, or do it on your own.  Run a small loop or in a local park and make sure you know the area well.

If you run with a friend, take time to enjoy you social side of running.  Learn to chat as you run, and try not to worry about your pace too much.  Some of my best runs have been where I’m running with others and just getting the chat. 😀

Reading Material which might help you become a runner

For more information on how to start running, I’d always recommend you buying Runnersworld, or taking a look on the Runnersworld website.  The magazine and the website is full of handy hints and tips which help.

And if you get a subscription to the magazine… (go on….!)… you get to access all of the subscriber content online.  It’s well worth it!!

And other recommended reading is:

(You don’t need to be a competitive runner to buy it – it’s got loads of hints and tips which will guide you from a non runner to any kind of runner you want to be!)
The Competitive Runner's Handbook

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