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Warm ups and Stretches

Someone was asking me about the types of warm ups and stretches that are good for Runners, so I thought I’d get this guide together – click here to download the pdf: Warm up and stretches (excuse the diagrams!)     … Continue reading

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Running Marathons…

This time 4 years ago I ran my first official marathon event… the Lochaber Marathon – on the 10th April 2011.  It seems like a really long time ago, and at the time, I had already run the distance (13.1 miles up the West … Continue reading

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A few days rest for me

The day after my marathon was tough. :-S Sore feet, calves, quads, back, shoulders, eyeballs (ok, maybe not my eyeballs). 😉 I did an easy recovery run (as I’d arranged a coaching session with a new PT client) – we … Continue reading

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Wk29 – 15.35M sort of by mistake

As you know from my last post… I planned to get up early (5:30am, to be out the door for 5:45am) this morning.  I did it.  I dragged myself out of bed and got out the door and started my … Continue reading

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How to deal with injury constructively

So, you’re training for a big event… a run, big walk or triathlon… 6 weeks into your 12 week training plan… and ‘PING’ something goes. You’re injured and you need to reassess your training and goals.  I used to get … Continue reading

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Sore Muscles

Yesterday’s workout in they gym must have worked:  Today I  have sore: arms (biceps, triceps, forearms), legs, back, bum, chest.  All over. 😉 It’s a good kinda sore though, glad to be back in the gym.  See my Super 8s … Continue reading

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Taper and Recovery

This week has been a good recovery or taper week for me. Monday was a bank holiday where I did not much more than walk and eat. 🙂 Tuesday I lay in in the morning and took Kaizen Runners at … Continue reading

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Ways to make new Smoothies and Milkshakes

I’ve been having protein milkshakes daily for the past few months or so.  Most of them revolved around this recipe: Choconanna Protein Milkshake The idea of having protein milkshakes is as follows: Protein rich foods / snacks tend to satisfy … Continue reading

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Do’s and don’ts of Successful Strength Training

Do Use Compound Movements Compound exercises involve the movements of several joints. They allow for maximum muscle fibre and motor neuron recruitment. Don’t waste your time with isolation exercises. For 90% of fitness individuals, compound exercises will be all they … Continue reading

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Happy hangovers brought to you by the Scottish Government

As regular readers of my blog will know, in May 2009, after a rather heavy drinking session (and after being sick 8 times the next day) I decided I’d had my last drink of alcohol. My friends 30th birthday party … Continue reading

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