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Wk8 – Upper Kettlebell Workout

I got home after work and fancied a wee cheeky home upper body kettlebell workout. No leg exercises (apart from the sumo squat which felt fine). 11 exercises below, 30 secs work,6 secs rest. 5 circuits = 40 minutes. 11 … Continue reading

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Wk6 – Super 8s Strength (Lower & Plyo)

5:00am this morning, the heating went on and I woke up. 5:55am, bleary eyed, I got up. 6:10am, I was dressed in my gym gear, out the door and in my car. 6:25am, I was outside the Commonwealth Arena ready … Continue reading

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Kettlebell Workouts

Today I’m going to a friends house to show her some exercises she can do with Kettlebells. Here’s the workouts: 10 exercises, 20 seconds work: 10 seconds rest (or 30 secs work: 15 secs rest). Download  Tabata HIIT app to do … Continue reading

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Wk4 – Super 8s Lower Strength Workout

This morning I did the Lower split of my Super 8s Strength workout.  After getting to sleep at around 11pm, I oddly woke up, bright as a button at around 5am.  I ended up getting up and doing a few … Continue reading

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Wk4 – Super 8s Upper Strength Workout

After my Metafit course on Sunday, I decided that it would be a good idea to change my Super 8s Strength workout to encorporate more high intensity body weight exercises to really make me work hard, along with lifting heavy … Continue reading

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New 8s Strength Workout

I’ve come up with a new Strength Workout: designed to help me (and you if you want) become stronger by doing 8 simple exercises. To do the workout, you’ll ideally need barbells, dumbbells or kettlebells. If you want to do … Continue reading

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I’m staying out of the gym

I was really enjoying going to the gym towards the end of the 2012. I was going 3-4 times a weekend it was a good compliment to my running. I was going: Early mornings (630-730) Mon, Wed & Fri. And … Continue reading

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Full Body Strength Workouts

I was looking for a simple strength workout which involved compound movements and worked out my full body. I want one which I can do from home with 2 x 12kg kettlebells, and one for the gym if I fancy … Continue reading

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Monday strength workout

Here’s my strength workout for a new week on Monday morning: 5 min 30:30 bike intervals 24s BB Deadlift 30kg 1. Ski Jumps 2. KB Clean & Press 12kg (singles) 3. KB Bent Over Row (16kgs) 4. KB Swing 12kg … Continue reading

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Feedback on the Bellahouston Refurb

Last week, the Bellahouston gym was closed for 9 days whilst it was being done up – the reported benefits included: Full refresh Replacement of old equipment Additional free weights (including dumbbells up to 50kg, a barbell rack and 4 … Continue reading

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