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Wk3 – 6.5M around Clyde and Paisley Road West

I met Fit Girl on Thursday night and ran around her usual flat 4 mile route around the Clyde with her, then I added on a few miles on my own.  Fit Girl is coming back from injury (IT Band) … Continue reading

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Wk42 – 4.25M walk around the Clyde

Wednesday night after work I went for a walk along the Clyde with FG before it got dark. We won’t be able to do it as of next week so we took the opportunity whilst we could.   There was a heavy downpour at … Continue reading

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Wk31 – 7M mile speed reps Glasgow Green

Monday morning and I was adamant I was getting up to do a run as planned.  The idea was for me to do 7 miles, with every even mile being as fast as I could run. I hate the thought … Continue reading

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Trip on the Waverley from Glasgow to Arran

On Sunday I’d arranged to go on the Waverley Steam boat with my Dad and step Mum.  This is where I booked my ticket: http://www.waverleyexcursions.co.uk/ My Dad first went on the Waverley when he was about 12.  His family took a … Continue reading

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Weather for the Clyde Stride

As you probably know, 8 weeks ago I entered the Clyde Stride, my first attempt at an ultra marathon distance.  I’d run a few marathon distances and honestly thought I would be ok to train for the Clyde Stride in … Continue reading

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Wk25 – 4.2M Clyde Bridge loops with knee pain

The plan for Wednesday’s run was to try to run up to 5 miles and see if I experienced any pain in my knee/IT band.  I had run 1.5 miles on Monday night on the treadmill (13.5 minutes) and hadn’t … Continue reading

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Wk4 Training for 40 mile ultramarathon (updated)

With family commitments and things getting in the way I’m having to amend my training a little… this week I’ll have run 3 times, totalling 46 miles.  I took today off after a hard run yesterday and towards the end … Continue reading

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Wk22 – 7.1M West End

Wednesday night after work and I’d plan to run straight from work for maybe an hour or so.  The waether had been heavy rain showers on and off all day, so I was hoping I would avoid any imminent shower. … Continue reading

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Specificity of Training

I read this article which has a few good pointers in it for running your first ultramarathon. Today I’m going to look at: Specificity of Training After the long run, the most important aspect in training for an ultramarathon is … Continue reading

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Wk20 – 21.5M training for Clyde Stride

Week 1 long run of training for the Clyde Stride.  Saturday morning and I was really looking forward to my longest run since the marathon about 7 weeks ago. I’d run 16 miles a fortnight ago, and I was planning … Continue reading

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