185,100m swimming in 2021 (6 months)

This morning I was at Bellahouston again, for my 11th swim of December and my final swim of the year. I had one 2,600m swim / 104 lengths to do… then I’d have swim 185,100m or 115 miles since June.

I’m doing sessions which I’ve made up, which are 12 sessions of 2,500m, then I generally do an extra 100-500m on top of that in the hour that I swim.

Since I started back swimming in June, I’ve swum an average of 31km or 19 miles… between about 10-14 swims each month.

Today I spoke with another regular swimmer Paddy who goes about 5 times a week to Bella or the Gorbals, and after my swim I had a good chat with a guy called George. He started swimming in May and has built up his lengths from about 25 to 74 today.

He came out of the pool today a bit annoyed that he wasn’t able to do 80 in the hour, but I said it’s harder swimming without lane sun, as there’s more turbulence… and then we had a chat and I shared my 2,000m sessions with him in case he wants to do them in the new year.


After my swim today I felt very pleased to have kept to my plan for December, having swim 12 times and rounding my annual meters up to 185,100.

Here’s me after in my swim suit and towel before I got changed. I like Bellahouston Pool – everyone is so friendly, but I must get them to fix getting the flags in for my back crawl turns.

Tomorrow I’ll run my last run of 2021 too… that’ll be:

400 miles running
600 miles Cycling
115 miles swimming
And I’m 5 miles walking away from 635 miles.

So that’ll be a total mileage of 1,750 miles for the year! Or about 2,800km.

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