Fast, Fuel, Use Fat on the Run

FastFuelUseFatontheRunI came up with the idea of Exercising whilst Fasted after I was experimenting with how I could Intermittent Fast and train at the same time.

My challenge of trying to Fast, Fuel, Use Fat on the Run is:

  • To get my body to adapt to burning fat more efficiently as a fuel source and reduce my reliance on glycogen during long runs.

This page will hold more information about my challenge to see if I can improve my fat utilisation on long runs and reduce my reliance on glycogen.

The Challenge: Fast, Fuel, Use Fat on the Run

My plan in January 2013 is to train for a marathon up to April and continue my Intermittent Fasting.  The idea is that if I train fasted, then hopefully when I come to do my long runs, I’ll be able to last longer, with less reliance on glycogen and more reliance on fat for to fuel my runs.

After a fast I’m pretty hungry and wouldn’t like to do a long run on in that state, so I think  I’ll probably change my fasting days to a Monday and a Thursday, so that on a Friday I can will be able to fuel up before a long run. I definitely don’t want to bonk again!  The majority of my training which is under an hour (weights, strength work, shorter runs) will be done fasted (before breakfast or during a fast).

For long runs, or exercise where I’m doing it for over an hour, I’ll make sure I eat a good breakfast before, and experiment with the types and amount of fuel I take on when I run long.  And I’ll see how it all goes. 🙂 Roll on 2013!

Disclaimer: If you are a total beginner marathon runner, I maybe wouldn’t try this at home!  Running a marathon is hard enough on your body, without having to get it to try to work with limited energy.  So please don’t try this if you are not an experienced marathon runner!  Fuelling your body enough is very important when you run long!  For more tips on Running Long, go here.

5 Responses to Fast, Fuel, Use Fat on the Run

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  3. Chris Rees says:

    Lorn, a couple of comments if I may re Fasting. It makes more sense to do some longer runs AFTER the fasts. After all, the object is to train the body to use fats. If you eat breakfast or even late the night before you are carbo fuelling yourself. This is why you ‘bonked’ I have ran 20 miles in a fasted state when preparing for a marathon (London 2008) and when you then give your body those carbs, it feels like you’re flying!

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