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Keep Going

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Barrathon number and outfit!!

Tonight I got my number for the Barrathon through. I got number 226! 22 is the number of house I grew up in and 6 is the month of my birth. 😉 After I got my number I realised I … Continue reading

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Top 10 nutrition tips

I spent a bit of time with the very well informed and lovely Gordon from Kaizen Active* today and got some tips for good nutrition. Thanks Gordon!! ( Please note that these tips are in my own words, taken from … Continue reading

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The Barrathon is nearly here…!

Saturday will see one of my only events I have planned for this year… the Barrathon. I’m really getting excited now!  🙂 A half marathon around the island of Barra, it sold out in around 40 minutes!  It will take … Continue reading

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Forecast was right :-/

It’s the kid of rain that gets you really wet.

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Wk25 Summary & Wk26 Plan

This week will see me run my first half marathon event of the year… the Barrathon is on Saturday the 30th June and I can’t wait for it.  My good friends Rhona and Ewen are going to Barra to do … Continue reading

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Monday’s smoothie

Ok so here goes, I’m probably going to be having more smoothies from now on. Today’s smoothie: Milk Frozen mixed berries Frozen orange segments Peanut butter A scoop of chocolate protein powder 30g milled flax seed Spinach Banana 1 Egg … Continue reading

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Recovery milkshake

Here’s my recovery milkshake from today: 250mls semi skimmed milk A handful of frozen berries (left to defrost whilst I was at the gym) Half a banana 30g milled flax seed A tablespoon of peanut butter 30g protein powder (chocolate) … Continue reading

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Super Strength June 2012

Here are the workouts I’ll do in the gym. 20-60 minutes with a 5 minute cardio warm up on the bike. 8-10 reps, Limited rest. 1. 2 weights workouts, 1 plyo for each body part. 2. Then a circuit of … Continue reading

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Find a way…

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