Long Distance Training

Here is a list of the Long Run Training I’ve done (+10 miles – last updated Feb 2012):


Wk5 – 26.2M Gleniffer Braes and Pollok Park
WK3 – 15.4M WHW Rowardennan to Balmaha and back
Wk1 – 17.3M hilly in the wind and rain with ja


Wk52 – I ran 1,300 miles in 2011!
Wk52 – Last Marathon of 2011
Wk51 – Christmas Eve 16 miler
Wk47 – 33.33M around Glasgow
Wk45 – 24M WHW Rowardennan to Dario Melaragni Memorial and back
Wk43 – 26.8M WHW Milngavie to just past Drymen and back
Wk41 – 24.5M Glasgow to Milngavie and back
Wk36 – 10M Southside Glasgow

Wk33 – 12.75M with Alan and Cris
Wk32 – 18M Half Marathon training
Wk31 – 12M Half Marathon training with Katrina
Wk30 – 14.14M Half Marathon Training wi Paul
Wk29 – 11.7M Half Marathon training
Wk28 – 9.5M Half Marathon training then Basketball
Wrecked my knee and my plans

31M map and splits

Wk23 – Long run day – part 1

Wk23 – Part 2: Cambuslang out 8 miles and back

Wk22 – 10.22M wi Jackie and Trish
Wk22 – 11.75M Gleniffer Braes with Cris
Wk21 – 26.2M Glasgow to Greenock Marathon

Wk21 – 10.25M hilly Pollock Park

Wk20 – 21.5M training for Clyde Stride

Wk18 – 16M Newton Mearns hilly

Wk16 – 10.36M with 10k route included

Wk15 – 11M with Julie Ann

Wk12 – 14M long run

Wk11 – 21M last long run

Wk10 – Taper and Half Marathon? (snow?)

Wk9 – 16.25M hilly long run with JA

Wk7 – 20.1M marathon training & Hitting the Wall
Wk6 – 22M marathon training

Wk5 – 18M long run
Wk3 – Saturday Morning Long Run
Wk2 – 11.3M long run for marathon training
Wk1 – 9.15M run in the snow

Wk49 – Saturday Long Run (Outside!!)
I did it – 3:38:34 – Marathon distance up Loch Lomond

Wk44 – 20.11M long run!
Wk43 – long run…12 miles
Wk 42 – 18.5 Long run to Paisley…
Wk41 – 16.5M long run (longest yet!)

See some of my posts about my training here.

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