Wk35 (easy week) into Wk36

After a 44 mile week last week and a 35 mile running week the week before. I figured with 4 weeks to go until the marathon, and a weekend away this weekend, I’d have an easier week this week.

I ran almost 27 miles across 4 runs, with my long run being 12 miles with Fit Girl on Thursday morning before work. That was the day after deadlift strength, which wasn’t ideal and meant my legs were heavy for the run, but it was ok.

Here’s what I did last week:

Mon: Rest (after 20 miles on Sunday)
Tue: AM 4.4M easy PM 4M coaching
Wed: Deadlift Strength
Thu: 12M long / easy
Fri: 6.3M steady
Sat: Rest (11,000 steps, walking)
Sun: Rest
We’ve been away this weekend, in Dunblane in a nice hotel, chilling and taking it easy. Plenty coffee to wake me up too.
Breakfast was good this morning, fruit then a full scottish breakfast with haggis and everything. Yum.
Here’s what I’m planing next week (bearing in mind I’m away visiting my Dad at the weekend):

Mon: Squat Strength
Tue: 8-10M run
Wed: 5M run + walk
Thu: 5k run (pm: massage)
Fri: 18M
Sat: Rest
Sun: 4-5M run

I’ll get the strength session out of the way early on, on a day off from work, quite a few days before my 18 miler on Friday morning. My running should toy up to around 38-40 miles next week.

Thursday night I have a massage with Clare from Fitness Therapy Glasgow. She worked on my back and shoulders mainly last time when I had a really weird nerve / muscle pain in my back which went up to my neck. It seems better now, but I’m sure the massage will do me well.

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A rainbow kind of day

Some days, you do a run and it turns out to be magical – one to keep in the memory banks. On Friday, my run was one of those kind of runs. So much so, I even stopped and cried a little about how magic things can be. Running is magic.

Things have been tough personally for me for a few weeks. I’ll not go into details, but know that I am working through them, and things will be fine.

Yesterday a good friend of mine was going through a rough / challenging patch too, so I thought I’d do my run for her, and channel my best wishes and thoughts to her and her family.

I decided I’d do a run I usually do with my work Twinnie – up to Great Western Road and back. Easy peasy does it.

The sun was low in the sky, and shining bright in the blue sky above. It looked like it was going to be a pretty start to the day.

I was out the door for just before 7am. I’d forgotten to put my heart rate monitor on, but I had a feeling it wouldn’t matter this day – I was still alive, even though my Garmin thought otherwise.

The run was fine, a nice and easy kind up hill to great western road, through the tree lined Kelvinway… along great western road and down Hyndland road. At 4 miles in, running west along Hyndland road, I was greeted by the low sun shining sunrays along the road, down through the trees.

Very pretty, and it made me think of who I was running for. Special views, early on in the morning, views not many would have the privaledge of seeing.

Then I was running down towards the transport museum, around 5 miles in, just before the underpass, and I felt the odd feeling of a few spits of rain. I say odd, because the sky had been so blue where I’d been running before. I really didn’t expect rain. 

Then I looked up and was greeted by a big bright full rainbow with some grey rain clouds to the left of it. It’s the first rainbow I’ve seen in what feels like months, filling up the sky, staying strong and bright for ages. I stopped, whilst cyclists flew past me and walkers walked by. 

I was stopped still, looking up, smiling, hiding my tears behind my sunglasses. (I couldn’t even take a photo as I didn’t have my phone with me, so I just stopped for what felt like 5 minutes and took it in).

Rainbows always remind me of my Granny, when they pop up (sometimes at exactly the right time I need them), I feel like she’s there watching over me. When she passed away, I told her I’d make her proud, and I try to that every day.

On Friday I had our song playing in my ears, the song that reminds me of her – Sunshine by Gabrielle.

‘Sunshine through my windows, that’s what you are….Making me feel, I’m on top of the world…Telling me I’ll go far … I’ve learned a lot of tricks to live my life… I can be what I want to be…. ‘

And when that great big rainbow popped up yesterday, sun and rain showers in the sky, it just felt perfect.

Like she was telling me that everything would be OK. That I and it’ll be fine, that tough times were going to be over. And that my friend will get through her tough times too (and my thoughts and best wishes will help her through).

I ran home, had breakfast and had a good short day at work, after a long day the day before. I came home after work and saw my sun flower had opened up. Nice and pretty. (If a little imperfect).

Then later on, watching Reporting Scotland, Christopher pointed out the rainbow above to Sally… And at around 7pm, a big bright rainbow over the Glasgow city skyline.

Then at around 9pm my friend Fiona sent me this rainbow. And it wasn’t just any rainbow. It was a rainbow which was seen in Wick, earlier on in the day. The end of it was near the house I grew up in, the house which my brother and his wife now live in.

And his wife posted a picture of the same rainbow on Facebook and tagged me. 

Thoughts and best wishes for my friend on my run turned into a magical run, full of signs to me that everything will be just fine. (Made up signs of course, the rainbows possibly are just a reflection of summer turning into autumn)…but I’ll take these signs the way I want to. All good. 🌈👍🏻

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Treating myself to trainers and…

It’s been a while since I’ve bought new trainers, and I figured the other day it’d be nice to get a new pair.

I probably don’t ‘need’ them … (In fact, I know I don’t need them, but the deal on sportshoes.com was too good to pass up).

I run in Mizuno wave inspires, and I have a pink pair, black pair, an old red pair (which live at my work), and an old blue pair. All running trainers.

Now here’s my new Mizuno wave inspires. Number 12s instead of my usual number 11s. But the 12s were cheap as there are number 13s out now.

A nice purple, pink and white trainer.🙂

A snip at just £60.🙂

I also took delivery of this – a new shoulder bag for my work.

It’s an Osprey Jill messenger bag, and has lots of pockets and handy bits. Fits the shape of a woman too apparently.

Ordered from wiggle, here in just a few days. I’m well chuffed with it.🙂

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Wk32 into 33 into 34

I haven’t posted about my training for a few weeks, but it’s been ticking over nicely.

Plenty running each week, and I got back into strength training last week which didn’t leave me too sore. My sleep has been pretty good too.

I’d had a sore back / neck for a week or so and decided I’d avoid strength or HIIT for a few weeks, back to it last Wednesday.

Here’s the exercise I’ve done anyway:

Mon 8: 4.4M easy
Tue 9: Rest / Edinburgh
Wed 10: AM 5M run then PM Coaching hills
Thu 11: Rest
Fri 12: 5k Friday
Sat 13: 18.2M run
Sun 14: Rest

Nearly 32 miles running across 4 days. The long run was a bit of a struggle mentally, but I did it and managed to push a further 0.2 miles than I’d planned.

In my head I’m maybe thinking I wish I’d trained for this marathon a bit longer (with just 5 weeks to go and only 2 18+ mile runs under my belt), but I’m sure I’ll be fine.

Last week I did the following:

Mon 15: 4.6M run
Tue 16: 4.1M run
Wed 17: Strength
Thu 18: Rest
Fri 19: AM 5M run, lunchtime 5k Friday
Sat 20: 5M OUTRun event (+1.4M there & back)
Sun 21: 20M run

Nearly 44 miles running in a week… and I must admit I’m a little tired today, on Monday. 20 miles in 3 hours was long yesterday, and again, pretty challenging. Probably more mentally than physically. My brain needs to get into gear I think.

My pace was fine, my heart rate was fine, my mind had to be distracted by 2 hours of an audiobook before I got bored and switched to music. I got into the run earlier yesterday, and split it into 4×5 mile runs, but it was a struggle to get to 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 and 20 miles. I’m glad I did it though.

Had ice cream at Nardinis after it too. Yum.

TodayI’m taking a well earned rest day. My vision is blurry, I’m tired, and even with the long sleeps I had at the weekend, I know I need some more.

My 5k Fridays are doing well to keep me motivated to run on a Friday. I’ve been doing them either first thing or at lunchtime. Sometimes fast, sometimes nice and easy with other. I’ll be doing my 9th one this Friday coming.

My weight has been pretty steady, with a slight reduction in body fat, and an increase in lbm

Wc 1 Aug: 133.2lbs / 15% body fat
20lbs body fat / 113.2lbs lbm

Wc 8 Aug: 133.2lbs / 14.2% body fat
19lbs body fat / 114.7lbs lbm

Wc15 Aug: 132.6lbs / 14.5% body fat
19.2lbs body fat / 113.4lbs lbm

Wc22 Aug: 132.4lbs / 13.2% body fat
17.5lbs body fat / 114.9lbs lbm

Here’s my plan for training this week, a bit of an easier week, with a rest / weekend away this weekend:

Mon: Rest
Tue: AM 4M run / PM coaching
Wed: Strength
Thu: 12M run
Fri: 5M + 5k
Sat: Rest
Sun: Rest

(Or I might do 12M on Monday 29th as its a bank holiday and I’ll be off work.)

Then my remaining long runs are:

Wc29 Aug – 18M (away that weekend too!)
Wc 5 Sept – 22M easy wi FG
Wc 12 Sept – 15M easy
Wc 19 Sept – Loch Ness Marathon

Not long to go now! (Just under 5 weeks)

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OUTRun 5M up the Kelvin

My friend Lesley asked me if I’d run the Glasgow FrontRunners 5 miler up the Kelvin Walkway with her this Saturday, and who was I to refuse.


I went to meet Lesley just before 9, running up to Kelvingrove from home. We decided the night before that we would both wear purple shorts and a black vest, so we looked a little like twins or running partners. I had my nice purple lululemon arm sleeves on too, to keep me warm before and after.

We registered at the band stand, and there was fortunately the public toilets open there, to shelter next to as the rain came down before the run. The rain eased off before the start and there was a good short warm up before the start (although I never tend to join in, I did a few wee Squats etc).

The event was chip timed, and registration was that morning, and running all of it in Kelvingrove / up to the Botanics, it was a well organised event. An out and back route more or less. Easy peasy.

The rain went off just before the start, and just after 930 we followed a piper down to the startline. Across the bridge to start, then up and down a few hills before going along the undulating kelvin walkway. I’d done some of my long runs on it recently so I knew it well.

The first mile had a bit of a hill in it, and when we ran to the top there was a steel band playing at the top keeping the beat.

Mostly an out and back route, we got to half way and we were both working quite hard. My heart rate was around about 160 throughout, and maxed at 174. Lesley’s Garmin seemed to latch onto my heart rate monitor strap, so it looked like we had exactly the same stats… lol.

I had a feeling we would go back up that bl88dy hill in the last mile and we did. But it also meant that it was pretty much downhill for the last three quarters of a mile which was nice.

Despite it being a bit hard from maybe mike 3-5…, we managed a bit of a sprint finish, to finish in around 41 minutes. I (and I think we) hadn’t really planned to run that fast, but it felt good in the undulating course.

We got a rather full goodie bag at the end, along with a banana, water and a bright orange tshirt. All for £13.75 which is really good value. It was a good little event, nice and local and fun to do together.

After it I went over and praised the organisers for putting on such a good wee event. Nice and simple with a nice number of runners.

I’ve got 20 miles to run on Sunday, I’m not sure where… but I’m thinking a weee out and back would be good.

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New top for Autumn/Winter

I got some wiggle vouchers for my birthday and I spent a while trying to find something good on the website. Last week I came across this:

I didn’t really notice the ‘luminous’ part of the name and just thought I was buying a nice black long sleeved running top…

Then tonight, randomly, Fit Girl took a photo of my with the flash on… and boom – I light up like a Christmas tree! Ha ha. A bit like a big bright starry night – on my torso. 

Front and back. It should help the cars see me when the nights draw in or the mornings are dark. 

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Who’s in your network?

Who do you go to? Who do you automatically lean on it go to when things go skewiff? Family, friends, colleagues? Who’s in your network? Who do you know is always there for you, and you’re always there for them?

The last few years has taught me that I have quite a large but selective network of what I call my fr-amily – Friends (and family) who have become family. 10-12 people in my life who I automatically go to for advice, or to bounce my ideas off of. People who I just click with and always have done. People who are always there for me (and I’m always there for them).

I’m very grateful and feel very fortunate to have these people in my life (and to have had them in my life up to now).

When I got my silver bracelet with my elephants on it recently, I noticed it had twelve infinity links on it. And I thought, there are my twelve rocks – my fr-amily. And I can be reminded each day, by wearing my bracelet, that they’re with me.

I’ll not list mine here, but have you ever sat down and listed your fr-amily? People you lean on when times get challenging. People who, when you meet after months apart, it’s ever so natural and good to be with them? People who know you so well and lift you up, higher and higher?

I have about 9 long term fr-amily, from mainly from my childhood so they know me inside out. And the other 3-4 can vary depending on where I am or what my challenge is. A couple of people at work, or in other areas in my life. They are wise, lovely, like minded women and they know what to say to bring me back to reality and help me through stuff.

Sometimes if crisis hits, I realise that I need to reach out to one, some or all of them. But every now and then I realise how fortunate I am to have them in my life, and Im grateful to them for how they’ve helped shape me into who I am today.

So who is in your fr-amily network? Who are the links on YOUR chain? 

And have you ever thought of the things they’ve done and said to help you become who you are today? 

Have you maybe been not been spending enough time with them recently? Have you ever thanked them for being there for you? Maybe you could.🙂

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