Sleep, movement & sunrises

Everything seems a little easier in the warm and without work… I’ve had 4 nights of really good 10 hour sleeps – early nights, long sleeps with no alarm. If only I could do that every day / night!

And this morning it felt really easy to do 15 minutes of stretching and movement in the sunny balcony before breakfast as the sun poured in through the balcony.

I did some warm up stretches, then 3 round of 10 Press Ups / 10 squats, then 3 rounds of 6 hold Press Ups / 10 squats, before finishing off with some stretching.

It’s a lot easier to eat too – with a big breakfast buffet of anything you might want available.

Sun rise was about 7am this morning and we sat out and watched it come up. Very pretty indeed.

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Holiday reset

You might be wondering, ‘why has Lorn gone away on holiday to train / exercise? I thought holidays were for resting and relaxation…’ well it’s a bit of both for me. It’s a reset to get a good lot of sleep, mixed with some daily exercise, some daily down time and some heat (sun bathing / sauna).

Off the back of a week of rest after a the Inverness half marathon, after a bit of time where I felt my training was going off track, partly to do with the cold weather / snow, partly to do with being busy in a new job, and partly because I simply couldn’t be bothered… with less than 5 weeks to go until the London Marathon I need to get my sh!t together.

Now I’m lucky to have a week off work and be away at a place which is warm – 18-22’C. It’s a little windy, but the wind brings nice relief from the heat. We’re half board so we have breakfast and the evening dinner / buffet style for both – good food and plenty of ice cream too.

We did this two years ago when I was training for the London marathon, and I found it was a good way to ease back into little and often running / exercise, plus sleep, rest and relaxation.

I’m getting early nights after big 3 course dinners – soup to start, then fish or meat and veg… then ice cream (3 scoops) and usually a special wee pudding too.

Breakfast is fruit and yoghurt, followed by eggs and whatever I fancy. Lunch is a banana to keep me going. So I’m eating plenty. And I’m sleeping plenty too… 9-10 hours a night.

After a quiet time exercise wise last week – I’m back in it and feeling good. Last week after the half marathon I was tired until about Wednesday, but since I was going away, I took advantage and rested for 6 days – nearly a whole week off. Eeek

Travel day on Saturday… then I’m aiming on doing some exercise each day this week until I come back…

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Sat: Rest / Travel
Sun: 32 min bodyweight 10s Strength + 18 min run + 15 min Swim / Sauna Mon: 4.5M easy before breakfast / sun bathe / 3M Walk / Strength 60 mins

Plus some down time – relaxing, reading, sun bathing, sleeping.

I’m feeling nice and refreshed anyway.

I plan to run Tuesday morning as the sun comes up, maybe some more beach running. Today we ran with the wind at our backs then back home into the wind… think I’ll run the other directions tomorrow (so I get blown back home).

I have an indoor and outdoor pool at my disposal, and the beach and see is a 30 second walk away. I must go for a swim in the sea.

There’s a gym, treadmill, weights and a workout area… and a sauna and steam room too. I’m not going to plan anything, but try and do a bit of something each day, get good sleeps, rest, sun bathing and eating and drinking plenty (water).

There’s also daily classes, two of which I joined today, one at 3 (partner workout) and one at 4 (HIIT). There’s circuit training, yoga, aqua fit, barbell workouts, step. Think I’ll pick and choose and get some rest and relaxation in too.

Then when I get back, here’s the plan (aaahhhh 4 weeks!):

Sun: 20M
Mon 26: Rest
Tue: Strength 45-60 mins -1
Wed: 10×400 Run
Thu: Strength 45-60 mins -2
Fri: 6.2M (off)
Sat: 20-22M
Sun: Rest

Mon 2: 4M (off)
Tue: Strength 45-60-3
Wed: 8×800 run
Thu: Strength 45-60-4
Fri: Rest
Sat: 15-16M
Sun: Rest

Mon 9: 6M
Tue: Strength 45-60-5
Wed: 5x1k run
Thu: Strength 45-60-6
Fri: 3.1M
Sat: 10M
Sun: Rest

Mon 16: 10k easy Run
Tue: Strength 45-60-7
Wed: 6×400 Run
Thu: Strength 45- 60-8
Fri: 4M
Sat: Rest / Travel
Sun: London Marathon

Here’s me on my first morning here… 🙂 (with my big comfy slippers on lol).

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Wk11 into Wk12 & 13

I managed to get home on, fuelled by a burger and coffee… I’m feeling ok today – a little tired and worn out, but pleased with my efforts this last weekend. I was off work today to travel home, and spend some time with some special little people in Inverness before I came home.

Last week I did 2 runs and 2 strength sessions. I had planned on only doing 1 Strength session, but habit kicked in and I did 2 Strength sessions in a week for the 17th week in a row.

This week I was just bodyweight and weighted circuits for 30-36 minutes. I’m having a bit of a rest from my normal strength work, but it’s still good to do some strength.

Here’s what I did:

Mon: Rest
Tue: Rest
Wed: 30 min Strength Circuit
Thu: Rest
Fri: 6M easy Inverness (trying some of the route)
Sat: 36 min Bodyweight Strength
Sun: 18.1M incl 13.1M

It was good to try some of the route on Friday morning… although it was chilly, I’m glad I did it.

I’ve already written about the half marathon plus 5 miles – a good long run, now I need to keep on track with my training and aim for 3 runs a week minimum.

I’ll see what happens on my time off, but I’m hoping to do something every day, but get some down time too, 4 weeks before London.

Here’s my plan for the next 2 weeks:

Mon: Rest
Tue: Weighted Strength / 4-5M easy
Wed: Speedwork or 8M easy
Thu: Bodyweight Strength
Fri: 15M (am)
Sat: Rest
Sun: Run

Mon: BW Strength
Tue: Run
Wed: Rest
Thu: Run
Fri: BW Strength
Sat: Rest
Sun: 18-20M

Back to work tomorrow, for a wee short week. 👍🏻

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Inverness Half Marathon

Yesterday was a good day. It was all about running and recovering after it, and spending time with people I’ve known for decades. A good wee day.

I hadn’t done a long run for a bit, 2 weeks ago it was 12 miles, a week ago I managed 8 miles on the treadmill (because of the snow), and I’ve not been running much – a couple of times a week, plus two times strength training a week.

So I knew that it would make sense to do a long run – up to around 18 miles…I was living at the top of a hill about 3 miles away from the start line, and decided I’d aim to run there which should be ok, then run (and enjoy) the half marathon. The. Run home or part of the way home (bearing in mind it’s all uphill. Ouch).

It would have been easier to drive to close to the start, do the Half Marathon and accept that I’d just done 13.1 miles, but since I’d missed or cut short my 2 last long runs, I knew it was important to do a long one his weekend.

London is 6 weeks away so it’s important to get my body (and mind) rest for the 26.2 I’m expecting my body to run. So I ran to the start, nearly taking a wrong turn, but ended up doing 3.2 miles before I started the half.

I shuffled my way to the start… I had a bit of gadget distinction – turns out my iPod and aftershokz headphones were out of charge, and I don’t think garmin live track worked. But I didn’t really mind. I was looking forward to running my first event of 2018.

I’d also got a little bit lost on the way down to the startline, but soon realised and turned back to get back to get down to the river / start line.

I’d had cereal and blueberries, coffee and a sis caffeine energy bar to start me off before I left the house. And I had three caffeine energy gels on the route. A double espresso one at the start (3 miles in), then another 5 miles into the half, and one about 8-9 miles in. I had my water pack too and picked up water at a couple of the stations. Fully fuelled and hydrated.

As I crossed the line at the start, I caught Bryan Burnett’s eye, and he shouted ‘go lorn’, which made me feel pretty good.

A mile or so in I was running next to a female runner, who I found out later was from jog Scotland Ellon. After a bit chatting, someone shouted my name from the sidelines (was it you?! Thank you if it was, let me know – maybe someone who follows me on here?)… then I introduced myself to the runner next to me.

Small world, Audrey who I was inning along with, knew Jen from Ellon. We ran the first 4-5 miles together at around just under 8:20 min miles, and it felt nice and comfortable. I was keeping an eye on my pace, but not my heart rate. Then there was a slight hill after we turned off the road to dores and I let Audrey go ahead of me after a good wee chat with her.

There was a friendly man there, giving us a run down of the course, that we were over the worst of the hill… and I think he was right. There was another little one at lochardil school, but apart from that it either felt pretty flat or down hill, especially mile 9. A big long run down the hill towards mile 10.

I was feeling good right up to about mile 11 (or mile 14 in my run), and for the last two-three miles I decided I’d try to push it a bit. I’d passed about 1:31 ish with about 2 miles to go and I figured if I kept my pace up I could maybe get sub 1:50, after a steady middle few miles.

Along the last stretch I passed michaela from Orkney (she had an Orkney vest on) – she was running with a guy from Orkney, maybe being paced a bit, and she said she was struggling with her asthma. I was struggling with the fact I was running the last bit of the Loch Ness marathon which brought back some tough memories, but I didn’t mention it and tried to gee her along by saying I was from wick and she didn’t want me to beat her. (Ha ha).
I introduced myself and pushed on a bit. A mile to go and it was feeling nasty…. but I knew I could keep going.

I pushed through, and had maybe leaked a little too soon on mile 12, but I knew I’d be finished soon. Along the route there were quite a few friendly people and many runners from the east and north which was nice.

Half a mile to go, someone else said the last mile felt like a longer mile than the rest, and she was right. As I was just about to get to the running track, someone ran past me and shouted ‘come on Wick!!’ Ah!!! It was he girl from Orkney with something left – zooming past me with her pacer ahead of her.

She flew off ahead of me and I hung on, until my garmin hit 13.1 miles… 1:49:25 on my garmin (about 30 secs faster than I did in Glasgow in October last year).

I pushed on and crossed the line, my chip time was 1:50 exactly. I felt good but a bit gubbed – now 16.3 miles in I knew if I had a bit of recovery I could probably run back up the hill, or some of it. (I had he option of calling my friend for a lift if I wanted).

I got my tshirt and medal and came down a bit, got my photo taken and had a banana and some water, and did some stretching. Then I got myself together to start my way back home.

I turns out I was 135th out of 976 women = top 14% – so I was pleased with that. My avg hr was 163, max 171, a lot lower than it had been on October at the great Scottish Run (for a slightly quicker time in inverness). So that’s good.

The Tshirt is bright orange and the medal is a good belter or one, featuring the Inverness Castle and an orange lanyard.

All in all it was a good event that I’d like to do again. Nice and friendly, well organised and a good route. I’d really recommend it!

Oh and I started to run home… I got 1.5 miles in, then I turned up the first hill and got to 1.8 miles and I decided that was enough. I called my friend and I’m lucky she came to pick me up.

18.1 miles in about 2.5 hours. I had a bit of a disturbed sleep but I ate plenty to hopefully refuel and get me back recovered after it all. Now I just need to drive back to Glasgow before work tomorrow.

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Ready for the Inverness half (plus some)

I went and picked up my number for the Inverness half this morning, and plotted a wee 3 mile route down to the start line that I’ll run. I’ll leave about 1140 for a muster time of 1215, then a start time of 1230.

If I run there and do the half it’ll be about 15.4 miles, if I run home too, it’ll be 18-19 miles which I’m going for. I’ve had a good breakfast & a coffee and I’m just about to eat a caffeine energy bar.

I’ve got my new GoPro I’m going to try out, and I’m bringing along a wee key ring lady for the key to the house I’m staying at. And I’ll wear my water pack too. Tunes on my iPod, will play though my aftershokz headset.

The weather looks just right for running, a little damp to start (no rain though) brightening up later (so I’ll wear my sunnies).

Im wearing my rainbow capris (as someone described them today), my blue Loch Ness Marathon top and my red gillet. I’m looking forward to the run. 👍🏻

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Getting out of the habit

The other night I was looking over the training I’d done so far for the London Marathon… with a holiday coming up in a couple of weeks time, and a missed long run last weekend due to the snow… and lets not forget the previous 20 miler than turned out to be 12.2 miles a few weeks ago… I’m slowly getting a little worried about my training.

At the back of my mind, I’m thinking – I’m not really running all that much. 100 miles in January, including 4 long runs, a little hampered by the snow… then 105 miles in February with failed attempts at long runs, a ‘bad’ run. When I actually look back… I really need to pick up my running again – no excuses.

It feels like I’ve kind of got out of the habit of getting up early to run. I used to nearly always run at between 630-7am = 40 mins to 2 hours… but through the Winter I’ve found it hard to have reason to get up out of my bed to run. And so, my habits have changed and I think I’ve got out of the habit of rising early to run.

Another thing that has happened is something I thought might happen… I’ve planned in speedwork (and not really wanted to do it…) so instead of doing speedwork…. I don’t even run. Not good. Any speedwork I’ve done has been challenging and I’ve felt the benefit… but at the back of my mind, I know I don’t like it and as such I’m less inclined to do it. The answer is not to bunk off of it all together, but to go for a run and enjoy it. But I’ve not really been doing that.

I have been strength training consistently- 2 days a week for the last 16 weeks, which I’m pleased with. I’m having a rest week this week, only having done one short strength session, but I’ll be back to it from next week.

I could put lots of reasons (or excuses) which have got in the way of me running – the snow, dark mornings (which aren’t dark anymore!), sore feet, a new job, dark nights… blah blah blah… but best not to do that. Better to know what was stopping me doing it, and go forward and make plans to just do it… get out there and run! I’ll need to if I want to have a good run at the London Marathon.

Here’s my training so far..

And here’s the training that I plan to do:

A mixture of 2 strength sessions a week and 3 runs a week, including a week of holiday where I’ll run a bit, but mostly take time out to relax and rewind. 6 weeks to go… here we go. Better get on with it!

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Sore feet Pearson

In 2016 after three marathons in 18 months, I suffered from plantar fasciitis in both my feet. More so I’m the right one, the pain was there not when I ran, but in every day activities, especially after I got up in the morning. It wasn’t show stopping, but it wasn’t quite right.

It’s hard to know what the reason for the pain was – it could have been a change in every day shoes at work (flatter less support) … or lots of repetitive miles training for consecutive marathons 3 x 6 months. I could still run with it, but I probably shouldn’t.

The way I fixed it was to take 2-3 months off running. October to December 2016, I ran a puddly amount of miles, and my feet got better. When the pain was there I also did stretches including calf dips and rolling my feet on an iced bottle.

Well now, I’m afraid, it’s back. I started to feel it on Sunday – the day after my first venture on a treadmill (lol). It’s especially bad in my right foot, and it’s there all of the time. Constant pain, the base of my foot really needing a good stretch. Strangely it seems to go when you run, but comes back when you don’t run (when you walk).

Apparently it’s all tied into your calves and Achilles and stretching them daily can help. I’m doing that daily with the foot roller above and doing calf dips on the stairs. And next week I’m going to get a sports massage focus on my feet for a bit of it.

I’ve had two rest days at the start of this week and I’m going to take a break from strength training this week for a rest this week. I’ll run a couple of days, and do the Inverness half marathon on Sunday. Hopefully it’ll ease off and I’ll be back to normal soon.

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