Withings Weight & Body Fat readings

I’ve been using my Withings body analyser scales since the end of 2012, and I really like them.

They give really good readings, and they all sync via Bluetooth to the my Withings app, which is cool and simple. Since then, for a number of reasons, my body weight and body fat has increased.

My Withings set on ‘athlete mode’ so they show a low body fat reading (which seemed to be more accurate than the normal body fat measure).

Here’s what my weight and body fat was 3 years ago…

5 Feb 2013: 124.6lbs = 12.3% body fat
15.3lbs body fat / 109lbs lbm

And this year, in May:

6 May 2016: 132.6lbs = 16.5% body fat
21.9lbs body fat / 110.7lbs lbm

In just over 3 years I’ve put on around 8lbs, increased by 4% body fat – so +6lbs body fat and +2lbs lean body mass / other.

In 2012/2013 I was training a lot. A lot of long distance running, I was at the peak of my marathon training and had just run my first ultra marathon. I was maybe even ‘too thin’ and possibly overtraining.

I started a new job, which I loved, and I may have let it take over a bit (instead of focusing mainly on my training).

I also started coaching others and maybe came away from strength training as much, so that I could focus more on doing 3-5 big running events a year. I’ve probably settled into my ‘set point weight’.

So here’s my weight and body fat now, at the end of June 2016, after a few really busy weeks at work, and just before we went on holiday (where we walked lots and are lots).

You’ll see progress here hopefully, along with what I did (walking / running / HIIT etc).

Weighing in around every week, the important part is not the overall lbs… it’s the change in body composition.

All the following measurements will be compared to my stats below, from Sun 26 June:

Sun 26 Jun: 132.1lbs = 15.8% body fat
20.9lbs body fat / 111.2lbs lbm

Then I did: (Lots of walking & eating – on holiday, no running, 2xHIIT sessions)

Sun 10 Jul: 133.6lbs = 15.3% body fat
20.4lbs body fat / 113.2lbs lbm
+1.5lbs, -0.5lbs body fat / +2lbs lbm

Then I did: (Getting back into training, 5 runs / 29 miles, 3 strength sessions).

Mon 18 Jul: 131.6lbs = 14.7% body fat
19.3lbs body fat / 112.3lbs lbm
-0.5lbs, -1.6lbs body fat / +1.1lbs lbm

Then I did: (A good week of 5 runs / 33 miles, 3 strength sessions).

Mon 25 Jul: 133.8lbs = 14.6% body fat
19.5lbs body fat / 114.3lbs lbm
+1.7lbs, -1.4lbs body fat / +3.1lbs

So a month of lots of walking, eating and eventually a few weeks of plenty running, HIIT and strength, and I’ve lost 1.4lbs of fat. And gained 3.1lbs of lbm/other. (1.7lbs increase overall).

I am perhaps eating too much to lose weight weight / body fat (and I maybe need to forgo the habitual after dinner mini mars bar and choc ice if I want to lose more body fat / lbs! – sssshhhhh). I eat to fuel my training, that’s what I’m saying anyway.😉

But I’m happy where I am. I feel good and it’s good to see some change in body fat / lbm.

The overall number on the scale doesn’t matter, it’s the body composition numbers that means everything. The only reason I’d want the overall lbs to go down would be to help it be easier to run faster / easier.

Now you have to see this…


The Withings ‘Body Cardio‘ a newer version of my scales, and if I’m very lucky I might get them. It does lots and lots and generates more information and stars by wifi. We’ll see.

So if anyone wants to buy a slightly older set of well looked after Withings Bluetooth Body Analyser scales, with the original box, let me know. Lorn.pearson:-)

£80, pick up from Glasgow (or £5 UK postage)… it’s this one below:
Withings Smart Body Analyzer – White https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0084LF0L6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_V3KLxbAHN0YZT

Now let’s see what the next few months of training and eating well will do for my lbs / %! I do like my graphs.:-)

I’d better replace the mini mars bars and choc ices with something a bit more healthy if I want the body fat to go down!

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Wk29 into Wk30

Last week I started using my ‘Action Diary’ throughout the week to help me keep a track on what I’d planned to do and what I did. I git loads done, and even looked at my long term goals and what I’m hoping to do in the next 6 -12 months or so. (I got my ‘action diary’ from Amazon).

I completed about 7 out of 10 small tasks I’d set myself, and will carry those I didn’t complete into next week (I’m waiting on others). What really made me feel a good sense of accomplishment was the amount of training I planned, and got done.

I used a simple to do list at work, and got lots done, and did the same with other stuff I had to do outside of work. (I’ve deleted my Facebook app from my phone too – to stop me habitually wasting time on it!)

I wrote about this yesterday, but above is a summary of all of the training I planned and did last week. I did around 7 hours of training in 6 days.:-)

I’ll weigh in once a week on a Monday – last week I was 131.6lbs, with 14.7% body fat (19.3lbs). We’ll see what happens with all that training week on week.

So here’s the plan for next week:

Mon: am: 4M / pm: KB Strength
Tue: HIIT strength + weighted strength
Wed: am: HIIT strength / pm: 10k coaching
Thu: 6-8M run
Fri: 5k Friday run + HIIT
Sat: 15M run (5x3M increasing tempo)
Sun: Rest

A similar amount of training as this last week, 3-4 strength sessions, 5 runs.

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Back on it all!

There’s nothing like spending a week visiting your Dad in a cardiothoracic ward, to make you realise that you’re really fit and healthy and you should be very grateful for everything you have. That’s what I spent last week doing, and it was a real eye opener.

In Aberdeen Royal a Infirmary, seeing and speaking to my Dad and guys on the ward who had been through what is maybe one of the biggest operations anyone can go through – a triple bypass. I’m glad to say my Dad is now home and in the process of recovery.

Last week, as well as being there for my Dad and step mum, I took some time into get back into my training. I drove my step mum to the hospital, chatted to my Dad and spent time with him / them, and around that I read, slept, cooked a bit, ran, did strength training / HIIT, and not much else.

It was hard at the start (after having 2 weeks off training on holiday), a week or so of running and being out of breath or with my heart rate up high. Yuk. And doing 25 min HIIT sessions to get me into the way of it again. Nasty hard horrible. But it was worth it.

On Monday I was back at work after 3 weeks off and I was surprisingly relaxed about it all. 300 or so emails got cleared easily, and I decided it was about time I started to take my lunch away from my desk (soup upstairs) and leaving on time.

In June I worked around an extra 2.5 days in total across the month (a couple of hours most days), so I was keen to break that bad habit. As well as making time for all of my planned workouts, and getting enough sleep.

My holiday, and coming back to see my Dad go through his op, has opened my eyes and reminded me that life is short and I can make mine be whatever I want it to be. It’s reminded me that I want to be healthy, happy and fit. And I can do this.

Here were my goals I’d set myself after my holiday:

– Do miracle mornings (MM) each morning (time out to myself before exercising) to help me get up and do my training.

– Take lunch at work (at least 30 mins) and leave on time each day.

– Get good sleeps in, so I can get up at 6am or before for MM. (Putting phone / gadgets away by around 8pm to help wind down).

– Achieve my steps goal each day (10,000+) which increases each time I achieve it.

– Do my planned training as below:
Mon: 4M run / KB Strength
Tue: 5M run
Wed: HIIT Strength / Walk
Thu: 6M run
Fri: 5k Friday + HIIT Strength
Sat: 12M run
Sun: Rest

Last week, seeing my Dad like that, and the other patients, slowly building up their recovery to do small walks, really made me appreciate how lucky I am to be able to walk and run like I do. I should really stop making excuses up to stop me achieving my goals (of being healthy, happy and fit).

Many of them were twice my age, or just below, and it seemed they had been fit and healthy. But now they’d had been through having their chests opened and their hearts stopped to replace some bits. And they were on the mend. Modern medicine and bodies really are amazing! It was good to see it all working.

So last week when I was home, I did it, I got back on it. And I even did a bit more training than I had planned. A little further running on the Monday (4.1M) and Thursday (8.5M), my fastest 5k for a while, and an extra 10 minutes of weights on the Wednesday.

As you can see, I’ve only missed 4 days out of the last 28 for my steps goal. A lot of walking, and running in the last two weeks. The days I didn’t meet target I was travelling / resting. I’m averaging almost 15,000 steps a day – so pretty active!

I wasn’t going to meet my steps goal on Wednesday as I hadn’t been a run, so I went a walk around the block in the evening to get it. Maybe a bit sad, but it motivated me to move when I otherwise wouldn’t have.

I took advantage of exercising outside when I could, and did two of my strength sessions outside. The one on Friday was a little in the rain, but it was nice after the fast 5k.

I wasn’t too sore after the strength / HIIT sessions either. My glutes felt it a bit, but I wasn’t doing my usual mistake of lifting too much too soon.

I’ll do bodyweight strength / HIIT for a few weeks to a month and slowly introduce weighted strength as I go. That’s what going to the gym to do it is good for.

Work went well too. I took my lunch away from my desk each day, and focussed on being really productive when I was at my desk. With a pomodoro timer, 25 minutes of focussed work, followed by a 5 min break. Repeated. I caught up and got a bit ahead with things.

I had a to do list and reviewed / rewrote it at the end of the day for the next day. Simple. And I left on time FIVE days in a row (2 mins early on Friday!) And I found time in work to call my Dad and have a good wee chat with him now he’s home.

So I was home by 5:15pm each day. Maybe an hour earlier than I used to. That early home time led to me winding down earlier and getting to sleep fine.

My alarm was set for 6:10, and another at 6:15, but towards the end of the week I was waking up automatically at 5:45, like I was ready to start my day early. It’s been good.

On Friday morning, I was a little tired and my mind was trying to come up with excuses not to run, or do my planned HIIT, not to get up early. It was raining, I couldn’t be bothered… etc etc…

…but that’s why it’s just a 5k on a Friday and a 25 min HIIT session. It’s hard to make up an excuse not to do one of them – just 25 minutes?! I ask myself, then I tell myself, just get it done!

I was up and out of my bed just before 6am, doing my ‘miracle morning’, then I decided I’d beast a 5k out and managed to make myself do the simple 25 min HIIT session above.

Saturday was my long run, 12 miles for me, 10 of which were with Fit Girl. We started just after half 7, to get it out of the way. When we started I could see of far enough, but we soon got into it fine. Nice and easy.

My heart rate was ticking along around 130-140 and I felt good. It felt nice and steady. The through 4 parks – Festival, Bella, Pollok and Maxwell, which got us up to 10 miles and back to home, then I went on my own for 2.1 miles, pushing it a bit. I averaged 140 HR, max 160.

We did around 9:30 min miles together, then an 8:30 and an 8:07 min mile (HR around 155-160)… It all felt good and I felt really accomplished for doing everything I’d set out to do this week.:-) my cadence was a bit lower than I’d wanted, but I can work on that (180+).

After our run, I treated myself to a new bracelet (I’ll tell you more about it and my idea for it later) and I had a warm steak salad in Shawlands. I have a well earned rest day tomorrow which will involve some fun stuff, sleeping and eating well.

I hope next week is as good as this week has been.:-)

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10M long run Ellon wi Jen & Glynis

I was up early today, and did my early miracle morning routine, then left my Dad’s so that I got to the station hotel in Ellon for just before 830am. It was nice to drive thru Aberdeen city centre first thing on a Sunday morning (it reminded me of many mornings I walked home as a student years ago!)

After just under an hour in the car, I needed a toilet stop before I started, and luckily the staff in the station hotel let me in. Just as I was going back to the car, the lovely Jen and lovely Glynis had arrived.

I was warned there would be a few hills, and ‘feckhill’ was mentioned, but I tried to ignore that one. It was going to be a long slow run, but it ended up not really being that way. Fine, we’re all fit enough for a bit of a faster one.

They’re doing Amsterdam marathon on the 17 October, 3 weeks after the Loch Ness Marathon, so we’re doing similar distance anyway. The scenery was nice, as were the hills which I’m not so much used to (I tend to avoid them when I can!)

I met them through my Facebook page, and in person at last years Loch Ness Marathon. They’re both very friendly and nice people so it was good to catch up with them. And it was nice to be out in the countryside and be forced to do some hills! Big skies in Aberdeenshire.

And here’s the funny ‘scary cat’ road sign. Lol

My heart rate was 152 on average, 169 max (due to the hills) and I certainly did feel it. But it felt like a good workout and will hopefully help improve my fitness.

Here’s my heart rate graph (red) with the elevation overlayed. It was very similar to Jens graph on Garmin.

The run ended up being a long ‘not so slow’ run, but it was still good. I had a shower at Jen’s and Jasper met her dog Nico. They both got a dog biscuit.😉

Oh – and it ended up being 10.5 miles, and I had a big stitch at the end. Still got to build these long runs up. 12 miles with a fast finish next weekend for my long run, all going well.

Now I’m going to visit my Dad before driving back home and back to work tomorrow after 3 weeks off.

Hopefully going back to work won’t be too much of a shock for me.😉

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Wk28 into Wk29

I’m at the end of three weeks off work and so much has happened in those last three weeks.

10 nights in Toronto and all of the fun and sight seeing we did. No running whilst I was there, but two X 25 min HIIT sessions in the hotel at the start which left me a bit sore. It let me know there were achievable though.

I got together my training plan for the marathon, and 6 X 25 HIIT workouts and a KB workout set up in a new ‘Seconds’ app which is a great timer app. It’s very customisable and easy to use.

I’ve read two good books whilst I’ve on holiday:

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod
The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

Both are good books – I’ve managed to implement the Miracle Morning, each morning since I’ve been back, and I just need a bit more work to see how I can include The Compound Effect in my life somehow too (changing habits to good habits and to get them to compound until you’re amazing). It has good action point throughout, so I’ll revisit them and see what happens.

The next book I’ll read is ‘The Rules of Work’ by Richard Templar.

In the last week I’ve managed to pick up my exercise again. Running and Tabata HIIT strength training (and even a bit – 1 mile – of swimming on Friday in the open air pool in Stonehaven).

Being up in Stonehaven with my Dad in hospital (he’s doing well by the way)… I’ve had a lot of time on my hands so I’ve had absolutely no excuse not to run or do a 25 min HIIT session. If I want to be fit (for the marathon and in general), I need to do it.

Here’s what I’ve done/ what I’m planning to do with my last few days of freedom.

Mon: 25 mins HIIT
Tue: 7.5M run (& drop an elephant)
Wed: 4M run
Thu: 4.4M / 40 mins hill run
Fri: 1M Swim & 5k Friday #3 (150 HR run)
Sat: Rest (walk)
Sun: 10M run in Ellon

I’m pleased with how things went this week. Having time on my hands made it easier to make sure I did it all.

My runs this week have been hard. My heart rate was away yo at 160-170 at the drop of a hat. I did try to slow the pace, but I was doing between 9 to 9:30 min miles and it was higher than it would usually be. I know if I’m consistent with my running, I’ll get my fitness back and my HR will come back down to 150 on these types of runs.

On Friday I did my 3rd Friday 5k and I kept my HR to 150. My pace was 9:06 and my 5k time was 28:15. My avg HR was 148 and max 162. It felt really good.

I fitted it in when I had been visiting my Dad at hospital between 1130-7pm this Friday. They have a break between 12-1 and 5-6 where the patients get fed. So I popped out for my run about 5pm. (I had my gear in the car, and changed in the hospital). I felt very accomplished for doing it (as well as the swim).:-)

Running this 5k now should give me a basis of how my fitness / HR is now, compared to the coming months. My plan is to do 1 X 5k each Friday, so I can compare them as I go.

This one was the slowest of the 3 I’ve done, but it felt really good (avg HR 148). And my pace was similar to the other day (when my avg HR was way up above 160, and it felt like really hard running).

My tabata HIIT workouts are nasty too, but short at just 25 minutes. And I’ve not been too sure after them, so that’s good. My legs were a bit heavy on Tuesday, but I think that was a mixture of not having run for a long time and the HIIT from the day before.

Here’s my plan for next week:

Mon: 25 min KB Strength + 4M run Maxwell Park
Tue: 5M run
Wed: 25 min HIIT
Thu: 6M run
Fri: 5k Friday #4
Sat: long run – 12 miles, easy then last 3 miles fast finish Sun: 25 min HIIT

Back to work on Monday, and apparently it’s going to be busy. I’ll clear through my emails and take it bit by bit / day by day and prioritise.

One of my habits / goals I wanted to have in work is to leave on time… I’ll maybe do an alarm at 430pm, reminder at 5 to leave, then leave at 515 or 530 at the very latest. I’ll see how that goes!! (as I’ve not been very good at that!)

And next week I’ll start doing my Miracle Mornings before work. I’ve managed to to them (and enjoy doing them when I’ve been off work, but I’ll see how easy they are to do when I’m at work full time.)

Finally I posted this on my Facebook page because I liked it (and a lot of others liked it too):
It’s a beautiful day!

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How to be strong

I came back from my holiday in Toronto, and I already knew I had a calling to go somewhere else for my last week off work before I go back.

I’ve kept it quiet, but my Dad went in for a rather big operation on Tuesday, he’s doing well after it. But I decided when I was on holiday in Toronto, that my place this week would be in Stonehaven to help and be there for my Dad and my step mum. Easy peasy, and I brought them these sunflowers for luck.

Although it was a big operation and he’s getting older (75), he’s a fit and healthy man otherwise, and for some reason I had every faith in him, in the experts (medical staff in the NHS) and the process (the operation and care from the NHS).

When he was in for his operation on Tuesday, I went for a run through a rather strange Aberdeen that I hadn’t seen since I graduated 15 years ago. I ran down to the beach, and stopped there to drop and little elephant for him, and reflect a bit. I looked out to sea (remembering that my Dad loves the sea), and hoped everything would be fine, that the op would go well.

I’m not entirely sure why, but I had a really good feeling about it all, and had a very strong feeling that everything would be fine. I’m not sure if it was optimism, or belief in my Dad and the NHS, or what, but they’ve delivered and as my Dad said the day after his op – ‘modern medicine is amazing.’

But when someone close to you has to go through something like this it can be hard. Some people worry, or think the worst. They maybe crumble at the thought of losing that person who is so close to them. That thought didn’t even cross my mind – he was going to be fine, I knew it.

Someone in work once said about me – ‘Lorn is so calm, I’d love to have her in a crisis with me.’ I didn’t really realise it before I heard that, but it’s true, I try to be relaxed, get perspective and hope or believe that everything will be ok. 

So here’s some of the things I did to be strong and to feel strong about what was happening:

Be there, do the right thing
If someone close to you is going through a hard time, they might appreciate you being there for them. Driving, cooking, talking, it all helps. It might put you out of your comfort zone, but sometimes it’s worth it just to help and be there. They might even just appreciate seeing your smiley face and having a chat about stuff. 

I did it for my aunt when my Granny died, it was tough for me as a 21 year old, but I stayed and helped her. It was hard for me, and s big learning curve. But my aunt called me her ‘guardian angel’ and the reward I got from that, and the close bond we formed, was worth it.

Sometimes doing the right thing is hard, but well worth it.

Reach out to and lean on others
The first thing I did, almost without realising it was to reach out to my close network of friends / family across different parts of my life.

I’ve realised there are about 10-15 people that I’m very close to, and when I see a big bump coming, I contact them. And they’re always there for me – you know you you are. 

I’m very lucky to have you all, so thank you. Everyone, you know exactly what to say to help me along and be strong. Lean on other – it helps. 

Take care of yourself
Eat, sleep, exercise, wash, routine. When bumps come along and routine goes out the window, it’s important to take care of yourself (and let others take care of you of need be too). 

Sometimes when things like this happen, the mundane can slip away and not become as important, but they are. Schedule time to do what’s important and take care of yourself as well as the person you care about. Bring along food with you so you can grab it at any time. Go a walk or a run first thing to clear the cobwebs.

Get sleep, you’ll be no use without sleep. It’s important to look after you so you can look after and be there for others.

Learn from what went before

We’ve all had bad things happen to us, and we’re still here today, hopefully stronger because of them. Learn what works for you, what helps you cope. 

Optimism might not work for everyone, but it seems to work for me. Or at least looking at the world and trying to remember it might not be as bad tomorrow, as it is today. Day by day, things get better. How you react, matters.

It can mean the difference between a good day and a bad day. A good sleep or no sleep.  Learn from others too. What helped people you know cope with similar life events? 

Get the facts, try to see things logically
When I found out my Dad was unwell (around 6 weeks before the op), I asked him all the right questions. Him being a retired GP he had all the answers, all the detail. But I confirmed those answers with other medics in my family. The facts, what is happening, what’s important and what is the best course of action. What are the success rates.

The facts are that the operation he went through, whilst it’s one of the biggest operations an individual can go through, it’s bread and butter for the surgeons, they do it every day. Other facts are that although he’s 75, my Dad is fit and well, possibly with a resting heart rate lower than mine! He’s healthy and takes care of himself (and his wife takes care of him too!)

I could have let emotions slip in, ‘oh my god, my dad… etc etc’ but I didn’t. Because the facts spoke for themselves. If you’ve read chimp paradox, it’s a bit like not letting the chimp anywhere near you at times like these!!

My Dad also told me to go and enjoy my holiday and don’t worry! (So I didn’t, which leads me on to the next point).

Don’t worry, believe, do what works for you
‘Worrying is like a rocking chair, you go back and forward, again and again, but it doesn’t get you anywhere.’

Worrying can be all consuming – what if this, what if that, laying blame… there’s no point. Instead of worrying, I believed in my Dad, I believed in the NHS staff, and I believed in the NHS system, to deliver (and they have).

Get the facts, and if there’s anything you can do to help make things better, then do it, otherwise, let what’s going to be, be. 

When mywas down in Glasgow getting tests, I gave him a small elephant, for luck. I’d bought a small red one and a small green one in Portugal when I visited. I’d already dropped the red one, now he had the green one for luck. A little thing, but he appreciated it. 

When I was at Niagara Falls, with the spray and sunshine, a week before his operation, I was looking out for a rainbow, but it wasn’t to be. It was a lovely day though, which I’ll remember (it was 50 or so years since he went there first).

I believe in rainbows, shooting stars, sun shine, elephants, it’s what I’ve learned to help me through life. It ties me in to my granny being here for me, and it works for me. Little signs to help life be better or put me at ease.

Now my Dad had the operation in the afternoon of Tuesday and was in intensive care on Wednesday. He woke in the afternoon of Wednesday, and he was quite bright and chirpy. I feel fortunate to have been able to see him fixedly tee his op, share that time with him, and see him on the way to recovery.

There’s a long road of recovery ahead for him, but I have a feeling he’ll be fine. New bits in his body to replace the old ones. I keep saying he’ll go on to annoy us for maybe another 20 years.😉

I’d been driving my step mum in and out from the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary each day this week, and have been there for her, just as I’d want someone to help me. It’s easy. You just be and do. And try to be reassuring whilst looking after yourself and those around you. 

We got home last night at about 7, and when I was on the phone to Fit Girl, I looked out the window, and guess what I saw for the first time in what felt like weeks?

That’s right, a little rainbow over Stonehaven where my Dad lives / where I’m staying. Telling me / us everything will be just fine. Funny how they pop up just at the right time.

I know he’ll be fine. And along the way the points above and people, have lifted me along, and helped me be strong. And rainbows and elephants help me along the way too. It’s magic!

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Wk27 into Wk28

I managed to get over the jet lag fine, and did miracle morning each day, Fri, Sat and Sunday morning.

I didn’t do the exercise part of the miracle morning today, but apart from that, I did the silence, affirmations, reading and writing. (and the exercise too on Friday & Saturday). And it felt good.

This last week, I ran on Friday – an easy 5k, then a 10k in the smirry rain on Saturday. Rest day today.

On Saturday I saw my friend Kate and her two kids – Ciara is a very cool 4 year old, who told a strange man off for not picking up his dog poo (and gave him a freezer bag). – because his dog poo’d in the park in front of her house and he didn’t pick it up!

It was class seeing him being told off by a 4 year old (who lives by the RULES). I also fed her little sister, 6 month old Alice which was good.

This next week I’m up in Stonehaven / Aberdeen visiting my Dad. And with 11 weeks until the Loch Ness marathon, my marathon training starts.

Here’s my plan (miracle morning each morning 7-8am):

Mon: Strength – bodyweight HIIT
Tue: 5M run
Wed: Strength – bodyweight HIIT
Thu: 8M run
Fri: 5k run
Sat: Strength – bodyweight HIIT (or run).
Sun: Rest

I might be sore after the HIIT, even though they’re just 25 minutes of strength work. (As I haven’t done it for a while). I might run 4 times, I’ll just see how I go. Now I just need to figure out some routes up here – Dunnotar Castle will be one.

I might drop a wee elephant for luck too. (I got three wee ones in Toronto).

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