Garmin Training Status

This week I got my first update on my ‘Training Status’ from my Garmin 645 Music. Garmin Training Status shows how your training affects fitness and performance and it should be a good measure to keep an eye on.

After a week of recording activities on my Garmin 645 (including running and strength sessions) my training Status has just started showing as ‘Productive’ within the optimal range. It shows my training load as 576 minutes and my vo2 max estimate as 50.

It feels like it’s been an ideal week training, I rested when I needed it and got my planned training sessions in. I also got a good number of average steps, staying active on my rest days. I could have got more sleep, but I’ll work in that (I think I might stop coffee again and see if that helps).

Here’s more info about Garmin Training Statuses:

There are quite a lot of statuses, but it’ll be good to keep an eye on and see how my training affects it compared to how I’m feeling.

Hopefully I won’t be in the ‘unproductive’ KR ‘detraining’ statuses much. 😉

Oh and did I tell you that my new Garmin (strap) matches my trainers and short too? (Purple. Lol)

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85 mile target for October

After last year’s monthly target of 100 miles a month, I realised that I found a lot of motivation in aiming for an achievable and rounded monthly mileage goal.

100 miles was ok when I was training for marathons, but usually in winter my running mileage tends to decrease when I get into the gym and the weather gets worse. This year, I’ve not bothered with aiming to get to the lofty heights of 100 miles a month, but I have rounded my monthly mileage up to then nearest 5 miles.

In the last three months of this year, if I aim for 85 miles a month, I should get my annual mileage to 1,000.

What better motivator than that (for an anal numbers minded person like me!?)? Do all runners with gadgets think like this?? Or have I taken it a bit far? Lol

For October I’ve created a daily plan including running, Rest and strength training. To help me get to 85 miles this month, as well as focus on strength training as another part of my training. I saved it in my draft emails and tweaked it as I went. Each week, ticking off my mileage to keep me on track.

Today I ran 4.1 miles with Fit Girl, to the Transport Museum and back, and this got my monthly mileage up to 55 miles. Right on target for where I’d planned (even though I swapped a rest day today, having taken one on Thursday). It was a bit blustery, and I did it AFTER a nap, but I’m glad I did it.

As well as running on Tuesday x2 this week, I strength trained on Wednesday and Friday and took another rest day on Saturday (an hour walk). So although I haven’t done much running, I’ve been active.

I can see how well I’m doing against my mileage target by comparing percentages of how far through my miles I am, versus how far through the month I am.

55 miles / 85 miles = 65% of my target
21 days / 31 days in October = 68% of the way through the month, so I’m just a little behind.

30 miles to go, and 11 days to go… but I have 4 strength sessions to do and will need / want a rest day. My shorter runs (a couple of 5ks) won’t do my mileage goal all that much, but I should be able to achieve my target if I do something along the lines of:

(And I might run a little further than 5 miles when I’m in London, we’ll see.)

It means a long run before work on Monday morning, so I’ll be sure to be up and out early for that… and I bet I won’t be looking as spritely as I was after my blustery run today… but the run at lunchtime on Tuesday should be fun, as will the early run in London in Thursday morning and Moira’s 5k in Sunday.

I also ant to get some speedwork in to tune up my legs for Sunday’s 5k in Queen’s Park.

What motivates you to get out running?

Mileage goals?
Running with others?
Your running group / club?
The feeling you get after it?
Health benefits?
What else?

(I get a bit of motivation from all of these).

After October I should have around 190 miles to get to 1,000 miles for the year… and hopefully the colder winter weather won’t get in the way of my goal if I plan my running out well, and keep motivated to do it.


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Book club – A Great Day at the Office

Here’s an idea… I’ll share the book I’m reading on here, and if you fancy it, you could buy it, and read it too. Fancy it?

I bought this book a couple of years ago and got some good insight from it. A Great Day at the Office by Dr John Briffa gives simple strategies to recharge your batteries and help you to become more productive and effective. It has tips and tricks on how to get a balanced life where you’re able to be resilient and successful.

Here’s the description:

The new version has an updated cover, and gets the link to it on Amazon if you want to get it:

If you do read it, let me know what you think, by commenting below or on my Facebook page

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Wk42 into Wk43

Last week I did three strength sessions and two runs. I’m still hopefully going to get my third run in over this weekend, but we’ll see. I listened to my body on Thursday and instead of an early run, I stayed in bed a bit longer for some more sleep.

15: Full Body Strength
16: 5.5M incl tempo + 4M ints 35 mins lunchtime
17: Upper Body Strength
18: Rest
19: Lower Body Strength
20: Rest (or 4M Run)
21: Rest

I’m busy this weekend, but I might manage to fit in a wee 4 miler. I’ll just take it as it comes. The run at work at lunchtime on Tuesday was successful – 7 people, most doing intervals for a wee change.

Next week I’m away to London with work, staying bear NBH I hope to get up early on Thursday morning and do a run around Regent Park perhaps. Last time I was down there in March 2017 I ran 9 miles around and between Regent and Hyde Park, but I may have less time, this time.

Long run on Monday morning anyway, so I’ll be up very early for that.

22: 10M easy
23: Full Body Strength + 5k lunchtime
24: 45 mins 8 x2:2
25: London – 5-9M Regent Park
26: Upper Body Strength
27: Rest
28: 5k Moira’s Run

Then at the end of the week I have Moira’s Run – a 5k event in Queens Park. Entries might still be open on entry central. It’s in remembrance of Moira Jones, the woman who was murdered in the park around 10 years ago. A good wee event for a good cause.

I’ll leave you with this nice still picture from Monday… I do like this time of year in Glasgow.

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Foxy’s Garagym 🦊

Since I set up my gym in our garage… I’ve been slowly adding to it with bits and pieces to make it what I want. I started doing it up in April 2017 and it was ready for use in June that year.

It started off as a shell, and I cleaned it out, painted the floor and one of the walls. Then I got some shelving to put in it, and some flooring. We got electricity put into it, and got some flooring to make it into a gym.

Bikes up on the wall / hanging from the roof. Then I couldn’t help myself and I got a mascot – a Fox doorstop – Foxy … then I made a logo… (in Excel of all places!) and got a couple of signs made.

I moved my squat rack in there, and my weight plates (2 x 20kg, 15kg, 10kg, 2x5kg, 2×2.5kg, 2×1.25kg plates). Two Olympic barbells – a short 12kg one for Squats, a long 16kg for deadlifts etc. And I put a mirror in front of the squat rack so I can see my form.

Two sets of dumbbells (2 x 12.5kg, 2 x 8kg), four kettlebells (16kg, 2 x 12kg, 8kg). A step, a TRX, two mats, and an Ikea shelving unit on it’s side.

Then at Christmas 2017 I bought a spin bike, and put an old telly in there, with a DVD player linked to it. And I have a Bluetooth speaker in there for tunes.

Once it was mostly set up I got this mega banner for inside of it, to cover one of the walls … (and to make me think I’m working out in the forrest. Lol.) 3.5m x 2.5m!

(Oh and there’s a wee fan heater in there for the autumn winter when the temperature drops. Just now it’s about 9’C when I’m training out there in the mornings, but the heater gets it up to about 12-13’C).

A gym ball, a foam roller, and a foot massager, and the most recent thing I got was a Mirafit box to do step ups / jumps on (no pictures of that yet).

Now I’d better make the most of it, eh?

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Wk41 into Wk42 & results

Two weeks into my new Strength and running routine and I’m feeling good and making some progress. I’m getting plenty sleep (touch wood)… and I’ve done all of the sessions I planned to.

I did switch things about a bit last week and had a rest day on Thursday, but still managed to run four times for a total of about 22 miles.

I had a speed session planned – a 35 mins 10×1 min fast, 1 min recovery, but opted for social lunchtime runs instead. I might do that one this next week, or I might stick to social runs / running with others for motivation. Or i might ask a crazy colleague (Lauren??) if she wants a wee speedwork challenge?

Our lunchtime running group at work is going well, I’ve done about 4 lunchtime runs so far, two on Tuesdays as part of a group and 2 other days with just one other to run with.

This next week is ‘October Week’ so some people will be on leave, but it’s good to see that others are setting aside about an hour on a Tuesday lunchtime to run. I think there were about 7-9 people out last Tuesday. 👍🏻

My two strength sessions up to Saturday were fine, and I might do my third Strength session of the week today (Sunday), or I might leave it to Monday morning and have a wee weekend rest day.

Here’s what I did last week:

8: 7M easy before breakfast
9: 5k lunchtime
10: Upper Body Strength
11: Rest
12: Lower Body Strength + 3.4M lunch
13: 8M nearly tempo in the rain
14: Full Body Strength

On Thursday and on Saturday, I very nearly stayed in bed rather than running. (On Thursday I did stay in bed, but I probably needed it).

On Saturday morning I was lying there trying to come up with excuses to put it off – it was raining, bed was warm and comfy, I could do it the next day, Fit Girl wasn’t running…. But I dragged my ass out of bed at 8am and got it done. And it was a good run that I’m glad I made the effort to do.

I got to try out my new Garmin 645 … and although I didn’t use it to it’s full potential (with music via some playlists I still need to load on it), it was a good watch to run with. I need to sort my Mac and playlists, but I won’t go into that on here.

On my Saturday long run, I put the ‘metronome’ on at 180 and ticked along with my cadence at 180, about 5 beats higher than my usual. And I got to try out my new waterproof and reflective ASICS gilet too, which kept me nice and dry, even in the heavy persistent rain.

I’m up to 41.4M for the month so far, which is bang on for my 85 mile goal… I just need to keep momentum for my running, and keep it steady to the end of the month and stick to my plan.

Here’s my plan next week, with a possibly swap of he full body workout for the upper on Monday, or I take a rest day today.

15: Upper Body Strength (maybe run at night wi Fit Girl).
16: 6M incl tempo + 5k lunchtime
17: Lower Body Strength
18: 45 mins hills or 35 mins 10×1:1
19: Full Body Strength
20: Rest
21: Rest

And here’s the results of my change of activity in the first half of October… incorporating strength work 2-3 times a week (with not much change to my diet) has led to this change:

3 Oct – 138.4lbs / 16.2% body fat
22.4lbs body fat / 116lbs other
80.2% muscle mass = 110.9lbs muscle mass

14 Oct – 136.7lbs / 14.8% body fat
20.2lbs body fat / 116.5lbs other
81.5% muscle mass = 111.4lbs muscle mass

-1.7lbs in overall weight = -2.2lbs body fat, +0.5lbs muscle – in two weeks. I’ll take that.

My waist cm is still the same, but that might go down if I keep dropping body fat.

Not bad for two weeks in the Garagym plus consistent running. 👍🏻

Hopefully I’ll keep up this progress as I go through October, November and December.

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Being seen in the dark

This week I got a delivery of a new reflective running vest, for the dark mornings / nights. I already have a Nike one, but it’s starting to see better days. So I thought I’d invest in a new one.

I have the ASICS lite-show leggings and they’re great for being seen.

Here’s what it looks like with a flash, so hopefully that’s what it’ll look like to cars driving towards me in the dark. 🙂

Here’s the link (I got a medium after checking the size guide):


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