Moira’s virtual run (walk) 2020

Today I had a walk and chat planned in with my good friend Eilidh.

We met at Victoria Park, and not long before it, I signed up to the Moira Jone’s virtual 5k run … and did the walk in the park for it. #runformoira

£10 to enter, with an option to donate more, I paid £15 to the great cause and went to meet Eilidh.

We ended up walking a little further, about 7k in total… I’m still off running, so didn’t even attempt to run, but the walk was nice.

…good chat, lots of dogs, nice scenery and plenty falling leaves.

At the end we were treated by a rainbow in the north too. 🙂

A nice way to spend some of a Sunday, and the rain stayed away which was even better.

If you want to donate to the Moira Jones fund, go here: (Santander are matching the donations).

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Wk42 into Wk43

This last week I did 3 cycles / 28 miles… which was two outdoor cycles done this weekend and a gym spin session on Wednesday. I’m still enjoying the cycling, but I’m going to see about some physio hopeful to next week, my injury still isn’t improving, so after about 9 weeks off running, it would be good to get it sorted.

I’m still getting pain in my right hip flexor / lower back, and there’s a restriction in movement when I bend my body at a 90’ angle to my legs. I have a massage on the 27th, but I probably need to get some specialist advice before that.

It’s fine when I’m walking, and I got quite a few walks in, nearly 18 miles all together, but just two foam rolling sessions. I have do better with that. They’re only like 25 mins, so there should be no reason not to be able to do it in a day.

Here’s what I did last week:

Wk42 – 12 Oct
Mon: 5M / 80 min walk
Tue: Rest / Foam rolling
Wed: 35 min intervals spin
Thu: 2.2M / 40 min walk
Fri: 4.2M / 70 min walk / Foam rolling
Sat: 10M / 50 min outdoor cycle am
Sun: 4M walk / 10.8M outdoor cycle pm

This was a nice pic I took on Monday morning. 😄

And here are the totals for last week:

My sleep wasn’t great, I woke up at 4 or 5 a few mornings. And stress on my garmin vivosmart was higher than usual too. I took a good rest day on Tuesday and had managed to get my sleep back on track by Thursday.

Next week I aim to do foam rolling / stretching every day, hopefully at lunchtime. The weather is bad on Monday, heavy rain, so I’ll do a spin session in the gym… then I’ll take it from there. I’ve arranged walks with friends on Tuesday and Sunday morning.

Here’s what I’m planning:

Wk43 – 19 Oct
Mon: 1 hr indoor spin / Foam rolling
Tue: 5M bike / 3-4M walk / Foam rolling
Wed: 70 min bike intervals / Foam rolling
Thu: 3-5M walk / Foam rolling
Fri: 10M / 50 min bike intervals / Foam rolling
Sat: 45 min bike intervals & Foam rolling
Sun: 3-5M Walk

For my bike, I’ve managed to get some north wave origin cycle shoes, and I did try the spd pedals, but I’m so used to using toe clips that I’m going to keep them (they’re more versatile for if I’m cycling in trainers / walking too).

I’d been having trouble with cold feet when I was cycling early with trainers on (with the air vents that you don’t really realise are there when you’re running.

The solid cycle shoes are great for on the spin bike, and on the bike outdoors. On the outdoor cycles, my feet were nice and cosy today… and the leg warmers I wear help too. 😂

This last week felt nice and balanced, even with my crap sleeps. And we have one more week of work, then a week off. Not sure what we’re going to do – staycation and just down days off work. Looking forward to some fun. Hopefully the restrictions ease off a bit, but if they don’t, it’ll be fine.

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Wk41 into Wk42

Last week was good for me. Training wise I was on my bike outdoors twice and on the spin bike in the gym twice to so about 38 miles in total. Some good cardio workouts. Then I did quite a few walks, which turned out to be about half the distance I’d cycled – – about 19 miles.

I only did two foam rolling sessions, when I planned to do one every week day. So that should be my focus this week.

Here’s what I did last week:

Wk41 – 5 Oct
Mon: 13M / 69 mins outdoor cycle / 50 mins foam roll & stretch / 0.7M walk
Tue: 50 mins 5 min tempo ints bike / 20 min foam roll, stretch & strength / 0.8M walk
Wed: 2.3M walk wi FG / 1.6M walk
Thu: 3.6M walk Clyde
Fri: 50 mins 5 min tempo ints bike / 0.5M walk
Sat: 2M walk Maxwell Park
Sun: 30 min outdoor cycle / 5M walk / 2.2M walk

I cycled out to Braehead on Monday morning and saw a nice sunrise.

I’m using my garmin to track my workouts, walks and foam rolling sessions. And it also tracks my sleep, health and other stats.

I’ve cycled about 66 miles this month so far, and walked about 26 miles. 11 days in.

I had a nice walk on Tuesday morning before work with Fit Girl, we were up pretty early, and it was dark for most of it. There was still some nice light.

We also had a nice walk on Saturday in and around Maxwell Park. Then on Sunday I went a good walk and chat with my friend, before meeting Fit Girl for lunch and a walk.

I cycled about half an hour on Sunday (to and from my friends), then walked 7 miles. Had a burger and chips and then a nap. Lol. Quite a balanced day really.

I had a really good catch up / walk with my friend who I haven’t seen in a while. I think we’ll be in touch much more and I’m looking forward to it. It’s good to reconnect. She’s a really smashing person, and we get on well.

Clearly I’m not running just now, but I’m keeping fit and active with cycling and walking and I know that I need to work, and take some time off running, so that so that hopefully my injury goes away and I can run again. Short term off running for Long term gain!

My injury seems ok, like the paid has 95% gone, but there’s still something it quite right. Massage on Saturday – I cannot wait. I’ll need to really make the foam rolling abs stretching a focus this week and stop being lazy with it. It’s good when I do it, so I need to fit it in and get it done.

Now here’s my plan for next week:

Wk42 – 12 Oct
Mon: 50-60 min walk
Tue: Intervals bike
Wed: 60-90 min bike
Thu: 50-60 min walk
Fri: intervals bike
Sat: Walk / massage
Sun: 60 mins bike
Foam roll / stretch each week day

I’m planning my cycles outdoors on dry days. And as it looks like it’ll be raining tomorrow, I’ll go a walk instead of my usual Monday morning cycle.

This week I also had a play about with my bike… but it really shouldn’t be this hard. I tried to take the pedals off an the left one was stuck. I spent what felt like hours trying to get it off… got some men to help, bought a pedal wrench…. blah blah blah.

Then got a good tip from Bob on Facebook to use some heat on it. He suggested a blow torch… 😳 but I decided some boiling / hot water might work. And it worked a treat. Two minutes in and it was easy to come off.

Ha ha. But then I had a struggle with the clipless pedals not working with the cleats!! Ahhhhh! I’m parking it for the now and have put my toe clip pedals back on until I can maybe get a bike shop to help me. 🤪

You don’t get this complexities with running!! That’s all I can say.. but maybe if I didn’t buy the cycling shoes, I wouldn’t need the pedals etc!! We will see how that all goes.

I leave you with some nice flowers we say in Polloksheilds on Saturday. 👍🏻

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Good spin session & my HR zones

I forgot how great a good spin session can be. When I first got on the spin bike this morning, I could see it far enough and I nearly gave up after 5 minutes. But I’m glad I stayed on.

Here’s the session my garmin training plan had in for me…

My heart rate zones are as follows:

Zone 1 – up to 119
Zone 2 – 119 – 138
Zone 3 – 139 – 158
Zone 4 – 159 – 174
Zone 5 – 175 to explosion 😂

When I got on the bike, my heart rate monitor wasn’t connecting to my garmin… which was a little annoying… but my Apple Watch on my arm did the trick so I knew what zone I was in.

For the zone 4 parts x 3, I was uo out of the saddle, more or less running… HR ❤️ around 161-171. Oooft.

Safe to say I was a little sweaty afterwards. Eek.

50 mins spin, avg HR 145, max 324… ha ha. Only kidding. Max about 171.

Looks like a nice day out again so maybe a lunchtime walk and definitely some foam rolling is in order.

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Wk39 & 40 into Winter

September was a bit of an odd month for me as I wasn’t running; but I substituted running with other bits and pieces and had some good massages and foam rolling / movement sessions to try to see if I could get my hip flexor recovered.

It’s not made much progress, and I need to up the focus on recovery and not just blindly doing cardio for the feel good factor. I was good at the foam rolling / stretching in the first two weeks of September, then not so good in the last two weeks.

Here’s what I’ve done in the last two weeks:

Wk39 – 20 Sep
Mon: 15.5M / 73 min cycle
Tue: 5M walk
Wed: 1hr cycle / Foam roll / 4M walk
Thu: 5M Walk / 2M walk
Fri: 3.5M Walk wi Audrey
Sat: Rest / 5k walk
Sun: 6M / 2 hour walk

Wk40 – 27 Sep
Mon: 11.1M / 57 min outdoor cycle
Tue: 3.2M / 54 min walk
Wed: 1.7M / 28 min walk
Thu: 16M / 79 min outdoor cycle
Fri: 12.5M / 60 min outdoor cycle / 5k walk
Sat: 20 min walk (rain)
Sun: Rest / 4.3M walk

115 miles cycling and 85 miles walking for September. 10k running.

I probably need to do less waking and more time in the gym doing active recovery.

It was about three outdoor bike rides a week, and four to five walks. Being off running has been ok for about 6 weeks now, with a couple of try outs that didn’t work. But since I’m cycling instead of it, I’m not missing it as much as you’d think.

I do keep seeing runners and I feel a little tweak of sadness, but I think it’s probably a good idea to stay off it until my hip flexor recovers. And do what I can to help it recover. I’ve had two good massage / body work sessions with Claire in September, and I have another two scheduled in for October, so I’d better get the work in.

Like I said above, I should have been doing stretching and foam rolling, but I didn’t as life took over and I didn’t make that a priority. So now my hip flexor and lower back are still sore… and I need to have a word with myself and make my recovery from this a priority, instead of blindly doing cardio on the bike or out walking.

It felt good at the time, built up my confidence out on the bike, got me to see some lovely sunrises and made me feel good anyway. I now feel I need to have a plan for myself for October into November and December.

So I’m going to put a bit more structure in and I’ve signed up for one of Garmin’s cycling training plans. You can customise it to your life, picking the hours and days you’ll train on the bike. With the weather turning, I’ll do a mix of indoor and outdoor cycling, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays (or Saturdays).

If you’re interested in setting up a customs training plan: In your Garmin app, go to Training & Training Plans and have a look.

I’ll aim to be in the gym at least 4 times a week, but ideally Monday to Friday, doing stretching, foam rolling and movement.

I’ll mix cycling outdoors 1-3 times a week with indoor spin and walks too, as I have been doing. It seems to be working for me. Particularly with the nice sunrises I’m seeing.

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Diamonds and rocks

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Cold feet and hands!

Jeezo, I didn’t realise how cold it can get on the bike… the temperatures in the mornings have dropped a bit to about 3-6’c and whilst I’m wrapped up with plenty of layers… my feet and hands have become cold on long runs.

My right foot in particular turns to what feels like a block of ice by the end, after an hour and a half outside. 🥶 I have a hat for under my helmet, which is good, and my jackets are windproof / waterproof so that’s good too. But my ankles are usually a little exposed and my running gloves are a bit thin.

So I went online and ordered these… fingerless gloves with covers on them. They worked a treat this morning. 😀 there was sometimes a bit of a gap between my cuff and the glove, so I’ll get a solution for that in the form of another sleeve type glove I have, but that’s my hands sorted.

But for my feet… I ordered a pair of long socks for cycling, and also a pair of bright shoe covers too. 😂

I have a feeling the shoe covers will probably look a bit odd, but I don’t really care, as long as they work and keep the heat in…

I don’t really mind what I look like (although the pink will be ever so fetching / but it might clash with my orange jacket – oh well).

I’ll let you know if they work or not!

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Cycling, walking, sickness and a forgotten fiver!

Well that was an uneventful Saturday. We had a nice morning, out for breakfast at a newish place not so far away from us – New Yolk up in Finneston. I had a couple of coffees at home to wake up, then we walked about the mile to get there.

I tried something new by having New Yolk eggs – poached eggs on a muffin, with black pudding, blue cheese and hollandaise sauce. It was cooked just right, but for some reason, the blue cheese I thought… it didn’t quite sit right for me. I felt ok though, just a bit more stuffed than usual.

Afterwards we walked the long way home. I felt a wee bit odd in the morning, a bit dizzy from no where, but we blamed it on the now 4 coffees and stranger than normal breakfast combo I had. All fine. We walked nice and leisurely for about an hour.

(Here’s me modelling my bright old cycling jacket / bright new gloves and matching socks… and my shorts).

It was a lovely morning, cold but sunny… but still warm enough for me to wear my shorts (just!). We came home and pottered about in the garden / garage. I fixed my light for my bike, and got my old cycling jacket out of the loft.

And lucky me I found an old fiver in it…! I’ll need to see if the bank takes them still, or swap it for a big ice cream. Ha.

I’m not really sure what my plans for Saturday after that we’re really, not much. But after sitting in the sun for a bit, fixing a bit on my jacket… I realised I needed a lie down. So for a few hours I went back to bed, and rested, maybe napping for an hour.

It was likely a mixture of a few things. Is had a rather stressful / busy week at work. So my plan this weekend was to take some time out, chill and be kind to myself. So I didn’t even feel bad about taking a nap / bed in the middle of the day, as I knew it’s probably what I needed.

But then I started to feel nauseous and sick, and I eventually was sick. It turns out it can be a side effect of the MRI scan and the dye going into my veins on the Friday.

The dizziness I felt in the morning probably wasn’t from the coffee at all, and then the nausea was horrible. I just wanted to sleep and rest… like a bad hangover that you know sleeping through and 24 hours will fix.

Great fun. It would have been nice for the hospital to have warned me so I knew to maybe expect it, (they asked millions of questions). But hey ho. Apparently 1 in 100 can get nausea and sickness afterwards, so I’ll just need to grin and bear it for as long as it lasts.

So any cycling I had planned this weekend, will probably not happen. I still felt a bit sick on Sunday morning and I’ll take it as it comes.

Last week I got some good cycles and walks in, and my right leg / injury feels ok. There’s still something not quite right, but last week I felt I couldn’t focus on it. And hour and 12 cycling on Monday, and an hour on Wednesday and half an hour on Friday.

I got a good amount of walking in last week anyway, nearly 25 miles – walking each week day apart from Monday, and then the 5k on Saturday.

With not running this month, I’ve cycled 104 miles and walked about 74 miles instead. See I can’t stay inactive lol. I don’t think I’ll try and round these numbers up like it do with running!

I’ll not plan any training next week but just see how it goes. My sleep hasn’t been ideal, bit hopefully it’ll get longer next week, I’ll make a concerted effort with it.

This week I also sent my garmin vivosmart 4 back to garmin. The sliver edging on it fell off… after about 13 months. And as it’s within the 2 year warranty I think, they’re arranging an exchange. So that’s good, I’ll get a new one again. Good ol’ Garmin.

I’ve really enjoyed the sun rises this last wee while… it’s getting light around 645-700am, just when I get up and out… and the sunlight from the east has been lovely.

It’s going to be another nice day today, so I think I’ll get a lie on then go somewhere nice for a walk and some lunch or coffee. I’ll maybe be a bit cautious with the food though, given the last 24 hours!

Any recommendations on where we should visit for a nice walk, are more than welcome. Somewhere we can drive a bit to I think. Have a nice end to your weekend everyone.

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Best to be bright!

I’ve always had this thing… not sure where it came from… but I never ever wear all black.

It’s possibly from all of my bright running clothes… but say in work or life, I’ll never wear all black… all dark blue maybe, but never all black. (All black for me is only reserved for funerals, more out of respect than anything else!)

Although saying that, my new black waterproof is great and a good fit… but I wouldn’t wear it in the dark, that’s for sure – although saying that, even it has reflective bits on it!

This might sound a little odd, or maybe not, but I sometimes wear colours based on how I’m feeling. Bright and matching when I’m in a good mood. Grey if I’m feeling a bit off. I don’t tend to do it on purpose, I just realise later. (But then again, I have so many bright running clothes, this doesn’t really apply).

And when were shopping in GAP in America one time, we were at the check out, and for some reason, all the ‘garments’ we were buying were all grey. The cashier loudly said to us … ‘No bright colours today?!’ We hadn’t noticed, but clearly not….

Only in America would someone say something like that I think. It sounded funny to us anyway and it’s stuck with us. So sometimes I like to add a bit of colour, even if it’s an under layer peaking out or a watch strap. We all need a bit of colour / joy in our lives, right?

And when you’re out running or cycling, it’s really important to be bright to be seen. The picture at the end of this post shows why.

There are so many materials, bright and reflective, which have the chance to save your life in making you be seen.

Luminous yellow and orange and green, and now reflective materials like my gillets and jacket… and now in my cycling helmet too, which has a usb powered light too.

When I was at the hospital the other day I was speaking to a nice elderly gentleman called Ronnie. He was there with his wife, who was getting a head scan. I had my bright orange jacket in my hand, and he commented that I wouldn’t be missed – exactly my plan. Bright orange isn’t maybe the nicest of colours, but as long as it helps me be seen (and keeps the wind and rain at bay a bit too). I’m up for that.

I’ve also got some reflective strips and lights, for when it’s really dark. To help me see, but really to help others see me. My friend I run with Debbie got light that’s wearable on your torso from her husband (from decathlon) as he was worried about her. And it’s great, to see and be seen in the dark, it’s so good I got myself one this year too.

Add to my different and bright coloured (and my grey or blue clothes, that I’ll where when I want… I like my Apple Watch bands of different colours and I now have a nice bright bracelet my friend gave me… and some tiny wee rainbow earrings that I know have rainbow coloured gems in them, but you can’t see them they’re so small (recommended by a good friend). Colour is great.

Then there’s a lady called Norma Witten I used to know. She was my Dad’s practice nurse and a lovely and unique lady from the north east of England. My Dad used to say she would very much call a spade and spade, and he was right.

Anyway, at her funeral, the poem about wearing purple with a red hat was read out and it was so poignant. Wear what you want, be who you want to be… have fun and enjoy life.

Back to wearing bright colours in autumn and winter – it’s essential, whether you’re walking, running or cycling… and especially for kids when they’re out and about.

I know I’ve been driving and been surprised by a cyclist I hadnt seen, and he had a light, but I just didn’t see him. If you can do anything you can to be seen, it might just save your life.

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Graham’s Skyr yoghurt pouches

This week I got these as snacks / for after lunch treat type things. They come in different flavours… and pack about 15g of protein and about 10g of sugar.

The taste sort of reminds me of when I was little and my Dad would buy us Ski yoghurts which were probably full of sugar… with not much protein, I’d guess. This one has quite a tart flavour, but I liked it more as I ate it.

They’re quite tasty anyway. I had a superberry one yesterday and have a strawberry one to have tomorrow.

Worth a try for a wee after dinner / lunch treat. You can probably buy them cheaper in 500g or 1kg pots rather than squeeze pouches, mind you.

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