Wk28 into Wk29

Last week my training went well considering. 4 runs of about 20 miles, two gym sessions, some walks and 2 rest days, one which included gardening… heavy lifting and raking on Sunday and I’m feeling it a little today.

I had a bit of a stressful thing going on that I had to deal with and as a result my sleep wasn’t good on Monday Wednesday and Thursday. It was annoying as lack of sleep impacts everything, but I managed to get it back on track at the weekend.

I was also kind to myself / gave myself a break by having a rest day on Thursday where I did not a lot but deal with it all (and after a very active day on the Wednesday).

I’ll not go into the detail here, but maybe one day I will – I have a feeling it will all be worth it anyway. I’m pretty resilient and I’m usually good at parking things and not worrying, but sometimes when things are important they can consume and I let them for a short time to be able to deal with them.

My garmin activity tracker measures ‘stress’ and usually when there’s less sleep or more worry – stress tends to go up… and as you can see from the graph above my stress did go up, then was better at the weekend. It’s usually about 25 on average and last week it was up at about 38 each day. No need!

Last week I was waking at 12 or 1am with my mind racing trying to fix what the issue was, then I’d either get up to work on it, or toss and turn for a few hours. I got through it anyway and today is another week.

I’ve done well to park this particular issue and it should be over soon. I’ve been spoiled in lockdown too – getting too used to good 10 hour sleeps – which must be good for you in many ways. I’m sure this week will be better – and I’ll have a focus on getting to bed early and taking care of myself.

Oh and early on Thursday I posted on Facebook to ask for a lend of some capes and I gratefully received a lot of them… and a poncho… thank you for the lend, I think they probably helped. I had some good help from a few people last week and it was really appreciated by me.

Hopefully this bump will be over soon and I can get back to what’s normal for me, soon.

Anyway, here’s my training from last week:

Wk28 – 6 July
Mon: 4.5M run incl 3M Effort
Tue: 20 min Spin & Clean n Press Strength
Wed: 2.5M Walk & 8 min spin & 16 mins KB Circuits / 7.3M Run (pm) Thu: Rest
Fri: 5k incl 1M Time Trial Run 6:07 (5k)
Sat: 4.3M Run
Sun: Rest / Gardening

I did a couple of good run sessions, a 3 mile effort run on Monday with an avg page of 7:30 min miles. My avg HR ended up being ok at 151, and I felt good throughout. It maxed out at 163 so I must have got the effort just right (I like to be under 165 before it starts to get really hard).

Then a one mile time trial on Friday resulted in a bit of a surprising for me 6:07 minute mile. My fastest for a while, maybe forever. I’m following a garmin Half marathon training plan and it seems good with 1 to 2 effort sessions or time trials and a couple of easy runs a week.

I’ve been keeping an eye on my nutrition and trying to keep a slight calorie deficit, but still eating what I want. I was maybe 1500-2000 in deficit last week… and my protein intake could have been better as it was only 26%… so I’ll try harder this week.

I probably ate too many treats / sugar… so I’ll try to eat a little better this week.

But on Sunday I just ate what I fancied, including a nice tasty ice cream as part of lunch. Yum. Well worth it on a sunny day.

All of that has led to a little decrease in weight, leading to 10lbs loss overall in lockdown. Mainly by not eating everything in sight / everything I fancy / knowing when to stop … and keeping active.

It seems to be working well anyway, and working from home etc seems to be agreeing with me. The flexibility and not needing to go into the office is working to get a better work life balance I think. A haircut will be needed soon though I think.

Now here’s my plan for this week… 3 runs and 2 strength / gym sessions, and a couple of rest days again.

Wk29 – 13 July
Mon: Rest / Walk
Tue: 4M effort run
Wed: Spin & Squat Strength
Thu: 7-8M Run
Fri: Runners Strength & Time Trial (possible deadlift set)
Sat: Long Run
Sun: Rest

I woke up this morning a little sore and tired and felt like I needed another weekend day. I lifted a lot of bags of sand and compost and did a lot of digging etc, so my body is feeling it today. So best for it to be a rest day. Maybe with a walk at lunchtime to get some activity in.

The new flower bed isn’t quite finished yet, we’ll need more soil to finish it off, but it’s getting there. Not all my handy work might I had, Fit Girl did a lot of it… but team work got it nearly finished yesterday and got a few plants in, including my birthday rose bush centre stage.

Have a nice week everyone.

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Wk27 into wk28

My training went quite well last week, 4 runs covering just over 24 miles, walking was less than usual with just 5 walks / 5.4 miles, but I was in the gym 3 times and did the bike and strength workouts when I was there.

Getting in the gym was my main focus, and I managed a full body workout on Tuesday, then a kettlebell session on Thursday and a Deadlift session on Sunday where I felt good and strong (although I might be sore tomorrow into Tuesday I think!)

Here’s what I did training wise:

Wk27 – 29 June
Mon: 4.3M effort run
Tue: Spin & 35 min full body strength
Wed: 7.8M Easy Run
Thu: Spin & KB Strength / Easy 4M Run
Fri: Rest
Sat: 8M run / 2.3M walk
Sun: 2.1M walk / 20 min Spin & Deadlift Strength

I’ve let go with the food intake a bit, I’m eating a bit more… more sweets and treats, so from today I’m going to be a little bit more restricted and eat to fuel, but not to be greedy or out of habit.

I was tracking my intake in my fitness pal and it was about 1,850 cals per day, with 26% protein / about 120g. I’ll aim to get that up to 30% again in coming weeks, and cals I’ll reduce to about 1,600-1,700 on average. I’m doing this to see if I can fuel better and not be greedy / get the most out of the food I eat for my training.

Here’s the training plan for next week:

Wk28 – 6 July
Mon: 3M Effort Run (6M)
Tue: Spin & Clean n Press Strength
Wed: 1M Time Trial Run / Runner Strength
Thu: Walk & Circuits / 7M Run (pm)
Fri: Spin & Squat Strength
Sat: Long Run
Sun: Rest / Walk

I have another effort run tomorrow morning, see how fast I can go over 3 miles… and I might round it up to 5-6 miles with a cool down run after it. Then it’s 4 runs for the week and 3 strength / spin sessions. And if I take a rest day I’ll get myself out for a walk.

After a June where I kind of let go a bit with things, because I could, I’m looking forward to focus in a bit more and try to get a daily deficit to see what the outcome will be for my 4th month focusing on fitness and food and seeing if I can get a bit leaner as a result of my efforts.

We will see.

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Lovely new rainbow suncatcher present

If you know or follow me, you’ll likely know if my long-standing affinity with rainbows…

It all started in around 2002 after my Granny passed away, and it seemed that every time I thought of her, or when times were tough for me, a rainbow popped up. Like she was there to help and guide me.

Also if you know me, you’ll know I really like the glass work that Kelly from Rainbow Lux Glass makes… I first came across her work a few years ago when I was looking to buy thank you presents of rainbows for the important people in my life.

And it so happened that I also got one of Kelly’s handmade rainbow bridges as a present too that year.

Since then I’ve got myself a little rainbow bridge, and treated other special people to some too. My rainbow bridge presents are all over, from Wick to Inverness, to Stonehaven, Skye, Edinburgh and Glasgow and beyond. (If you got one from me, you know you’re special to me). 👍🏻

Since then I’ve received an abundance of rainbow gifts (thank you all!)… including a couple of pictures, a cushion, a plate, a key ring, lights, a rainbow rabbit, a rainbow glass and 3 rainbow mugs… and even a rainbow coloured elephant! 😂 (my brother bought the elephant for me said it was disgusting, but I think it might be my favourite). 🌈 🐘

It’s nice also when friends or people who follow me, post pictures of rainbows saying they reminded me of them.

And over the years I’ve had quite a few rainbow gifts… then for my 40th, I was lucky enough to get a rainbow suncatcher made by Kelly at Rainbow Lux Glass, from my good friend who knows me well.

But not only that, Kelly is so nice, that I didn’t just get the suncatcher, she also sent me a belated birthday card (above) and two glass rainbow drinks stirrers (the glass is mine). Here’s the lovely suncatcher…

If you ever come to our house, I challenge you to count how many rainbows and elephants you’ll see. 😂

If you want to check out Kelly’s lovely handmade work you can go to her website, https://rainbowluxglass.co.uk and she also has a shop on Amazon, just put in rainbow lux glass or ‘rainbow bridge’ and it’ll come up.

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Training Plan & Effort Run

In the last few weeks I decided to take advantage of one of the Garmin training plans to get me motivated to run and get some miles in.

I picked coach Amy’s half marathon plan which is a 21 weeks plans, meaning I’ll do the half marathon for it around the end of October. It gives you various workouts and tips and videos as you go along, and it’s a good wee motivator.

Here are some of the workouts it’ll have me doing.

You can sign up for the training plans in the garmin connect app, and if you have a garmin forerunner, the workouts are sent to your watch. I’ve chosen Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays as my run days, with Saturday being my long run day.

I’ve also chosen 1:46 as a target time. I have no idea if I’ll make that, but I have plenty time to train. At the moment there are two easy runs, a long run and an effort run where you aim to ‘give your best on tired legs’. I’ll also be mixing some strength training in with the plan as per my recent post from Sunday.

Now in terms of the effort runs, I did a 3 mile one last week (2 min warm up, 3 min effort, 2 min cool down), and ran 7:14, 7:37, 7:42 with an average HR of 154, max 163. Avg pace for the run was 7:45 min miles.

Here’s me after the run in the rain last week

It felt ok, even in the pouring rain.

Then today I ran a 4 mile effort session, with a 2 min warm up, then 4 miles, then I stopped when I got to 4.3 miles as I’d got my monthly running goal of 100 miles for June. Yippee!

I felt strong throughout and even managed a negative split, with 7:42, 7:36, 7:34, 7:07, with an avg HR of 155 max 167. Avg pace for the run was 7:30 min miles.

A wee bit faster / stronger than last week, but perhaps the terrain helped a bit (up a little on the way out, down a little on the way back). Hence the negative split. 🤪

I ran to to Maxwell park and back today, and here’s me at the end walking to recover after it.

Below is my weekly schedule on the garmin app, and each week the plan gets released on the app so I know what I’m up to.

The rest of the week I have two easy shortish runs, then an easy 6 miler on Saturday. It’ll be good to have a plan to run along to. And the good thing about it is you can reschedule workouts if you want to, or cancel them altogether if you need to, so it’s flexible too.

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Lorn’s Eggs lockdown

You’ve heard of eggs benedict and eggs florentine… now here’s my ‘eggs lockdown’.

Simple and easy to make, it bangs around 420 calories, including 27 grams of protein and 14 filling grams of fat (360 cals without the cheese, which is optional). It’s within my macro goal of 30% protein, it tastes good and is simple, easy to make and filling.

The ingredients are below, not the protein bagels which have a little more protein than the standard ones.

The guacamole is an easy replacement for cutting and peeling an avocado. 🥑

Here’s how to make it:

1 – poach two eggs in pan for about 3 mins.
2 – toast the bagel.
3 – chop the tomatoes into a microwaveable tub and add the salsa, cover it and microwave it for 30 secs. 4 – spread the guacamole onto the toasted bagel.
( 5 – optional – add the cheese and grill it for 30-60 secs. Hold the cheese and save 62 calories! ) 6 – add salt and pepper.

It takes about 5-10 mins to make and tastes good. Easy peasy for lunch or any time.

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June into July

Last week I eased back into training after not really focusing on it during the week leading to up my birthday. Last week, as I was on leave until Wednesday I didn’t put any pressure to be in the gym.

Instead I walked about 12.5 miles across 5 of the 7 days, and nearly 23 miles running across three runs. I did manage to squeeze in a short Spin / Deadlift / Press up session on Thursday, and a good 20 min spin and 25 min kettlebell session on Sunday, (plus a 40 min walk).

Here’s what I did…exercise wise last week:

Wk26 – 22 June
Mon: Rest / 2.8M walk
Tue: 5.3M run (incl 3M effort 7:13, 7:37, 7:42) / 2.2M walk
Wed: Rest / 45 min walk
Thu: Spin & 10 mins Deadlift Strength / 8.7M hot in the evening
Fri: Rest / 0.5M walk
Sat: 8.4M run / 2.3M walk
Sun: 20 min Spin & KB 80/20 Strength / 2.1M walk

Across my birthday and the week after it, I’ve relaxed my goal of aiming for 30% protein and of trying to be in a calorie deficit. To give me a bit of a break.

I’ve still been in a deficit of about 300 cals a day… but I’ve been eating more food and less protein packed food. Ice cream and pancake etc… and why not eh?

For the last few weeks I’ve been eating about 12,500 cals a week / about 1,800 cals a day, on average.

1,400-1,500 on rest days and 2,000-2,200 on really active / long run days. I’ll maybe aim for 1,600-1,700 per day / 11,200-12,000 in a week.

My intake usually a bit more balanced than below… with about 30% protein. So I’ll aim to get back to that in July.

I ate about 26% protein for last week was because I was eating what I wanted. Whereas I usually try to think about eating something with lots of protein every time I eat / aim for 30% protein. It’s not all that hard really (see my protein sources below).

In terms of calorie burn, as my weight has gone down, my resting calorie burn has gone down from about 1620 cals a day, to about 1570 cals a day. But I tend to burn around 400-500 cals a day on average with my exercise. The total calorie burn is about 14,000 cals a week.

This means if I eat about 12,000 cals a week, it’s a weekly deficit of about 2,000 cals. And that’s probably why this graph, my weight graph is going down. Since I track the calories, if I have none left, I know I’ve eaten enough and I don’t have that thing I fancy, whatever it is. Unless I’m starving, then I might.

I’m pleased with my progress, especially since I put a bit more focus into things in lockdown. I started the year at just over 10 stone which is been creeping up towards for months. Here’s my progress in a graph…

Then monthly… taken at the start of January, then at the end of the months…

Month: weight / body fat % / lbs / lean mass % / lbs
Jan 2020: 142.4lbs / 16.5% / 23.5lbs / 79.9% / 113.8

Mar 2020: 140.5lbs / 17.4% / 24.4lbs / 79.1% / 111.1lbs (-1.9lbs)
Apr 2020: 134.7lbs / 16.2% / 21.8lbs / 80.2% / 108lbs (-5.8lbs)
May 2020: 132.7lbs / 15.3% / 20.3lbs / 81% / 107.5lbs (-2lbs)
June 2020: 131.1lbs / 14.2% / 18.6lbs / 82.1% / 107.6lbs (-1.6lbs)

Total change since January 2020:

-11.3lbs / -2.3% bf / -4.9lbs bf / +3.2% lbm / -5.8lbs lbm

All I’ve really done, which has been helped by lockdown I think, has been:

1. be more careful about not eating everything in sight / stopping when in full / not eating out of habit.
2. aim for 30% protein to be full and help recovery after exercise (still eating what I want, ie pizza etc, but being less greedy when I don’t need to be)
3. track my calories in my fitness pal to support the above.
4. exercise and try to get a good calorie burn with running, the gym and walking / get active / good feelings from it all.
5. Weigh myself each day first thing to see the progress (works for me, but I know this doesn’t for everyone).

I feel like I’m in a good place with my nutrition. I’m able to eat what I want, but use the extra active days to eat more calories and bits of treats if I want them.

My protein sources come from:

Arla pouring yoghurt
My protein protein powder
Meat – steak, mince, chicken
Milk (full fat)
Sis protein 20 bars
Carb crusher protein bars
Snickers protein bars

And sometimes I buy things like bagels with more protein, or aim to buy cereal which has more protein in it (10g per 100g).

Something else which has probably made a big difference is getting more sleep. 8-10 hours a night mostly. Lockdown somehow has seemed to allow that and it’s a positive and welcome change. I’m sure that’s helping my progress too.

In June I’ll have run 100 miles and walked about 50 miles. I started the month off well in the gym, I was in it 4 times in the first two weeks, but took a bit of a break from it until this week. I’ve been doing about 10-12,000 steps a day on average which is good, but less gym / strength / HIIT bike work.

It’s maybe led to less change in my weight / body composition than there had been – but still some progress. So I’ll get back on it for July.

I’m going to make the gym and my training more of a focus in July. Here’s the plan training wise for next week:

Wk27 – 29 June
RUN – Mon: 4.3M effort run
GYM – Tue: Spin & Deadlift Strength
RUN – Wed: 6-7M Easy Run
MIX – Thu: 20 min Spin & 25 min KB Strength / Easy Run
REST – or GYM Fri: Rest (or strength from Thursday)
RUN – Sat: 6-7M run
GYM – Sun: Spin & Clean n Press Strength

Then weekly training of below, plus walking:

Mon: Run
Tue: Spin & Strength / walk
Wed: Run
Thu: Run / Spin & Strength (optional swap)
Fri: Rest / Spin & Strength (optional swap)
Sat: Long Run
Sun: Spin & Strength

I’ll aim to do my training at 7am on weeks days (because if I don’t put aside that time I tend to make excuses not to do it!) If I have a rest day, or a gym day, I’ll try and get out a walk. With the aim to burn cals / do steps.

So after a bit of a defocus at the end of June, I’m aiming to get back on track and see if I can make some more change with my efforts – trying to eat and train better for the month of July. Hopefully that will continue / improve my results some more. 👍🏻

What are you aiming for in July? What’s working for you in lockdown?

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Birthday to remember (in lockdown)

I thought I’d write this to remind myself in the future, just how lucky I am and as a journal of what happened the day (and week) I turned 40.

It had been looming in lockdown for quite some time… since December we had planned (and booked) to travel to Philadelphia and Washington DC for my 40th, but by about April time I realised that probably wouldn’t happen.

Oh well, a lock down birthday it would be. I decided I’d make the most of it and do exactly what I wanted and enjoyed doing, and it turned out to be a lovely day and a lovely week.

The day was made extra special by Fit Girl, friends and family, many who went out of the way to surprise me with lovely cards and presents, I really was spoiled.

We were off on leave from the Thursday to the Wednesday, with my birthday in the Sunday, and the day before my birthday I received two lovely bunches of flowers, from my step Mum and Dad, and my lovely new work colleagues : dream team.

When we’re off on leave we tend to take it as a proper break from training, so no gym for me, but we did plenty walking and I did a few runs too to keep the legs and mind ticking over nicely.

On my birthday, I woke without an alarm, and went down and opened my many cards and presents which had arrived. I noted down who got me what and I thanked them throughout the day. Although one of the first Happy Birthday wishes I got was from my Worthing’s WiFi scales. Lol

I got so many nice things, and felt very spoiled. A (rainbow) scarf, mug and lovely elephant necklace, a rainbow sun catcher from Rainbow Lux Glass, a rainbow bracelet (which will go nicely with my elephant bracelet/s), peanut butter m and ms all the way from New York, a box of chocolates, some Apple sis gels.

Apologies for the bed head hair

A new purple Rab body warmer, the comfiest ever asic shorts, a beautiful rainbow bracelet, star climber earrings, mars bars, small cans of coke (sugar rush), a jumper, some gift cards and some cash (which went towards new trainers and a new HRM run). And some nice very tasty fudge too.

Then in the next few days I received some lovely helium balloons, from my friends who are like family, another lovely mug – an Eleanor Bowmer mug… and I’m told something else is in the post too! I feel very fortunate.

What a great big haul of lovely things, from lovely people who I really care about and they care for me too.

Excuse the greys!

I had a coffee as I opened my presents, then afterwards Fit Girl and I went for a run. We ran 4.5 miles, up to Kelvingrove, then afterwards I did my planned benchmark run – 2 min warm up, 5 mins effort at x pace, 2 min cool down and then I rounded the overalls distance up to 6 miles running.

When I got in from my run I was surprised by the lovely big helium balloon which had been delivered… and after I got showered and ready, we had pancakes, berries and yoghurt. Yum. And another coffee or three.

In the afternoon we went for a nice walk in pollok park. About 3 miles and both times we went out we mostly managed to avoid any forecast rain. Waterproofs worked for the walk.

I called my Dad, my best friend, and my uncle and I was in touch with a lot of people to say thanks. Then in the evening we had a nice beer dinner followed by a cheesecake and I think I had two ice creams that day. Birthday cake halo top ice cream is a good one I’d recommend.

After our walk in Pollok Park we stopped off at Moyra Jane’s and I got myself a nice big piece of lemon mirangue pie. Yum.

In the evening we had a nice dinner… all I seemed to do was eat and have fun… and then we watched some telly. At 9pm as I was sitting watching the telly, I looked out the window to the West and noticed the sun low, and our to the East it looked a bit rainy… perfect rainbow weather. I got up to check and there it was, a bit massive double rainbow for maybe 10-15 minutes. A nice end to the day.

In the rest of the week off, we had good long sleeps and either went a run and a walk or a walk around a local park. We went north east south west… to Pollok Park, Glasgow Green, and Victoria Park (as well as our run in Kelvingrove).

What a lovely birthday and week off I had. The weather could have been a bit less rainy, but it wasn’t all that bad really. Thanks to everyone who made it special, along with all of the cards and birthday wishes. They really did make me feel loved and happy.

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New HRM strap (present)

Today I took delivery of a wee present someone got me… a new HRM run strap!

The old one I have is years old and it’s starting to rub a bit, so with the price dropped on wiggle I asked for it.

I put it on and it feels very comfortable. 👍🏻 Thanks Ann and Jim! I’m very lucky.

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Effort run in the rain

It’s a very rainy day today ☔️… I’m still on leave so took my time getting up, had a coffee and tried to put on running clothes that would maybe keep me dry… and they did to a degree, but if I’d have stayed out any longer I might have been soaked through. 💦 💧 🏃‍♀️

I was tempted to put the run off, but it’s due to rain all day so I might as well have got it done.

My route was to be along to glasgow green and back, nice and simple and flat. See my tips below for running in the rain.

Today’s run was a 2 minute warm up then 3 miles effort, that was 7:13, 7:37, 7:42, then a 2 min cool down and I covered 3.45 miles.

Avg HR ❤️ was around 160, working hard but not too hard)… it all felt ok.

By about 3 miles in my shower proof jacket was soaked through, but it did ok for a bit. After the session ended, I ran easy back, 1.85 miles to total 5.3 miles running.

Over the bells bridge and the rain started to get even heavier… it’s good running in the rain ☔️ really.

My tips for running in the rain are:

1 – wear a cap, 🧢 to keep the rain out of your eyes. 👀
2 – wear a waterproof or showerproof jacket 🧥 if you want,
3 – wear minimal clothes, shorts 🩳 and vest, especially if its warm. 🌧 4 – skin is waterproof, just get out there and enjoy it. 🏃‍♀️ 5 – Shelter under a bridge if it gets really heavy / lightning ⛈ 🌩
6 – when you finish, strip off somewhere you can dump all of your wet💧clothes, so you can hang it soon to dry / dry your trainers out. 7 – after the run 🏃‍♀️ – have a shower 🚿 or bath 🛁.
8 – wear warm clothes after the run / shower / bath. 😇

Here’s me at the end. Still smiling, but a little soggy.

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A simple bit of feel good

Are you feeling a little lonely? A little down? Is the whole lockdown getting to you every now and again?

What if I were to tell you I have a thing that I do, which picks me up, and it’s simple, and old school, and it works.

It make me feel good, lifts me up. Gets me out of the doldrums, away from the anxiety upset or uncertainty. Away from the monotony and the boredom. Away from the strict rules and limitations of lockdown.

A nice wee break, a time to focus on something special, someone special. And it’s really easy, but it seems we hardly ever do it anymore.

We used to do it. We used to do it all the time, or at least I used to… in the 90s and the early 2000s. But nowadays it seems we never do it any more. We’re too busy, or we’re too isolated, heads in social media or in our little hand held internet devices – our phones.

But what were they before they got all clever and able to do everything for us?

Before they could send emails, surf the internet, spend ages scrolling on social media, do banking, take photos, and all the other apps you use.

They were phones. You pick up the phone and you’d phone someone and chat. For hours sometimes.

So what’s the simple bit of feel good?

Phone a friend.

I did it a lot as a teenager, phoning a good friend of the family to chat and help me through what we’re tough times. She helped me a lot, from hundreds of miles away, and I learned a lot from her, and others I phoned.

Today I noticed my niece had liked a picture I posted on social media, and I put my airpods in and called her. Simple. 10 mins chat, catching up, connecting, checking in to see how she is. It was a nice chat. I think we both enjoyed it… me maybe more so as it was sunny here, and not sunny there. 😂

Then I messaged my friend of the family from before, some pictures of my garden. And I figured, if she had time maybe we could chat on the phone. So sitting in the sun, I gave her a phone, and we chatted like we used to. But this time maybe she was chatting more than she used to, and I was listening. Nice to hear her, and connect again. And she messaged later to say it was nice to chat too.

Then later in the day, I did a wee FaceTime with my step mum and Dad. Sometimes there’s not much to chat about these days, as I don’t seem to be doing much, but it’s nice to catch up, interact and connect.

It doesn’t need to be video calls, zoom or Skype. The phone works just as well, or maybe even better.

So the next time you’re feeling a bit lost or confused, or lonely. Why not give someone a call? Ask them how they are… tell them how you are, what your news is. Half an hour out of your day. I bet it will make you and the person you call feel better.

And if you want to make it into a thing you can do…

1. Write a list of who you can call or you’d like to call.
2. Call one person a day, or one person a week.
3. Set aside time and give them a call.
4. Ask how they are, what’s been happening, listen and interact.

You might just make their day, and lift them up for a week.

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