Vaccine and wk18 into wk19

On Saturday evening I went to the Hydro and got my vaccine… it was well organised, and not long after I arrived I was jabbed with the Pfizer vaccine… and was sitting for 10 minutes for some mandated recovery time before walking him.

It’s great that it was in the hydro, not far from where we live … and thankfully, and touch wood, I haven’t had much side effects from it. I’m maybe a bit more thirsty, and my arm is a tiny bit sore, but nothing from it really.

I did drink lots of water and take paracetamol before and 4 hours after I got the shot, so maybe that helped some. I must admit it felt pretty good to get the vaccine… something special and important about it. And of course, there’s also some pride in having the NHS there for us too.

This morning as I was feeling ok, I tried a wee run … and after 2-3 minutes my leg didn’t feel right, so I headed back. Deep down I probably knew this would happen as its not felt right for a while, so no harm done.

Instead I had a second coffee, then went into the garagym and did a good 45 minute strength session, followed by a half hour spin session with Kym. I took it very easy on the spin session, just in case.

This last week has been a bit strange… with being off on leave Mon – Wed… and back working just Thursday Friday…. I ended up doing a big long cycle on Wednesday and a big walk, but then Thursday through to Saturday the only exercise I did was walking.

Maybe I needed the rest (or was secretly worried about the vaccine and potential side effects).

Anyway, here was the reduced amount of exercise I did, in my rest week:

I had a couple of nights of disturbed sleep, but I still got a good average. Now that I know my time at the BBC is nearing an end… (next week!) my sleep has miraculously improved. Certainty it seems, helps settle the mind.

Anyway last week it was – 2 strength sessions, 1 long outdoor cycle, 1 spin and some walking. 1 vote and 1 vaccine!

And tonight we’re going out for a steak meal – yum! First time in a long time…. another reason I’m pleased I’m feeling ok after the vaccine. Phew. 🥩

Here’s my plan for exercise next week:
This week will be my last two working days at the BBC… on Thursday and Friday. Eeek. After 13 years working there it will be strange to leave, but I’m looking forward to it.

I have to say I was impressed with the Election coverage over the last few days – I may be biased, but I do think the news teams in there are great! (And the building looked good too). I’ll miss the people for sure, but it’s time for me to move onwards and hopefully upwards.

I have a feeling, having worked from home, and in a smaller team in recent times, leaving will be easier than it could have been. I’m really excited for what will be coming next.

In the meantime I plan to enjoy some time off, get some regular exercise in, reconnect with some nice people, and take it from there. It’ll be great to have some time to do whatever I fancy, without having to be in work!

I’ll focus on fixing my leg for running another time… probably by getting a physio involved, but in the meantime my running will continue to go on hold, with cycling, spin, strength and walking replacing it. 👍🏻

Oh and last thing, look at the nice present I got from someone last week too, along with a rainbow car. They made me smile.

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A bit of perspective 🌎

A few years ago my Dad read this book and I thought I’d get it and give it a read one day.

If ever there was something to give you a bit of perspective, it’s this book.

I’m not far into it, but if geological time was 24 hours (actually 4 billion years ago to now) humans would have been around for just 3 minutes!

The book takes you through:

Life before man (13.7 billion – 7 million BC)
Human evolution (7 million – 5000 BC)
Ancient history (5000 BC – 1521 AD)
Modern history (520 AD – today)

What on Earth happened – in brief? By Christopher Lloyd.

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Weekend walk, April totals and plans

In the last wee while; with the nicer weather coming in (and my leg not letting me run)… weekends have become about walks. Yesterday it was a good hour and a half walk around the lovely and local Pollok Park. Today we went to the stunning Chatelherault near Hamilton.

The weather was nice at points and cloudy at others. We went a different route than we have done before. Near the river, and we had a good chat and look around along the way.

We probably need to venture there more often to get to know it properly… it said there was a closed path, but I have a feeling it’s open. We’ll see another time.

As for my exercise this last week, I’ve done 5 cycles – 41.5 miles… mostly outside, particularly the ones towards the end of the week and the walls were a similar amount, 6 walks, 16 miles. 3 good strength sessions and I could have and probably should have done one today, but I’ll remember that’s next weekend.

The only two differences about next weekend is that a – I’ll be getting my vaccine on Saturday night, at 1830, and b. we’re meant to be out for a steak dinner on Sunday night next week – hopefully I don’t have a strong reaction to the vaccine.

I did a good walk with someone from work on Friday too… the weather was ok and we got a good amount of steps to break up our world day.

I am missing running, but I’m enjoying the misfire of spin and strength in the gym, and cycling and walking outdoors.

I looked at April totals and I cycled the most amount of miles yet in April … 143 miles. Bringing my annual total up to about 890. I did less walks and less miles walking compared to March – 66 miles in April, 76 miles in March.

And a piddly 2 miles running trying out my hamstring. On the flip side of that I did 12 hours cycling and nearly 10 hours in the gym.

Sleep was good with an average of 9 hours a night! See what happens when things settle down in work? (Although theres not much change there since last month so it’s been consistently good).

In May I know have most of the month off as leave – yahoo! So I’m planning some visits and meets with people on the days I’m not working.

Here’s my plan for next week…

A road trip on Tuesday…but I’ll be up early to train. The rest is a mix of strength and cycling, with some walks… and a restful weekend in case I’m not well.

I leave you with this nice relaxing picture of the river in Chatelherault…. I have this odd pull to want to, for some reason go in the cold water somewhere. Loch Ness? A loch or reservoir near me? But I don’t have a wetsuit, so we will see. I’m probably brave enough to go in with just a tri suit on… but we’ll see. I’ll let you know if I do!

It’s probably a weekend thing, and I think I’ll also aim to get a big cycle in at the weekends, maybe ok a Sunday, too. It’s a bank holiday tomorrow, but the weathers meant to be a wash out so we’ll probably not do too much that’s adventurous.

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Today was a good day

Today was a good day… it started off early with a long awaited visit to one out mmmmmm our favourite places to eat breakfast… Little Italy on Byres Road. I had poached eggs on spinach on toast, and a flat white, or two.

Then we did some life admin… we went to the post office and I returned a few things I’d bought online which weren’t quite right… and then we went to work to pick up my box of my last 13 years there.

The place was pretty much in darkness… with the roof all blacked out – i could say it was in anticipation of me leaving soon… ha… but no, the building is getting ready for the news coverage of the Election next Thursday. Exciting!

I won’t be in though… I’m off most of next week with leave, but here’s me in reception with my box of my belongings.

After that we went a good long walk in Pollok Park before lunch at home.

We ended up walking about 5 miles… and it was nice. And for some reason the park was deserted – probably because people were in the shops or the pubs they’re allowed to be in!

The clouds were strange and threatening rain most of the day… but the forecast rain between 3-5pm didn’t materialise.

So after the walk, with the weather still ok I decided to get out on my bike and try out some new gear I bought.

Here’s me after a 45 minute cycle… new shorts and three very comfy layers on top… a purple cycling jersey, then a red long sleeve and a wind proof shell jacket.

It made all made a good difference when cycling. Although I probably could have worn longer socks.

I’m really getting to grips with the magnetic pedals now. It’s easy to peel tour foot off them, it mostly needs to be your left foot when you stop, but it’s easy to get used to.

I cycled on paths snd back roads again, to Bellahouston for a few loops then a few loops of the track and back past Asda and through Govan.

Here’s a pic I got in Bellahouston park. Spot the smiley cyclist. 🚴🏻‍♀️😂

We had a good dinner, then Line of Duty (from last week) and Chicago Fire on the TV…. and when we were watching LoD I spied the sky looked like it could be rainbow weather…. and I was right.

Low sun in the west, rain in the east… and there was a big double rainbow for over 10 minutes. This is a picture of my flat with the gold at the end of the rainbow perhaps.

So 5 miles walking and 8.5 miles cycling … that makes about 50 miles cycled this week.

My leg is still a bit sore after a long walk, and running is out of the question, but I’m finding cycling is good. 🚴🏻‍♀️

And last month I cycled my most miles ever 143 miles for the month. I’ll share my gear I bought soon, but layers work well, as do my shoes and pedals. I seem to have transitioned…. into being a cyclist.

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Cycle along the N75 and around

Today I went out for a cycle first thing… and tried to, where possible, stick to cycle paths… it’s just easier, to avoid roads or traffic…

… not that there is much at 7am on a Thursday, but nevertheless I tried and it worked out well, and I must seek out the cycle paths more often.

I first cycled over to Lorne Street and down along Brand Street to get onto the N75 cycle path, then past Cessnock underground and onto Clifford Street…

from there it’s easy to get onto Nithsdale Road, and alongside the motorway before coming down with a nice view over Bellahouston Park. It was a nice sunny day for it, but there was a chill in the air.

Over and into Pollok Park, then I did a loop around Pollok Park… heard the police dogs barking and went past the highland cows.

I stopped with the bull staring at me and a couple of female cows wandered past me.

Onwards and I ended up going out the corkerhill exit of the park… to find a good segregated cycle lane up along Corkerhill road.

Here’s me being multi talented cycling and taking a photo at the same time. 😂 I’ll not admit that I could have easily have dropped my phone here!

I’ll let you into a secret… I’ve ordered some new cycling clothes… still Tbc what I’ll keep, but it’ll likely be Lycra and skin tight… a too or two and maybe a pair of shorts. If I’m cycling more, I might as well. I’ll share what I’m keeping, soon.

In the meantime, my right leg isn’t playing at running, so I’ll focus on cycling and strength for the moment. I’ll likely get physio to hopefully get back running some time, but in the meantime cycling, walking and gym work is good.

Ps: I might have also bought myself a new pair of shades too… I’ll share them soon too. (Pink and blue they are!).

I came back home along Nithsdale Road, then Maxwell Drive and Seaward Street. Again all on paths and mostly deprecate from any traffic.

It was good to get out a nice cycle today. Long may the nice weather / sunny days last!

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Magped Sport 2 bike pedals

If you know me, you know I like gadgets and cool things or solutions to issues… well here we have magped magnetic pedals which I ordered at the weekend, and they arrived on Tuesday (all the way from Austria!)

I’ve always used toe clips and got on fine with them… but last year with my new cycle shoes I tried clipless pedals and they weren’t for me. I figured there must be an in between and maybe more modern solution … so here it is… a pedal with a magnet fitted in them.

And they’re pink! (Or green or orange or black). I got them for the best price direct from magped. I put the pedals on the bike easily, and put the cleats on my shoes (basically a thick bit of metal for the magnet to connect to).

The reviews for magped were good, and I’m pretty sure I agree with them. Easy to fit, easy to use. Cool looking. Even the packaging is good – simple cardboard, no plastic.

I went out a cycle today with them and they took a bit of getting used to, but they connect strongly (I got the 150N model which is designed for people who are 65-80kg… I’m about 63kg). The force of the magnet holds your foot in well, but you can release your foot fine too.

You can easily make some small adjustments to make it work. Now I just need to think if I want clips for if I ride my bike with trainers, but the answer to that is probably no… if I need trainers I’d carry them in a bag.

For more info see here:

They get a big tick from me anyway.

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Magped pedals – might be the answer!

As you may have noticed… since I’ve been injured on and off since about august last year… (boooooo)… I’ve been running less and cross training more.

In Autumn into Winter I really got into cycling outdoors… maybe once or twice a week.

Keen to be visible on the bike I treated myself to some snazzy light for me wheels, a new sparkly… I mean reflective, helmet, a new bright reflective jacket and some cycle shoes too.

I’m still not keen to be classed as a cyclist… I’d rather be a runner… but with my hamstring not playing ball, and with all my gear… it’s probably about time I embraced it. Especially with summer and nicer days coming in.

A few months ago after I got my shoes, I decided I’d try the clipless pedals… shimano SPD ones which would work with my shoes. I though, how hard can it be?

I’m used to and like using toe clips as I always have done on this bike – with trainers, and I thought this would be the next simple step up. So far it’s working fine, but i think there must be a better option out there for connection to the pedal, and power.

Well, I tried the SPD pedals and I couldn’t figure them out. I also didn’t like that they were the little ones and would probably need some sort of combination pedal for it I want to use my trainers with them.

Maybe if I’d have gone to a shop (not open due to lockdown)…. or I had some cycling specialist buddies close by … I could have tried a bit harder to make them work… but instead I sent them back and stuck with the toe clips.

But now I’ve got thinking and I thought there must be a better option out there. I had a look online at some expensive wahoo ones… I thought nah…

Then I came across these… Magpeg magnetic pedals.

They seem like they’ll be a good simple upgrade to toe clips, but not as fiddly as SPD pedals and clips. Also the shape of them will allow me to use them with normal trainers if need be, without any faff.

I had a look online and you can get them for just under £100, but if you order direct from the supplier, coming from Europe, they cost about £85 (as long as stupid brexit doesn’t impact the delivery).

I ordered pink ones… as why not? It’s nice to stand out sometimes. 😂 I’ll let you know how I get on with them. (If they don’t work, I can return them; but any review I’ve read say good things about them).

I probably am a cyclist now, and why not, it’s cool zooming along on your bike.

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On the countdown and some plans!

I’m in a bit of a strange position to be on the countdown… 9 working days until I finish up working at the BBC. It’s just over 13 years since I started working there, and as with wherever I’ve worked, it’s been a bit all consuming – so to no longer have it as part of my life will be strange… but I’m strangely looking forward to it.

The freedom and ability to move on and create a new story, a new way of living is quietly comforting, after a long period of being unsettled and not being able to find my place to shine.

I can quietly (and happily) feel my old self coming back – the happy and enthusiastic helper who has the world at her feet. I’ve been unhappy and not thriving for far too long – and now i get the chance to change that and do whatever I fancy. It’s exciting!

I will be sad to leave, and I will miss all the people, the friends I’ve made and the colleagues I’ve met – but you know, there is a world outside of the BBC… and I have a feeling it will open up soon and accept me with open arms so i can help to make a difference the way I did with many at BBC Scotland before.

Next week I am doing two zoom drop in sessions in the afternoons of Tuesday and Thursday – for colleagues to have the opportunity to pop in and say goodbye. It’s a bit odd (as is a lot with lockdown)… and it may either be a total flop (with no one turning up) or a car crash (with everyone turning up at once)… but hopefully it’ll be a chance for me to say goodbye to those I had a good time working with and helping.

In the course of 13 years I’ve done about 5 different jobs at the BBC… I started off as an Assistant Business Analyst – providing reports, processes and systems for staff and management – where I honed my excel skills and got the title ‘Excel queen’…

Then I moved into Talent where I really found my feet and calling, and had the opportunity to work with and support hundreds of Production staff and managers in Radio and Gaelic…. before also taking on the coordination of the BBC Scotland Apprenticeship scheme for a few years. It was great to get different people into the BBC, and then see their careers flourish, knowing I’d been there to help them. It’s was a great time.

And it led to me securing the opportunity to support the News teams and News Management Team on attachment for nearly a year and a half, when BBC Scotland launched their new channel. I was at the forefront of helping the new recruitment process work, and I was the face for hundreds of applicants who were interviewed over the course of a year or so.

I met so many great people, and made it my mission to try to make the recruitment process as least scary as possible, with explanations, my smile and personal touch. The aim was to give people a warm welcome, and I helped that to happen for about 100 new staff – it was great to be a part of. Aside from the interviews, I also supported the nearly 400 staff and freelancers with anything they needed / business support… and it was good to see how what I did reflected into the stories which went on air for audiences.

The Talent role went away when I was on attachment, and another role was available, but it wasn’t for me. I tried to speak up about it all, but it didn’t work. The least said about that, the better…

…but things could have been dealt with a lot better. And that time is a major factor in my knowing that me leaving is the right decision for me.

It wasn’t great, but there’s no point in going over something you can’t change.

I ended my career at the BBC, for the last year and a bit working in a small team, supporting a senior leader to do his role. It was good to get to know him and how everything works at that level of the BBC – but I know deep down that my passion is for helping and working with people to make a difference with them. So I know I need to get to a different place, and leave the BBC to do that. Then mainly due to Covid, the role ended up not being required. So after a restructure, it was agreed that I would leave.

By the time January this year came, I accepted that it was time for me to go, and I was ready to go, then I took action to think about and plan where I can go next. Anyone who knows me won’t be surprised that I hatched a ten step action plan to get from where I am now to where I want to be… and I hired Diana Dawson ( as a career coach to help me. All good and I’m getting somewhere with it.

But for now I’m counting down the days til I go… and making a plan for the Summer, once things open up and I can travel a bit more. I have really missed travelling to see friends and family, and I think it’s those relationships and times that make life so special… so I’m keen to reignite them.

I have some time off in May… and then who knows what from June… so here’s my plans so far:

In the meantime, my exercise is all in my routine. We’re up early every weekday, so i get my training in before 9am… and the weekends have turned into chill time with nice walks. Although sometimes I’m awake early with my body clock and I might do a workout first thing.

I’m still off running, and my hamstring niggles sometimes even after a long walk… so I’m trying to do some physio etc and rest from running to help it… but we will see.

The garagym has become our space where we can workout and sweat and the garden has become a nice sunny spot where we can relax. It’s all good.

So it’s not long to go before I start my new chapter, and I can’t wait. Time to put my time at the BBC in the past and see what the world has to offer me.

Now I leave you with a summary of my training this week…. a good week, where I got a good mix of strength, spin and cycling and walking outdoors. Not to mention some sun and ice cream in the garden.

I got up really early (when I woke at about 530am) and went out a nice walk, listening to Jane Fonda on the Apple Fitness walk with me.. then I came home and did a cycle to Pollok Park and back.

I caught some nice pictures of the sunrise around the Clyde on the walk; and a few more on the cycle. See the slide show below.

Then on Saturday we went a walk around Dams to Darnley, lovely weather, and a nice 5.5 mile walk with a waterfall in the middle. Slideshow again.

Next week I’ll continue similar exercise / training, cardio or strength on week days, and getting out and about when I can. Maybe trying a short (2M) run at the end of the week if my leg is ok.

Things are looking up generally re covid, and this year is getting better and better. It feels like it will only continue to get better and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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Wk15 into Wk16 training

Last week was the week of workouts and a few walks for me, one short run, 3 spin sessions and an outdoor cycle. And also a haircut – yahoo!

Here’s what I did training / exercise wise each day:

On Monday night we went out a quick walk in the evening, and got some nice pics of the local area…

… it’s the camera on my iPhone 11 Pro that makes them really… nighttime mode… but I’ll take the credit anyway.

Here’s the flats across the water reflected into the Clyde.

On Wednesday morning I did a good 11 mile cycle over to the East End and back before breakfast. It was a bit chilly but ok.

The cycle lanes and paths over that way are quite good and you feel safe segregated from the traffic (not that there is much before 8am).

On Tuesday I did strength and spin in the morning, then walked to work and back that day. I met a few colleagues in work, and gave over a glass rainbow to one. So that was nice.

I have about 14 working days left there! Eeeeek. Full time til the end of April then just 4 days in May… and by the middle of May I’ll be finished. I took this reflective picture on the way home on Tuesday afternoon.

And on Saturday, instead of driving the 2 miles to the hairdresser, I walked. The weather was nice, and it was a good walk.

Same old same old pictures though. Oops. Maybe we’ll make our way out of Glasgow soon.

Here’s the before hair… 4 months of growth…

Then the after… which takes about 2 minutes to dry!

We’re both liking the garagym set up…. the ability to do challenging strength, HIIT or bike workouts on Apple Fitness is really good.

Today I did a good half hour strength workout with Kyle – I can tell I worked hard, fitted in well into just 30 mins.

It was a quick warm up, then 4 sets of compound exercises:
Side Lunges / Romanian Deadlift / Single arm Kneeling curl to press / Squat / Renegade Row / Press up Simple, but challenging.

Then it was a simple but challenging 30 min spin with Kym – warm up then 10 x 30 secs all out, 30 secs easy recovery. Then a song for a break, and the 10 intervals repeated.

I’ve been a bit more careful about what I’ve been eating, aiming to eat more protein (30%) and good fats.

I’ve replaced the small amount of breakfast cereal (red berry flakes from asda) with raspberries and walnuts, for a yoghurt, but, blueberry, raspberry and protein powder breakfast of about 400 calories. And a black coffee and water and the usual vitamins and omega 3 capsules.

And I’ve changed my lunch a bit, instead of scrambled eggs on toast, I’ve swapped out the bread for smoked salmon, a tomato abs some cheese. Nice in the sunny weather too.

I have a high protein yoghurt around lunchtime too, but it’s all really filling.

I had a few nice days last week working in the garden, in the sun, and it looks like it’ll be similar at the end of next week. WiFi in the garden is good.

This has been the outcome weight wise of a reduction of calorie intake, over two weeks. A drop in body fat, and it looks like things are going in the right direction. Although my weight hasn’t decreased overall, it’s going the right way (less body fat).

The aim is to lose around 0.6lbs a week, with a calorie deficit each week… by exercising / activity burn and being careful not to overeat. So I’ll aim for between 1600-1800 calories a day intake, less on days when I don’t exercise.

Here’s the exercise I have planned next week…

I’m awake for about 620am… a couple of coffees and music or an audiobook to wake me up, then I’m exercising by 715-730 ish. I like to nail the exercise before work if I can, but I can use lunchtimes or after work if need be.

My sleep has been good, and here’s to it hopefully staying that way.

Oh and I nearly forgot, it was my 2 mile run the other day. Trying out my leg.

My hamstring wasn’t quite right, maybe a 2-4 out of 10 for pain. It was ok, but then after about 13 mins it didn’t feel quite right. So I’ll take another 2 weeks off it and cross train including physio exercises and see how it goes.

I don’t often wear black, but I was after my run… hopefully not mourning my leg!

Maybe I should see if I can take pics other than ones at the Clyde?! 😜 Have a good week everyone.

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Identity – what makes you you and me me

I’ve been thinking about identity recently… perhaps because I’ve lost or am about to lose a bit of my identity in the last wee while, on two counts… running and working for the BBC.

I remember when I was about 19 or so in art school… and I did some work on how jewellery and our faces and bodies make us different from each other. At that time I didn’t go into the depths of how our thoughts, values, ideas and experiences make us different too.

Having a clear idea of your identity can be a good way to help you feel grounded, or help you to live to your values and ideals.

And what we work as, what we do in our hobbies, or family and social lives also shape who we are, what we identify as. And some of that is more important than other parts, depending on who you are.

What makes us who we are? And what makes us happy, snd makes us tick?

So here’s the parts of my identity –

– I’m a runner (and a running coach)… but I’ve had to decide to change that up a bit … as I’m trying to help my injury recover… so at the moment… maybe I should tell myself I’m an athlete who enjoys exercise.

– am I a cyclist? Perhaps. Why not? I certainly look the part.

– I like to do strength workout and spin … in our garagym and strength in the garden too.

– I was a swimmer, but not so much over the last few years. I’ve not swum regularly for years now, but maybe one day I’ll pick it up again. Maybe once pools open up… but we’ll see.

– and kite flying too – I love a wee fly of a kite!

– I work for the BBC… helping people… but soon that will be over… after 13 years and 2 months… 88 password changes and about 158 pay days. Soon I’ll be an ex BBC employee.

(I know I’ve changed my password 88 times as I’ve moved the number up one each time I’ve needed to change it 😂)

It’s given me lots of skills and experience and good times and enabled me to help a lot of people. And I’ll take that forward to see how I shape my life / career going forward.

People is where its at for me, and I found great pride in many comments I’ve received from nice people I’ve been able to help in the BBC. So that was nice.

– and as per the comments I got, I’m smiley and positive, but some of that has gone in the last few years when life seemed to batter me a bit.

So I’m looking forward to getting that bit of me back – enjoying life and family and friends and smiling and having fun more.

– and I’m female, and my partner is a female, so I likely identify as being gay, but it’s not all that important to me / I don’t shout about it. It’s just who I am, and I don’t see the point in putting labels on it, unless there’s a need.

– then there’s my clothes… you might not have noticed, but I don’t often wear black, opting for bright colours instead.

Shorts in spring summer if I can, and hats (purple and grey and cream) and scarfs or buffs in autumn winter. Hoodies, body warmers and warm jackets (purple or grey) too. Even my sunglasses in summer too.

Not very often you’ll see me in a dress.

– and jewellery, 4 rings on my fingers, the same few necklaces and a collection of bracelets and watch straps. Quite a few were presents from nice people.

– elephants and rainbows too!

– I guess our environment shapes who we are too… lovely Glasgow, and Scotland I love you. And I love our holidays / adventures away too.

– And our toy crazy cats too – ha. A bit of fun 😂 Jasper & Asda.

– And finally, people probably know me as someone who likes to eat ice cream (it runs in the family I’m told), and makes bad coffee art, and for my mask / buff pics too. Ha ha.

– I also enjoy my food. Why not eh? Especially as I tend to burn it off – fuel for my adventures.

The runner identity (and the running coach) is the one I enjoy the most possibly, so I’ll do what I can to hopefully get back to it.

I’ve not done much coaching in the last year or so, due to covid and my injury, but I’ve enjoyed helping people to run and get fit / achieve goals and of course meeting people and getting to know them.

There’s a theme through out all of this… and it’s people and health, happiness and fitness… so I’ll take that forward and see what I can shape in terms of a way of living / career going forward.

As for parts of my identity that I don’t like… drunk Lorn wasn’t my favourite person, so I chose to not let her return after she was sick a lot with one final hangover in 2009 …

… and sometimes I can get a bit too engrossed in things (both of these are like someone else I used to know)

… so I don’t drink alcohol anymore and I’m careful not to let things take over at the detriment of the good stuff.

I’m at a point now where I’ll let go of what wasn’t working for me in my life, and hopefully I’ll get to start afresh with some new experiences and fun and happiness going forward.

What are your parts of your identity, that make you you who you are?

The bits you like and want to nourish? Why not nourish them some more than you are now?

And the bits you don’t like so much and you’d like to maybe change or get rid of?

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