Just imagine…

When I was young, my Dad loved gadgets. 😬

He would always invest in the latest technology, usually cameras, and then computers – Apple Macs to be precise. I was very lucky to have a pocket camera when I was small, and the best ‘Walkman’ you could buy.

I was also lucky to get a few hand-me-down Apple Macs for free from him (whenever he upgraded). It might be why I love and invest in my many gadgets.

Here he is, in around 1984… it was a family trip to Cyprus. Here he is, arm outstretched to me (I like to think), with a big massive Sony video camera (probably, it had to be the best) in his hand… and over his shoulder, was the take recorder to go with it. 

He took them all the way to Cyprus to record our holiday. (And we had a big film still camera with us, to take the photo of him too!)

Then here we are, on a stormy day near home maybe, him with his SLR camera, taking a photo of me in my winter jacket, red gloves, levi jeans and Levi trainers (honestly, they existed!). I think this photo was taken when my aunt visited us. 

I was out for a quick walk tonight and came across a nice view of the Squinty Bridge, with the Finnieston crane and the Hydro light up in rainbow colours… and I took out my tiny little iPhone and recorded a 30 second clip (excuse my dodgy filming skills).

(Even the lights in the Hydro are so very far from what would have been seen 30 yrs ago!)

I immediately thought of my Dad and his big hefty camera and recording kit. I bet he couldn’t have imagined was gadgets / technology would be like 30 odd years from 1984. Just imagine what it’ll be like in 2047?!!
I feel very lucky he had such an interest and investment in technology, and that he passed that onto me. 👍🏻 He still does love gadgets, but he says it’s all moving too fast for him to keep up. ☹️ I’ll need to carry on the legacy and keep up with it instead. 😜

And just imagine what he could have done with today’s technology back then?!

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Wk41 into Wk42

Not much running last week… a couple of runs and I’d planned to run this weekend, but did strength on Saturday, and decided to rest on Sunday, long run on Monday it’ll be. Last week I ran twice, did 1 HIIT, two coaching planning meetings and had 4 rest days.

I took delivery of my new crazy sign for Foxy’s Garagym… one foam board and one magnetic sign (for the inside of the garage door. The gym has taken good shape and when I’m in it, I’m using it well. I’m planning on getting into it 2-3 times a week in autumn into winter.

Last week and the week before was 1 HIIT session and this week I hope to get in it twice, plus a coaching session. Coach on Tuesday pm, then my own workouts on Thu and Sunday.

One last thing for the Garagym (call me crazy if you want) is a big pvc lightweight banner with this nice image on it – 3.5m by 2.4m to cover the light yellow brick wall behind me as I train. (I can see it in the mirror).

I got it at a really reasonable price online. And I’m hoping it’ll look good when it’s up. My own little forest for foxy and anyone else who joins us. 😉

Here’s my runs / activity from last week:

Mon: 4.6M Run
Tue: rest & coaching planning pm
Wed: 5.5M Run plus coaching planning pm
Thu: rest
Fri: Rest
Sat: HIIT & Strength finisher
Sun: Rest

I’m a little behind in my 100 mile target, but if I do my runs as planned next week I should be fine. 💯 mile 🎯

Here’s my plans:

Mon: 10M Run (route below am) & 5k coaching on
Tue: 4M
Wed: 6M
Thu: HIIT & Runner’s Strength
Fri: 5k
Sat: 10M
Sun: HIIT & Strength

My main focus will be on getting good sleeps, so I can get up early to train each day. This weekend has been good for sleep, and hopefully I can carry that into tonight and next week.

Living this autumn weather – can’t wait to get out in it tomorrow morning. Hopefully I won’t get blown away. 😜

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Hearty warm breakfast time again

It’s autumn, and I fancied getting some prep together for some hot breakfasts through the week. Berries, apple, oats, vanilla, walnuts, milk and egg. Yum.

Oh and bananas on the bottom layer…

It was about 40 minutes in the oven. Here’s the recipe here: https://lornpearsontrains.co.uk/2015/10/25/breakfast-fruity-oat-bake/

Think I had the oven a bit high… but it tastes good anyway. I’ll heat one up each day and add Greek yogurt to it.

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Rain or shine…

I was looking at what day I want to run this weekend… and I’m thinking there’s got to be something wrong with me, because after looking at the weather, I think I’d prefer to run on Sunday morning.

Saturday looks quite pleasant, a bit cloudy, but not too bad. Then Sunday, it looks like rain all day, and a little warmer and windier.

Weather warnings for both days, but I’m picking Sunday to run. Is there something wrong with me? Lol 😂

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Moira’s 5k run entered

Last night I entered Moira’s Run, a 5k run around Queen’s Park in Glasgow. It’s been a regular annual event, and I decide this year would be a good year to sign up. A very local run, and in aid of a good charity too.

Almost 10 years ago Moira Jones was murdered in Queen’s Park and her parents set up the run in her memory (see more here:

It was so close to home (I run around there regularly) there’s this horrible thought that it could have happened to anyone I know, so I think it’s important to remember Moira and support her fund.

I signed up and donated an extra tenner to the fund. I hear the route is quite hilly, but in my head I’m thinking, all the downhills will be magic and all of the uphills will be flat. 😜

And not only that, me and three of the people I coach (Audrey, Lisa and Joanne) are doing it. So it’ll be good to see them all. Maybe start or run together. 

It’s in the 29th October and you can sign up here if you want: https://www.entrycentral.com/MoirasRun

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How to achieve

I have a mantra – a way of thinking, a way of doing things to hopefully achieve what I want to:

Dream, learn, believe, achieve – put your cape on and fly.

You can do this in all areas of life you want to improve on – health, fitness, career, money, family.

Here’s what you can do to create goals, work towards them and achieve them:

1. Set a goal.
2. Learn.
3. Marshall your resources.
4. Plan and believe.
5. Take action.
6. Achieve.

You can. 🙂 

…and if it doesn’t work now, you can go back to refocus on 1 and go through the process again. 

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Wk40 into Wk41

Last week after the half marathon I took plenty rest and recovery and put my focus elsewhere for a bit before getting back running today. I had a good run, running along through 4 parks – Festival, Bella, Pollok, Maxwell (I think Maxwell is my favourite maybe).

The two weeks off on holiday with about 10 days not running has left me feeling my fitness has dropped, and every time I run long I seem to have sore legs and back after.

Just shows you what running consistently does for you. Builds up your body so you get used to the effort you put it through. I need to get back there with consistent training in the next few weeks.

Here’s what I did last week anyway:

Mon: Rest & Recovery
Tue: Rest & Massage
Wed: Rest
Thu: 4.3M run
Fri: Rest
Sat: 11M Run
Sun: HIIT strength

The massage was good on Tuesday. I went in saying only my shoulders were sore and it turned out just about everything was sore.

Another thing I need to fix is my sleep. It’s not been great. :-S I’ll not go on about it, but I need to sort it. Weekdays I’ll be In bed by 9-10pm, up by 6am to train. Weekends, I’ll love that by about 1-2 hours. It’s not hard. You just need to make it a focus and make it important.

Tonight, after 3 hours sleep last night and an 11 mile run, I should sleep like a baby!

I’m slightly ahead of my running target for this month. 28.4 miles, 26% of the way through the month. 💯 mile 🎯

I plan to mix my running up with strength training in the Garagym next week. It’s about time after about 4 weeks off it. Time to get fit in Winter. I’ll start off with the 25 minute HIIT session above on Sunday. (So my legs might be even sorer on Monday / next week!)

Here’s the plan for next week:

Mon: 5M Run
Tue: HIIT & Runner Strength (PT chat PM)
Wed: 6M Run (PT chat PM)
Thu: HIIT & 4s Strength
Fri: 5k lunchtime
Sat: 9-12M Run
Sun: HIIT & Strength

Maybe a rest day in there somewhere. Maybe on the Thursday Friday. But I’ll see how it goes and take it from there. The main things is to get sleep, get back to having a good work life balance and get back to a training routine.

I’m back on it. Who else is?

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