Wk45 into Wk46

A week of many many rainbows (I think I saw about 15)… I did 2 runs, 2 strength workouts and had 3 rest days. I walked 5 miles ish on Wednesday, and had the weekend off running – I did Christmas shopping instead and got some good and needed sleeps instead. Not much running at all.

The rainbows are significant as things are nearly getting wrapped up with my Mum’s estate – 2 years in and it’ll nearly be all over – I can’t wait. It’s been a long time coming. Each rainbow I see reminds me of my Granny, and my promise to her to make her proud… it keeps me going and they masks me smile (and cry sometimes!)

This was my first week of 2 strength workouts and they went well. PT with Ross on Monday and I felt good after it. Fridays workout felt easy, but I was a little sore after it so it was probably just right – which is good.
I’ll post the workouts soon – it’s a 4 week cycle to start off with, 2 strength workouts a week (Mon & Fri) and another one (Wednesday) if I’m up for it.
Here’s what I did last week:

Mon: PT Strength
Tue: 5.1M lunchtime run
Wed: Rest / 5M walk
Thu: 3.3M early morning run
Fri: Squat Strength
Sat: Rest
Sun: Rest

I’m at 54.6 miles for November, and I’m going slip behind my 100 mile target after this weekend of no running / last week if hardly any running. It’s ok though, I can still catch up to make 100 for the month.

Here’s my plan for next week:

Mon: Deadlift Strength / 4M lunchtime run
Tue: PM 5M run coach
Wed: 6-8M early Run
Thu: 4-6M early Run
Fri: Squat Strength
Sat: Rest
Sun: 10M Run Coach

29-33 miles for the week… or 83-87 miles and it’ll leave me 4 days to get to 100 miles. I need to get out running though!

I’ll leave you with this… I had a really tasty and healthy sea bass with veg and baby potatoes for lunch today. It was well tasty… I’d been so good I figured I could treat myself to this sundae. 😳 better get running next week after all!

Finally here’s another one of last weeks rainbows (from Lily’s social media feed). Storms and rainbows. Hopefully the storms will be over soon.

Have a good week next week everyone.

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New garmin vivosmart 3

I’ve had my garmin vivosmart (edition 1) for just over 2 years. I use it mainly for steps and sleep tracking (along with my Apple Watch during the day, and my garmin 735 for my running training).

The vivosmart is a pretty understated device I think, with a dark screen (ie it’s a black band) until you activate the screen. My screen on it was fading for a while and I decided I’d get a new one – it arrived today. 🙂

The vivosmart 3 is a much more advanced model than the one I had – it track heart rate, including resting and all day heart rate, shows you a ‘stress score’, records sleep and activity automatically, and has a strength workout option that counts reps and rest which I think will come in handy.

It’ll be interesting to see how the stress score turns out… it also has a breathe page I think too, but I’m still to find that (and I can easily use my Apple Watch for that if I need it).

In my experience the garmin does steps and sleep better than the Apple Watch, and I’m still invested in garmin, hence the two devices. (three if we include my running garmin).

It also has an updated alarm function where you can set up to 8 alarms and create custom alarms for set days. I’ll use this to get up earlier on a Monday and Friday for strength and later on other days (I charge my phone and watch downstairs during the night, so I use the vivosmart to wake me up).

I bought it from Currys for £95, but not before I traded in some RBS awards to get a £50 vouchers for Currys (for £45 of rewards)… and I paid £45 for it in the end. 🙂 I got the small black one.

You can see more about the device here: https://explore.garmin.com/en-GB/vivo-fitness/ or google ‘DC Rainmaker vivosmart 3’ for a comprehensive review.

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29th pint of blood given

In February I went to go give blood and my haemoglobin was too low, so they wouldn’t let me give… then I got a cold so it was probably already working on me.

I’ve been feeling good (touch wood) for a while now, and on the way back from work in Edinburgh I took the chance to donate in Glasgow before going home.

So that’s my 29th pint I’ve donated, and my third one where my arm wanted to keep giving after the event. I had to get all plastered up to stop it. I have a feeling there might be a big bruise tomorrow.

All done though. I should be able to give in February again to be my 30th pint. Or maybe I’ll wait until after the London marathon.

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To get to 100 miles in November

31 days into November and I’m slightly ahead of my 100 mile target for November. I’m adding in strength training and PT with Ross… and I want to be able to do my running alongside this…so I’m planning in my runs, strength and rest days so that I can still achieve my 100 mile target for November.

I’m 46.2 miles in, and 43% of the way through the month. This last week, my mileage was just over 25 miles, my sleep was ok (but I did wake a few nights in the week – see pink bits), and my steps averaged 14k a day.

 4 runs, 2 strength session and 1 day Rest (Saturday). I went pretty much to plan.

I have no more events planned this year, but I am maybe going to be away at the start of December, but will do a strength session before I go and run whilst I’m away.

Here’s my plan for training for the rest of November:

12th November: 46.2 miles Run / 43%

Mon 13: PT Strength 1Tue: 5.1M run
Wed: Rest / Edinburgh
Thu: 4M run
Fri: Strength 2
Sat: Rest
Sun: 8M run

66% (63.3M)

Mon 20: AM Strength 3 / PM Coaching 4M (SK)Tue: Coaching 5M (AD)
Wed: 4.3M run
Thu: 6M easy run
Fri: Strength 4
Sat: Rest
Sun: 9M run

90% (93.6M)

Mon 27: PT Strength 2 (5)Tue: 3.1M run
Wed: Rest
Thu 30: 5.3M run
Fri: Strength 6
Sat: 6M run
Sun: Rest

There might be a few more coaching sessions in November with Jo or Louise or Audrey, but I’ll be able to incorporate these in.

So it’s hopefully looking good for me doing 100 miles in November, then just 1 month left to do 100 for 1200 miles / 100 miles a month on average, in 2017. 💯 mile 🎯

Oh and I’ll probably do over 4.7 million steps in 2017. 🙂

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Jimmy Irvine 10k 2017

Today I ran the Jimmy Irvine 10k, for the fourth time – and today it was a beautiful sunny day did it. It’s a nice wee local club run organised by the Bellahouston Road Runners. It takes place in Bellahouston Park and is just 2 miles from my house. 

It was created to honour Jimmy Irvine (who I was lucky enough to meet and chat to today). He apparently set up the roadrunners to get a competitive edge between some of the Glasgow running clubs decades ago. I had a good chat with him. 

He’s 82 now and when I asked him what his PB for a 10k was, he said it used to be 6 milers and his PB was 31 mins. Here’s me before I left for the run. Purple and yellow is becoming a race theme for me. 

I’ve run the event once with Kaizen Run club 2012, two times as a pacer (2013 for Janice, 2015 for one of Janice’s Joggers) then for myself for the first time today. Today the weather was good – a bit cold and with a little of a wind, but it was sunny and clear. 

Joanne was running it too and I met her before the start. I saw many club runners i know – including Bella Harriers Steph, Cris and Paul, and Anne Williamson and Bryan Burnett. Cris was 9th male and first V40, Paul did it in 37 and Bryan in 45 I think. 

I kept my watch set on pace and ignored my heart rate (like I did for the great Scottish Run). It turns out my average was 165, so I didn’t push it too much. Max 178. I was sort of thinking if I could do 8 min miles that’d be good, so I’m pleased with 7:38s. See my hr vs splits. 

I felt a bit like I did the first mile a bit fast, then settled into the run up to half way. I kept it steady to about 9k then tried to give everything I had for the last bit which was a little bit down hill. 

They’ve changed the route this year, and apart from a couple of tight turns, I thought it was ok. You pass other runners a lot, and at one point I saw joanne. I stupidly cheered her on by saying ‘go on Audrey!!’ Then realised, laughed at myself and cheered on the right name! (I must be so used to shouting Audrey on, and my brain wasn’t working due to running fast! Sorry Jo!). Jo was 50th woman in her age group, coming in just after 56 mins. 

I finished in 47:19 on my watch, and was 37th woman out of 210 (top 18%). I’m certainly not the fastest, but I was pleased with my effort / time. My splits were pretty steady and I felt strong up to the end. 

More stats, it was my 7th fastest 10k, and just 36 seconds slower than my 10k at the women’s 10k in June this year. My cadence was faster today (183 vs 178) and my heart rate was apparently lower (164 vs 169 – but it didn’t feel like it.) 

Back to today and I had a good wee bit of banter with a an older guy (again! – a 74 yr old called Bobby). He was dressed all in black except for his pink and yellow Nike trainers. At about 6k I told him I liked his trainers and he joked that he was going to return them as they didn’t make him go fast. 🤣

He went ahead of me and I finally caught him at 8k. I told him I’d been dying to catch up with him, and he said ‘come on then!’ And sprinted away lol. At 9k it was more or less downhill to the finish and I decided I’d give it all I had left. 

I didn’t notice until right at the end but I caught up with Bobby, and let him finish ahead of me. A nice wee run on a nice day, but boy, running fast is hard. 😜

At the end, I saw Bryan talking to an older gentleman and his wife. Then Paul talked to them too, and I realised it must be Jimmy Irvine himself (which Paul confirmed). I shook Jimmy’s hand and said I was pleased to meet him and had a good wee chat with him. If I were him I’d be very proud of the legacy he’s left behind him. 

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October into November…

I’ve not been posting my weekly activity or plans and will pick this up again in November, but here’s a tracker of what I’ve done and what I plan to do.

I’ve been taking some time out to rest, Be well and spend time with important people, and I’ve still been exercising (and resting) regularly.

I’ve been achieving my goal of running 100 miles a month, and in October I was in the Garagym once a week building with high intensity bodyweight work. I had hoped to do 2 a week, but it wasn’t to be. It will be from now on.

I’m going to continue with running my 100 miles a month, and will build my strength work to be more weighted work. I’ll go into that a bit later… here is what I’ve been doing:

Wc 23 October
Mon: 8M run
Tue: Rest
Wed: 13.5M & HIIT strength
Thu: Rest
Fri: 8M run
Sat: Rest
Sun: 5k event Moira’s Run

91.4 miles, 2 days to go…

Wc 30 Oct
Mon: HIIT & Full body strength

Tue: 8.6M run – 100 miles in October!

Wed: HIIT & Runner Strength
Thu: 8.5M run wi Ewen (Wick)
Fri: 6.4M run wi Ewen (Wick)
Sat: 6M run wi Grant (Wick) & Travel
Sun: Rest & Travel

Wc 6 Nov
Mon: HIIT & Strength Lower
Tue: 11.5M Run 
Wed: AM HIIT & PM Run Coach 5k
Thu: 5M Run incl tempo 3M
Fri: HIIT & Strength Upper
Sat: Rest
Sun 12th: 10k event – Jimmy Irvine 10k

43.6 miles / 40% of the month

Wc 13 Nov
Mon: PT Strength fortnightly (or Strength)
Tue: Run
Wed: Run 5k TT (Or HIIT / KB Strength)
Thu: Run
Fri: Strength
Sat: Run
Sun 19th: Rest

Then repeat that pattern in November & December with a weekly goal of:

– 2-3 strength sessions a week (3rd one HIIT & other strength)
– 1-2 rest days a week (1x weekend day / 1 Wed)
– 3-4 runs a week (100 miles a month)
– getting 8-9 hrs sleep a night.

I’m want to be able to combine strength work with running without being too sore, and I have a plan for it,..

The next part of my plan is to get some motivation and a strength work plan from a Personal Trainer… November through til February – get me into the Garagym more!

I worked with Ross Jackson a few years ago and I’ve signed up with him for a strength plan and two PT sessions a month. I’ll do the rest in Foxy’s Garagym.

I start with him on Monday 13th November. I’m waiting on my plan from him, but I had a good initial chat with him and I’m looking forward to getting started. 🙂

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Got my number…

Today I got my number in the post for the Jimmy Irvine 10k…it’s on the 12th November.

It’s in just under two weeks time. I’ve run it three times before I think… twice helping others to run it. It’s a good wee event at Bellahouston Park. The weather might be hellish, but I’m hoping for a sunny winters day with no wind or rain.

If you want to enter it, you can do here:
(There are about 50 places left, at the start of November).

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