Ice cream, a rhino and an elephant drop

Today we had a nice walk around Lisbon after breakfast… (this is me badly doing a photobomb)…

We attempted to get to the Jardim de Botanical… only to find it was closed for refurbishment :-(… but we did meet this handsome Rhino… (it reminded me of my Dad as he liked Rhinos).

Then we went an around about way (to Santos and back) to get to the Jardim de Estrela… (we walked 8.5 miles in total / around 17000 steps).

It was so hot I needed an ice cream about half way, near the parliamentary building. The ice cream was from a Romanian Gelateria called Nanarella.

I asked them what went well with pistachio ice cream, and they aid raspberry, so that’s what I had. Three euros, and very tasty.

Then we walked up to Estrela and I dropped an elephant in memory of my Granny, on what would have been her 102nd birthday.

I put him up in this tree with a view over a duck pond with a statue in it.

It’s closed off a bit so people don’t go through it (and disturb the ducks) so it was ideal.

The little elephant travelled all the way from the UK with me, and now he’ll bask in the sun in the park for as long as he will be there for.

After I put him there, I took this photo with the sun streaming through the trees. Very pretty.

Ps: I got some good news today too – 1 step closer to something that might be great. So keep your fingers crossed for me please. πŸ™‚ (All will become clear soon).

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Winter Training for me

After my last holiday in July last year, I set to work on my Operation Happy, Healthy, Fit plan. Getting a balance in life, of aiming to do well in all areas of my life.

Right now I’m on holiday, but at the same time my work is in a bit of a flux. I should know soon what’s happening with it, but August into September was pretty busy and it impacted on my sleep and training. The rest off has been good.

Once I’m back from my holidays, I plan on using Winter to get back into the groove of getting a work / life / training balance.

… Foxy is calling me back to Garagym…

Here’s how I plan to do it:

Operation Happy, Healthy, Fit:

Happy – (will feed off healthy & fit).
– Socialising / Spending time with Fit Girl (eat out / movie night / date night) / Family / Friends / Visit others on weekends.
– Doing Fun Stuff – Kite Flying / Asda & Jasper / Going out for meals / Park Walks
– Get a balance between work / social / training.
– Helping others – in coaching & at work.

Healthy –
– Consistent Training / Activity – strength training / running training (will feed into fit). Include my walking / steps too.
– Sleep – get a good sleep routine / enough sleep – 8-9 hrs a night. (Important one!)
– Eat well – to fuel activity and be healthy.
– Work – get more efficient, succeed, and leave work on time.

Fit –
– Strong – Bodyweight HIIT, KB HIIT, Strength, Walking / Running.
– Run Training, 100 miles a month – 3-4 runs a week including long run. Get a good base level of fitness ahead of London 2018 marathon.
– Balance between both – use strength to get strong, running for endurance.
– Goal to get leaner, stronger, to help fitness and marathon running.

Here’s the plan:

Weekly plan:
Mon: Strength
Tue: Easy Run
Wed: Strength
Thu: Run
Fri: Strength / Interval Run/5k
Sat: Long Run (or swap with Sun or Thu)
Sun: Rest

Building back into my strength training in Foxy’s Garagym, I’ve got a load of pre planned workouts in my Seconds Timer:

– HIIT 25 mins
– KB Workouts
– Runners Strength
– Weighted Workouts (Upper / Lower)

I’ve not Strength trained in about 3 weeks so I’ll start from scratch again getting my body used to it.

Wc 25 Sept – Build into BW & HIIT & Running
Wc 2 Oct – BW & HIIT & Running
Wc 9 Oct – BW & HIIT & Running
Wc 16 Oct – HIIT & Weights & Running
Wc 23 Oct – HIIT & Weights & Running
Wc 30 Oct
Wc 6 Nov
Wc 13 Nov / – HIIT & Weights & Running
Wc 20 Nov /
Wc 27 Nov
Wc 4 Dec
Wc 11 Dec / – HIIT & Weights & Running
Wc 18 Dec /

Running will tick over, I’ll maybe introduce some speed / interval sessions once a week to mix it up. 20m sprints, hills, 5ks n the like (up to 30 min sessions).

100 miles a month – 3 months to go – should be ok I’d think. I’m taking some time out in September so I’m up for it in Oct / Nov / Dec, and it should be 100 miles on avg / 1200 miles in 2017.

Ps: I was at Benfica Stadium today…not sure I’ve got the legs to be a footballer… 😜

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Loving the Birdies

I love smack bang in the middle of Glasgow… but there are plenty of trees and greenery around here, and plenty of little birdies (and seagulls!)…

…so sometimes when it’s warm enough, I like to sit outside, and read or hear the world go by.

This morning I sat and read my book, having a coffee, to the chorus of some lovely little birds tweeting away. (Then some big noisy seagulls…and a train’s horn – no idea where it was…over in the west somewhere).  I even heard a runner run by too. 

Hopefully you can click this and play it (for just the birdies, no trains or runners!):
Birdies 17-9-17.m4a

I grew up beside the sea, and I’d love to see / hear it again, but this is a close second.

Better go get some bird feed out for my little friends.

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It’s nice to be nice

Walking along to work this morning, I moved out of the way for a cyclist on the pavement and let him go past.

Then after about 10m he stopped as he recognised me. Are you Lorn Pearson? He says…

I walk back to him and speak to him. He’s a friend of a friend I trained for a marathon with about 8 years ago and he follows my website.

He admitted himself that he was a bit excitable, possibly having cycled with lots of endorphins rushing through him, but we had a nice wee chat, and it brightened up my morning.

Glasgow is so big, but so small in many ways too. πŸ™‚

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Kilmacolm Half Marathon 2017

Today I had to put my cape on.

It’s not often I run hard (or fast) but today I did, and now I’m feeling it – it’s all good though. I ran the Kilmacolm Half Marathon, and I think I came in 8th female in a time of 1:44:07. Avg HR 168, max HR 179, Garmin Training Effect 5.0.

Audrey and I got to the Kilmacolm Half a bit early this morning, and waiting in the car before meeting her friends she was running with – Nicola & Heather. We registered and picked up our numbers – mine was 616.

I’d made up Nicola’s training plan for her, 3 runs a week to get her to do her first half marathon. They finished in style with big smiles on their faces.

The weather was pretty rainy and windy at points, not quite nasty, and actually ok for running in. The wind seemed to be kind of in your face / right side on the way out, and a bit at your back on the way back, blowing you a bit up the gradual incline.

The route was ok, an out and back, sort of downhill on the way out, and a gradual uphill on the way back. With a big uphill with a mile after the start, which meant a big downhill a mile from the end. (This was me before it).

The graph below makes it more steep than it actually was, it was pretty much flat really, but I did notice the slight downhill, then the slight uphill on the way back.

At the start I went right up to the front, maybe two rows back with all of the men. There were a couple of women and I talked to someone called Joanne. She was wearing a nice bright red tshirt. I joked that I’d beat all of the men… then it turned out she beat a lot of the men as she was the first female home.

I started quickly and kept my heart rate under 160 for about 4-5 miles. I noticed a few women overtake me, and I got to 4 miles in around 31 minutes. Quick maths at the time was 3×4 = 12 miles, plus 1.1 miles. So I hoped my time would be around 32×3 + 7 or so (with the downhill at the end). 104 minutes, or 1:44.

After about 4-5 miles, women stopped overtaking me, and I ran with a woman for a bit, before deciding at around 5 miles that it was time to turn it up a notch. The miles were ticking away nicely at under 8 minute miles, helped by the gradual downhills, and SIS caffeine a gel before the run, and at 3,7 and 10 miles in (225mg caffeine!)

As I pushed on, my heart rate went up to around 160-170, and I decided I’d split the race by 4, 3, 4, 2.1 miles. As it was an out and back, I started seeing the first runners fond towards me – the first man at about 42 minutes, and I saw the first woman (Joanne) and then another 6 women, before I turned and realised I was 8th (I think).

At the half way marker my garmin was spot on 6.55 miles, and it was then the sloe gradual climb back up. I was conscious that there was the woman I’d been running with behind me, but I hoped I’d kicked off enough to leave her behind.

I know the area and whilst there wasn’t many spectators, there were plenty of smiley marshals, pretty scenery, shelter along the route, and some cows mooing us on. πŸ˜‰

Around mile 7-8 I was an hour in and I passed Audrey, Nicola and Heather. And when Audrey asked if I was feeling good, I shouted back some negative crap, before I realised it was out. She said she’d never seen me working so hard (that’s why I say running fast is rubbish lol).

It was about then I realised I probably didn’t have my cape on, so I tied it on tight and kept going. Changing my mindset to be more positive and strong. It’s runs like this that help me to realise I can do anything I set my mind to.

I overtook a few guys on the way back, and was still conscious of female number 9 being behind me, but she didn’t catch me. I was thinking if it was hard for me, it’d be hard for everyone running it on the same route.

Once I had my cape on I thought, never mind someone catching me, I should be thinking about who I can catch, and that helped me to push on through. Up to 10 miles, then 11, then 12, all uphill, then the last mile was downhill. One guy overtook me at mile 11 and another at 12, and I overtook a couple too.

I finished soaked through to my pants and socks. I hung about for the prize giving then went and got changed to be warm for Audrey, Nicola and Heather finishing. I was 8th out of 49 women and 59th out of 141 Runners. 1st in my age group apparently 😎 – that’s a first! (small event and all that πŸ™‚ ).

It turns out it was my 7th fastest and 7th hardest half marathon, and my fastest half marathon since I got my PB at the Skye Half Marathon in June 2014 (over 3 years ago). So that can’t be bad. I’m very pleased with my effort today. πŸ˜€

I got some chafing under my arm, and I might be a bit sore tomorrow, but maybe not. I’m certainly feeling a bit hot, even after a refuel of fish n chips. 43 miles for the month so far too, so well into my 77 mile target 10 days in.

The results are here:

A small event, at a reasonable price, I got 2 bananas, a tshirt and a bottle of lucozade. No medal, but that’s ok.

A good wee day, and even the rain and heavy showers didn’t make it too bad after all. πŸ™‚ I think I will sleep well tonight!

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Ready for the Kilmacolm half

Tomorrow morning I’m doing the Kilmacolm half marathon. It looks to be a small event, and out and back along a cycle track, and with only 159 entrants, and just 54 are women. (Possibly because the Great Scottish Run is in 2 weeks time and there was a 10 miler event today).

I’ve got these bad boys ready for tomorrow, along with my water pack that I’ll wear. I’ve not done a half marathon event yet this year, so I’ll see what happens.

I’ve run out there before and it’s mostly cycle track and quite flat I think. Here’s the elevation from Garmin – note the wee downhill at the end. πŸ™‚

I’ll probably run with my heart rate up to about 160 until half way, then up to 165 until 10-11 miles, then let it do whatever to finish.

I haven’t been doing much fast running, but I’ll just run to my heart rate and see what happens. Maybe the rain will help me run faster. πŸ˜‰

It’s meant to be pi$$ing down though. :-/ guess I’ll not need my sunglasses then, it I’ll need my cap.

Audrey is coming to mine early, then I’ll drive to Kilmalcolm, register, and get ready for the start at 10am.

I’ve got my kit already and I’ll take a change of clothes to get changed and warm at the end hopefully. Purple shorts and yellow on top (red/orange under layer/vest) – my race gear. πŸ™‚ Better get an early night!

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Aaaahhhhhh – ‘bad sleep values’

Modern Technology is great isn’t it?

The last few weeks I’ve been struggling with my sleep… averaging around 7-8 hours a night, I’m having a few belters where I wake up at between 2-4am, and I can’t get back to sleep (so I get up). Maybe a couple a week.

It’s recorded and synced through my garmin vivofit activity tracker… and that all syncs through to my Apple Health app and a TactioHealth app. Last night I got about 4-5 hours sleep and I got another warning from the app… 😳

(But to be honest I don’t need apps telling me I’m struggling to sleep / experiencing sleep deprivation – I’m living it – and I know the reason why. It is what it is).

Lack of sleep is bad for me, I know that, but it’s a very busy time with lots going on inside and outside of work. I don’t feel at my best, I’m forgetting to eat, and probably dropping a few other balls along the way too. It’s not ideal.

Anyway, one more week at work then I’m on leave for two weeks, so I’ll be able to sort it then. But until then, I’ll just try and take care and be sensible and get as much sleep and recovery as possible. (I’ll not go to the doctor quite yet!).

Roll on the 16th September!

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