Holiday outcomes / numbers

Well, here’s the outcome of the last couple of weeks of doing totally different things (eating and exercising very differently to my usual).

What we do, gives us the outcomes we get.

I ate lots, and we walked lots. We also slept more than usual too.

As I said ate lots on holiday, but really we ate differently too – 2 big meals a day (breakfast and dinner), plus the rest / snacks to keep us going …

I had … 4 ice creams, 3 pizzas, 3 burgers, 2 breakfast steaks (with eggs and potatoes), 3 blueberry pancakes, 1 french toast, 2 omelettes, 1 (massive) Teriyaki chicken, 1 little mac n cheese, 1 chef’s mess (below). A few coffees, a few bits of peanut butter snickers and some m&ms. I had whatever I fancied.

The chefs mess from Martin’s Coffee Shop in Brookline was maybe my favourite, scrambled eggs with goats cheese, turkey bacon, peppers, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, avocado and rye toast. (Although breakfast steaks and eggs were good too.)

I did put on weight, but not too much, and it’s a good starting point to see what changes I can make in the last quarter of the year.

31 Aug: 138lbs / 16.5% body fat
22.8lbs body fat / 115.2lbs other
110.4lbs lbm / 79.9%

23 Sep: 139.8lbs / 16.5% body fat
23lbs body fat / 116.8lbs other
111.8lbs lbm / 80%

That’s an increase of 1.8lbs, which includes a smidgen of body fat, and 1.4lbs lean mass. (Or so my scales say). Body fat % stayed the same.

Walking lots and eating lots… I maybe ate a bit more than I needed, but that’s ok – I was on my holidays. 😉 The food likely fuelled all of our walking. I did no other exercise, in 12 days.

I’m back at nearly 10 stone again, and now I plan to reign in my intake and get some good exercise / training during in the next few months / autumn / winter and see what happens.

Some other measures that changed include:

My resting heart rate has dropped, from 45-52 at the end of September, to 38-43.

My walking max dropped from 120 to 77 too. Running gets my heart rate up to 150-180 and that didn’t happen, so I guess my walking fitness maybe improved instead.

My blood pressure has reduced / changed, to 94/73 from 105/65 in July.

I don’t feel much different, so that’s ok. But exercising / training / running should increase both my resting heart rate and my blood pressure (in an ok way).

All of that was from a result of walking around 20-26,000 steps a day, having a big breakfast and good dinner, with a snack / coffee or small lunch if we wanted it. Plus whatever else we wanted.

Oh, and an average of 10+ hours sleep a day… I could get used to that! Sleep is magic.

I managed to get a bit of sleep on the plane home, perhaps helped by me taking some melatonin that I bought over there… and then yesterday I managed to stay up until bedtime without being tempted to go to bed far too early.

A good sleep last night and some more this week should sort us out going forward. 👍🏻

Now, I’m hungry again… what will I have for breakfast? 🤪

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Fun in Boston

Here’s a list of everything we did when we were away in Boston. We stuck to the city mostly, but used a 7 day subway card ($45 for two) to go out in the suburbs a bit too.

We stayed at Club Quarters Hotel in downtown – a really nice hotel, which we got a deal through Travel Republic on. We had started to book separately, but Travel Republic came up with a much better deal (we also tried other online booking sites, but this one came through the best).

We flew Iceland air, which was good from start to finish (but didn’t include meals, so we ate in Iceland during the short stopover).

We also bought a Go City Boston card for 7 days which paid most of the entry fees into the places we went into. (City pass is another option but I don’t think it covered as many attractions.) I would have done a boat ride or duck tour, but Fit Girl gets sea sick, so that was a no no for us.

(Trips could have also included a boat trip to the islands and a trip to Salem or Cape Cod, but we were good with what we did).

The only exercise we did was waking, around 20-26k steps a day. We were up early and had early nights, and plenty of sleep. No running, time for a proper rest and we’ll get back to it when we’re back.

Day 1 (pic above)
Breakfast at Granary Tavern
Atlantic Avenue – City View Trolley 9 stops
South Station – Starbucks snack
Atlantic & South Street & Chinatown
John Hancock Building
Prudential Building – Sky Walk*** – Shops
Under Armour / Lululemon / NB / Apple
Public Library / Trinity Church
Boylston Street / Back Bay
Dinner at Parish Cafe***
Washington Street – GAP / Old Navy

Day 2
Breakfast at South Street Diner
Freedom Trail
Irish statues
Paul Revere’s house
Starbucks snack / coffee
Quincy market / shopping
Bunker Hill
Charlestown Navy Yard
North End / Italian dinner

Day 3
Breakfast at hotel / Elephant & Castle
Greenline to Harvard from Park
Walk around Harvard
Natural History Museum
Columbus Park
Ice cream at Lizzy’s on Church Street
Walk around Harvard / Bow street
Garage lunch Subway
Subway to Charles / Esplanade
Commonwealth / Newbury Street
Walk to Washington / Chinatown
Dinner at Montein Thai
Walk home

Day 4
Breakfast at North Street Grille
Constitution Wharf
Harborside Walk
Christopher Columbus Park (bike place)
Rose Kennedy park
Harborside Walk
Over to Seaport
Starbucks stop (chatted to nice man)
Seaport / Fan Pier
South Street Station / Pret / CVS / wc
Summer Street
Boston Common / Walk
Tremont Street to Picco / pizza / soup meatballs

Day 5
Red line to Savin Hill
Breakfast at Mckenna’s Cafe, Dorchester
Walk around Savin Hill
Walk to the JFK museum
Joe Moakley Park
Red line back to Downtown
Macy’s / Shopping
Quincy Market / Pizza / Chicken n Rice / Ice cream

Day 6
Breakfast at Cafe 26
Walked to Science museum
Lunch at Science museum
Walk to CambridgeSide shops
Walked back to downtown via Beacon Hill
Charles Street
Around Boston Common
Up to Quincy Market
Dinner at Wagamamas

Day 7
Orange line to Assembly
Breakfast at Style Cafe
Assembly Row shops
Mike’s pastry
Boston Common & Public Gardens / ducks statue again
Newbury Street
Prudential centre
Dinner at Eataly
Home via Boyleston

Day 8
Greenline to Brookline
Breakfast at Martin’s Coffee House, Brookline***
Walk to park and church
Walk around Brookline / Washington Street
Jamaicaway Park / Hawk / Chipmonks
Emerald necklace / Riverway (Scout)
Fenway and Stadium Tour***
Ice cream Fenway Cafe
Walk back via Commonwealth / Newbury
Through public park and Boston common
Up to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner

Day 9
Breakfast at hotel / Elephant & Castle
Some Shopping along Washington Street
Post office park
Walk down Milk Street and along the waterfront
North End (ice cream)
Harborside / Christopher Columbus Park
Late checkout (free cos I asked), freshen up and Airport.

A good 9 nights spent in Boston, plenty to do and see. And we have $9 left. 👍🏻

I’ve eaten quite a lot, and the only exercise I’ve done is a lot of walking. So I imagine I’ll have put on a bit of weight, but we’ll see. I’ll post about my results soon… 4 ice creams, 3 pizzas, 3 burgers.. and the rest.

… but one thing that’s happened is my resting heart rate has reduced – no running for 10 or so days has lowered my resting heart rate to 38-43 (from about 45-52, or so my Apple Watch says). I’d better get running again to be able to do the half marathon a week today!

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Wk36 into Wk37

This last week I took quite a few rest days, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. I think I needed them, but I still managed to get 1 Strength session in on Monday and 3-4 runs – 28 miles. So that’s all good.

Here’s what I did:

Mon: Bike & Strength @630
Tue: 3.3M wi FG
Wed: Rest
Thu: 7M incl 3.3M solo
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rest
Sun: 17.7M incl 10.9M coaching

A nice wee sky early on Thursday as the sun came up. I like this time of the year for running as it’s getting cooler and the mornings are getting darker but not too dark.

This was further up the Clyde, the sun rise bouncing off my work building. Thursday was when I ran in my own for what I realised was the first time in a while.

I like running with others, but I must run solo sometimes too. It’s good for the wee brain cells and mood. Getting time to think and process things.

So my training has gone well, but my sleep could be better. I keep waking at 3, 4 or 5 and it being able to get back to sleep. For an average of 7 hours a night. Oooft. I must do better. Early night tonight and I should sleep well after running for 3 hours, I’ll need the recovery.

Next week, I have two days at work then I’m on leave, but here’s my plans…

Mon: 4.3M solo run
Tue: Bike & Strength (or do it on mon pm)
Wed: 4-5M Run wi Debbie
Thu: Rest / travel

After that I’ll be leaving it to just see what happens.

Progress is happening with the outcome of my training and fuelling… in the last two weeks, a drop of over 3lbs in weight, and a small drop in body fat %

26 August: 141.5lbs / 16.8% body fat
23.7lbs body fat / 117.8lbs other
112.3lbs lbm / 79.7%

9 Sep: 138.1lbs / 16.6% body fat
22.9lbs body fat / 115.2lbs other
110.3lbs lbm / 79.9%

-0.8lbs body fat and -2lbs lean body mass, and likely a small drop in water weight. That’s the result of lots of running a few strength and bike sessions and some sleep that’s far from ideal.

Holidays are coming soon though, as are more ice cream likely. Wooohooo.

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WK35 into Wk36

Last week I didnt do any strength training, but got 3-4 good runs in. 24.3 miles to get me up to 115 miles for August. My highest mileage yet this year so far. See what you can do if you focus on your goals a bit?

I don’t mind that I didnt do any strength as I’m on a bit of a wind down before my holidays and the rest days were good.

Mon: Rest
Tue: 6.3M wi DMc
Wed: Rest
Thu: 3.3M wi FG then 5M wi DMc
Fri: Rest
Sat: 9.7M
Sun: Rest

Now this coming week, here’s what I’m planning:

Mon: Bike & Strength @630 (done)
Tue: 5-6M hilly (Nithsdale)
Wed: Bike & Strength @630 / 4-5M easy run in the PM / DMc
Thu: 5M easy EL
Fri: Bike & Strength
Sat: Rest
Sun: 14M coaching

Let’s see if I can do all of that? And if I take some more rest, then cool.

Fit Girl is so motivated and usually up at 6am and in the gym for 615-645am weekdays… so it’d be good for me to get up and out for 630 if I can. Having a time to stick to usually helps, so there it is (as long as I get enough sleep).

I’ve also arranged a couple of runs with others to make sure I do them, and to get some good chat in.

I might not get three bike & strength sessions in but I enjoyed the one on Monday morning. So we will see.
This was a nice sunrise pic from about 7am on Tuesday. The days are getting shorter. 😦 oh well, at least it’ll be a bit cooler. Autumn is my favourite time of the year to run.

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115 miles in August & some graphs

This month I finished just ahead of my monthly running mileage target at a nice round 115 miles. 👍🏻 🎯

I had put more of a focus on doing running more regularly, and I’m feeling good for it. I’ve been running between 25-35 miles a week with some good long runs with others.

Having a target definitely motivates me and gets me to focus on the task in hand. I’ve still been doing Strength training too, but not as much. 1-2 times a week, or none like this week unless I do a session tomorrow.

So now this year so far I’m at 640 miles running. And this was my plan last month to get me to 1,000 miles for the year (with 5 months to go)…

So now with 360 miles to go for the rest of the year, here’s my plan running wise:

Sep: 75
Oct: 100
Nov: 95
Dec: 90

In September I have a long run the first weekend, and last weekend, but I’ll be on leave so I don’t want to put pressure on myself. I’ll aim for about 25 miles a week and take a few days off for some holidays. If my mileage drops below 75 I’ll make it up the other three months.

Here’s my miles since February:

And now for some more graphs … 🙂

Here’s my runs this week… rest day, run day, rest day, run day, rest day, run day…

And here’s my resting and max heart rate…

It looks like my resting heart rate has dropped from 50-51 throughout most of the year, down to 47-48 in the last month. And my high heart rate has dropped from about 145-155 down to about 140 monthly. Good stuff.

Add to that my monthly vo2 max estimate increasing again too up to 52 … and it looks like all this running is doing me some good (July 95 miles, from 60 in May and June). Or so the numbers say. This is from a peak in March when I trained for 2 half marathons.

I’m not sure I feel like a 20 year old…. like my Garmin thinks… but I’ll take that.

And finally, with all those miles… since the start of the year my weight has gone up and down a bit…

But it looks like I’ve lost 1.5lbs, which is 1lb body fat loss and a loss of about 0.5lb lean mass. More or less the same so maybe I’ve got a balance on what I’m doing (exercise and eating).

Although the last few months with less strength training has meant a bit of a drop in lean mass (-3lbs since February).

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Wk34 into Wk35

This last week I did a lot of running compared to usual, 5 runs, just over 30 miles and I managed to squeeze one Strength session in, on the Sunday. A chart session in the bike, then a timed tabata workout – 8 exercises 4 times each. Done.

I enjoyed my runs with others, the 8 miler on my own and a 10 miler coaching as part of Fiona and Camilla’s 18 mile training run. They’re training for Berlin marathon which is in about 5 weeks time and their training is going well.

I had a good initial coaching session with a client on Sunday too… I’m going to work with her to get her back to being fit, and act as accountability for her going forward. I like helping people and it looks like I’ll be able to help her going forward.

Here’s what I did last week training wise:

Mon: 3.5M wi FG
Tue: Rest
Wed: 8M easy
Thu: 45 min stairs wi FG
Fri: 5.3M wi DMc
Sat: 10M coaching wi Camilla & Fiona
Sun: Rest / Bike & Strength

5 runs = 30.4M, 1 Strength session, 1 Rest day … and we watched the sun go down on Sunday night which was nice.

It was a good week exercise wise anyway and my sleep was pretty good too. I’ve been waking up stupidly early recently, around 4 or 5am, which was good in Thursday morning as I went out very early for my 8 miler. Early nights and early rises are fine, as long as I get enough sleep.

I had a wacky dream on Sunday night, the ZMA likely causing them, but I quite like remembering the wacky dreams. I won’t go into it, but I was oddly in a virtual reality world on holiday and in special clothing. Lol.

Here’s what I’m planning this coming week:

Mon: Rest
Tue: 5.3M wi DMc
Wed: Bike & Strength
Thu: 5M effort session or run wi Fit Girl
Fri: Bike & Strength
Sat: Rest or short run
Sun: 14M coaching

Bank holding Monday and off work so it’ll be a rest day. Then 3 runs including a long run coaching with Lisa who is training for the Dublin marathon again.

I’ll aim to get in the gym twice if I can muster up the enthusiasm to do it. It’s only 30-40 mins plus 8 mins on the bike, so there should be no excuses really. Especially when I’m waking so early.

My weight seems to be creeping up to the heaviest I’ve been in a while, a mix of added body fat and lean mass, but I’m probably eating too much so I’ll keep an eye on that and maybe stop being so greedy all the time.

And I’m trying the odd coffee again, but still not really enjoying it, so it’s likely I’ll stay off it for a bit longer.

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Wk33 into Wk34

My legs are a bit tired tonight after a big long day running and lots of driving. But last week was a good week for my training… I did 4 runs just over 20 miles, 3 Strength sessions and a rest day.

My miles for the month are up to about 60 (18 days in – and the same amount I did for the whole of May and for June).

Mon: Bike & Strength
Tue: 3.2M wi FG & Strength / Physio
Wed: 4M including smartie tube reps
Thu: Rest
Fri: 4.2M Run
Sat: 30 min Strength
Sun: 9.4M wi Jen & Glynis

4 runs (20.8M), 3 Strength, 1 rest

I had a good long run on Sunday, followed by plenty of food and water and a drive back down the road. It was nice running with Jen and Glynis in Ellon again and meeting Sarah and Captain Sensible. They’re part of a friendly bunch of runners called bots from Ellon … they all have nicknames… and Jen called me super bot which I’ll take.

It was nice to be welcomed in as an honorary bot for the day. They’re such nice and friendly people.

I had a nice end to the week with my Dad and step mum working from Aberdeen for the end of the week. Lots of nice food and chat – Ice cream and steak too.

This week coming, I had a bit of a rest day today, including a couple of walks making 10,000+ steps. And some acupuncture / physio to try to help fix my neck pain. I have some exercises to do that I’ll do along side / on top of any strength training circuits and running I do.

I’ve planned the following training:

Mon: Rest & Physio
Tue: 5k / Bike & Strength
Wed: 45 min speed work
Thu: 8M easy
Fri: 5k / Bike & Strength (or swap with Sunday)
Sat: 10M coaching
Sun: Rest

I might ditch one of the runs, but I’ll see how I go. My main aim is to get plenty of good sleeps in. So I’m away off for an early night.

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