Wk24 into Wk25

Last week I got two runs, two strength sessions and three rest days in. A good balance – not overdoing it, and getting enough rest too. Here’s what I did:

Mon: Deadlift Strength
Tue: 3.2M lunchtime run
Wed: Rest
Thu: Clean n Press Strength
Fri: 6M Run
Sat: Rest
Sun: Rest

I’m listening to how I’m feeling but still getting regular exercise in. The social runs have been good, and this week I plan on doing some more runs and a couple of strength sessions before having rest at the weekend.

Mon: Rest
Tue: 5-6M Run / Squat Strength
Wed: 4-5M Run / maybe swim
Thu: Deadlift Strength / run
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rest / or run
Sun: Rest / or swim

My miles for June are quite low, half way through at just 24 miles, but I have been doing more strength training and resting when I need it so I’m ok with that.

In the next wee while I’ll try to alternate run days with strength days and take it from there, rest or walk when I need rest days.

I’m going to take some time out in the next few weeks, so there will be some fewer posts on here and on my Facebook page.

Time to focus on what’s important.

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Wk23 into Wk24

Last week I was back to work… and my neck was giving me bother. Tight with reduced movement and a nerve pain when I looked right (crossing roads movement when running!)… I had a good hour massage on Tuesday by Clare at Fitness Therapy Glashow? And have been doing physio exercises most of the week.

My body seemed to be rebelling against something, and by Wednesday I decided I’d take some rest, and on Thursday I went into the gym early, but just did some neck exercises and ditched any strength workout I had planned.

I did two morning runs with friends, one on Tuesday and one on Friday morning, and a wee 30 minute run at lunchtime on Tuesday with a colleague.

Mon: Squat Strength / neck exercises
Tue: 10k Run Debbie / 3.5M lunchtime Run / massage/walk
Wed: Rest
Thu: Rest
Fri: 6M Run Twinnie / neck exercises
Sat: aborted run / neck/sore head / Rest day
Sun: Deadlift Strength

I had planned three strength sessions and 3-4 runs, but I listened to my body and just did the 1-2 strength sessions and 2 days of running. On Thursday I kind of felt sorry for myself, and knew that I wasn’t motivated to train so didn’t (and knew I needed some rest instead / no guilt).

I had good chats on my runs, running with good and honest friends really is ace.

I had a good Saturday with first an eye test (all well there), then brunch at the cherry tree in Giffnock, then a walk in Newlands Park, and a good afternoon nap when it rained. A nice easy fun day.

Sunday will be a time out day, if I’m feeling good, a lie in and a Strength session, or if I need some restful a lie in and some downtime before next week.

I posted on Facebook that a few weeks back my 18 year old necklace that my good friends clubbed together to buy me for my 21st, snapped. This was on a day (29 May) at work when I got a bit of bad news, and the snapping of my necklace just about pushed me over the edge.

I actually knew it was coming as it had shown signs of weakness … and luckily I managed to catch and keep all the bits.

I posted it on Facebook, ever so sad (but I knew I could probably pay to get it fixed where it was bought). And someone offered to fix it for me, then my friend Sally (who makes jewellery and glass beads) offered to fix it.

By Friday 7 June it was fixed and I was very happy. In just over a week I’d missed being able to wear it. And now it’s fixed, hopefully it’ll stay fixed for a long time. Hopefully it’s a metaphor for how things are at the moment for me – broken for a bit, then fixed and on the way up?

Today after a good sleep I woke up and fit girl and I went out for a run. I didn’t feel quite right with my neck and a sore head, and after a few mins I called it a day. (Looking like I ran for a Burger King and back lol). I took a wee rest day as above instead.

Next week, if I’m feeling better, I’m planning to alternate my run and strength days and hopefully I’ll be up for and motivated to be active as below:

Mon: 4M Run
Tue: Strength
Wed: 8M Run
Thu: Strength
Fri: Run
Sat: Run / Strength?
Sun: Rest

I’ve been watching what I eat to a degree this week, but not being too restrictive. More protein where I can and a few bits of chocolate when I’ve wanted.

After my holidays my weight didn’t go up much / remained more or less the same (down 0.5lbs overall) even with all that ice cream. (Ha ha – I must have got some balance with the mountains of food I was eating and the activity I was doing.)

And in a week back here, I seem to have lost body fat and gained other / lean body mass.

135.4lbs / 17.4% body fat
23.5lbs body fat / 111.9lbs other
79.1% lbm / 107.9lbs lbm

135.9lbs / 15.9% body fat
21.5lbs body fat / 114.4lbs other
80.6% lbm / 109.5lbs lbm

-2lbs body fat / +2.5lbs other

I’m going to use June to get back into regular training, ideally 2 strength sessions a week and 3 runs a week, building up to 10 miles in June, half marathon by July / August.

I’m aiming to drop my body fat if I can, and not think too much about what the overall weight outcome is / add on lean mass.

I’ll see how I feel in the next few days and I might take more rest if I need it. Also a focus on getting plenty of sleep to add to the rest. And I’m hoping to visit some friends for some fun and chat, before a birthday weekend away in newcastle (where I’ll see where my dad grew up).

They lived in Greenside, across from the school. Above is then, looking up the street, and below is a google maps of the house.

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Wk22 into Wk23

Lucky me last week, I got a bit of a cold… it started on Tuesday, the day I went back to work. It ticked along all week, not really coming to much, and I managed it a bit with paracetamol and decongestant. My body telling myself I’m a bit run down – thanks very much.

I went with the rule of above the neck, being ok and as usual any runs I did seemed to help the symptoms (endorphins = feeling better). I stayed off strength training until I’m a bit better, but here’s what I did last week:

Mon: Rest / Walk
Tue: Clean n Press Strength
Wed: 10k easy Run
Thu: Rest
Fri: 10k easy Run
Sat: 4.8M coaching, including 8×2:2 efforts (and haircut) / walk Sun: Rest and kite flying

We went kite flying in Bellahouston on the Sunday before the back holiday. It was quite windy and my 2M kite nearly had me off my feet. It was great fun.

A bit of a challenging week at work with a bit of an unexpected surprise led to a couple of nights crappy sleep on Wed and Thursday night. Urgh. Hopefully it’ll improve.

With my cold now cleared up, my plan in the next week is to focus on good balance and get sleep, exercise as long as I’m ready for it, and I’m going to see about getting a massage too, hopefully on Tuesday. My neck and shoulders are all tight, even after a nice fun holiday.

Here’s the plan for next week:

Mon: Squat Strength
Tue: 4M easy / 4M walk / massage
Wed: 4M Walk / Deadlift Strength
Thu: Clean n Press Strength
Fri: 5-6M Run
Sat: Rest / eye test
Sun: 10k race

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Trainer treats for me

It’s June, so that means it’s my birthday month. And I decided after working hard all year I’d buy myself a treat or two…

So I went on my Nike app… and ordered myself these trainers.

White Nike soon Pegasus 35 turbos in size 7.5

And a pair of Nike Free Flyknits in white too.

When is went into the app there was a code for 25% off, so that was great. Saved myself some money there.

I also ordered a grey pair of the Nike free flyknits, but over decided I’ll return them as the white ones are nicer. They’re like slippers!

I might need to sort some more trainer storage… I alway like a wee trainer treat or two.

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Wk20 & 21 into Wk22

The week before I went on holiday I was on a bit of a wind down training wise. I was off work from the Wednesday and decided I’d take some time out with Fit Girl … fun, walks, eating out etc, and a wee night away. A good restful week.

That week I ran on Monday, then with Debbie on Tuesday morning and on Sunday morning before I drove to Edinburgh to fly out to Tenerife with some of my family. It seems like a long time ago…

Three runs of about 15 miles in total, bringing my mileage for May to a not very high 43.2 miles for the month. I thought I might run on holiday, but a horrible 3k run on the treadmill made me realise there was no way I’d be able to run 5k in the gym there – ever. No worries.

My running miles for May will be lower than normal, but I had some good restful times and a good sunny holiday abroad instead.

The week before I went away I’d had 4 good rest days, so I was keen to be active on holiday and maybe offset the masses of ice cream I knew I’d probably be eating. I wanted to get back into strength training too, and take advantage of daily access to a few rather large pools in 24-26’C heat.

Mon: 4.1M easy
Tue: 4.5M easy
Wed: Rest / Walks
Thu: Rest / 15 min easy swimming
Fri: Rest / Walks
Sat: Rest
Sun: 6.5M easy

So here’s what I did the week I was away:

Mon: Squat Strength / 2M Run / 1050m swim
Tue: Waterpark / rest / 15k steps
Wed: Deadlift Strength / 750m swim
Thu: KB 80/20 Strength / 1050m swim
Fri: 5k Run / Squats / 750m swim
Sat: Rest / Travel / 10k steps
Sun: Rest (after getting home at 3am)… kite flying!!

Three and a bit strength sessions, four swims (about 3600m), and two runs (5.1M). Three rest days. It all felt pretty balanced between exercise, rest and relaxation (sunbathing & sleeping) and eating lots. (All inclusive, three meals a day plus as many ice creams as I wanted).

I got a bit of a sore head after the swim on Thursday, maybe the cold pool (most of the other days I swam in the heated pool)… or maybe dehydration a bit. Nothing a couple of pills and some sleep and water couldn’t fix…. or maybe the ice cream fixed it?

I lost count of how many ice creams I had, maybe two a day for seven days …12-14 in the week maybe. Still a lot less than the amount of beer lovely brother drank (but all good as we were all on our holidays).

I had a good time with my brother and his family, and my Dad and step mum. And I had almost two days after it to get settled back in at home before going back to work. 13 days off work, it all felt like a long good holiday.

I probably ate more than I usually would when I was away:
– breakfast, eggs, a bit of toast, beans and sometimes a couple of small potatoes. Then a serving of yoghurt and fruit / porridge and coffee. – lunch – fish / meat / veg.. and ice cream.
– dinner – fish / meat / veg / rice … and ice cream and cakes. – snacks – ice cream. Lol.

I didn’t drink many calories though, water mostly – no alcohol as usual, a few small cokes when I felt like I needed a sugar hit… and black coffee part from one milky one. As my previous post showed, I lost a lb, which was +2.5lb body fat and -3lbs lbm.

Now this next week, here’s the plan:

Mon: Rest / Walk
Tue: Clean n Press Strength
Wed: 5-7M Run
Thu: Squat Strength
Fri: 5M Run
Sat: 8-10M coaching (and haircut)
Sun: Deadlift Strength

I really enjoyed the swimming, and I MIGHT think about doing it once a week, maybe on a Monday Wednesday or a Sunday… but we’ll see. I might not be able to fit it in… so I’ll aim to get settled into running an Strength training in June, and do the Roon the Toon 10k in a few weekends time.

The wind was great on Sunday and we took advantage of it, with some great kite flying in Bellahouston Park.

Now I’m back to work this week and back to seeing what results I’ll get from eating and training well in June and July will get me.

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Food and fun and results

Let’s see if this video below works… if you follow my Facebook page you’ll have seen that last week in Tenerife, I ate lots and lots of food… (especially ice cream) .. it was all inclusive and a 5 star hotel… with a lovely buffet place and a few restaurants.

It was warm, and I had 1-2 ice creams a day… sometimes soft scoop out of the machine, sometimes the real stuff.

For food I had three meals a day, a big breakfast of different types of eggs, then a second plate of yoghurt and fruit / oats.

Lunch was usually a small portion of fish or meat with veg or rice, followed by an ice cream. Then dinner was a bigger portion of main meal, plus ice cream and cakes usually.

I had the odd coke if I wanted a sugar rush, but other than that it was black coffee, water or soda water. My sister in law joked than she thinks I have four stomachs, and she might jus my be right! 🤪

See the video for some pics of our time away (and my food!)…

You’ll see I tried to get a balance between eating, exercising and resting / sunbathing / sleeping and I think it might all just have worked…

Now one week on and I’m home, back to a grey chilly May in Glasgow… I stepped on the scales and here’s the result:

18 May: 137.5lbs / 15.2% body fat
20.9lbs body fat / 116.6lbs other 
111.7lbs lbm / 81.2% lbm

26 May: 137.1lbs / 17.1% body fat
23.5lbs body fat / 113.6lbs other
108.7lbs lbm / 79.3% lbm

Down 0.5lbs overall = down about 3lbs lean mass, and up about 2.5lbs body fat / 2%. 

I’ve maybe added on 2.5lbs of ice cream… more likely… and lost 3lbs of strength. Ha.

We had a good time anyway, and I really enjoyed my time away – it felt perfectly balanced to me.

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Another elephant dropped

That’s another elephant dropped internationally… in memory of my Granny. (You might have read or heard this one before as I’ve been doing it for a while now).

Last week before coming to Tenerife I came across the three little ones in a charity shop on Byres Rd, and at £1 each I couldn’t resist getting three.

(The big one in the pic was my Granny’s – he came all the way from India in the war… ad the one at the front was a present from my brother Ewen).

As you might know, I’m away on holiday with my brother, his family and my Dad and step mum… a nice sunny break away with lots of fun, sun, food and ice cream.

Today I told my nephews the story about why I drop elephants… about how when I was young I was fascinated by the big elephant my granny had, and I now have (and I call him Fletch).

Then when my Granny was 87, I sent her a small white elephant for her Christmas. I wrapped it up and sent it to her in early December, then sadly on the 13th December that year, she passed away, and it left the wee elephant in limbo. I’d given it, but she hadn’t opened it.

I went to help my aunt at my granny’s house with everything that needed done. And I asked if I could open the present and maybe put the elephant down in the coffin with her.

In the meantime my then 1 year old niece and my brother and sister in law arrived. And after a few hours my brother came out to see me, with a worried look on his face… the white elephant had been on the coffee table, and my niece had knocked it off the table and smashed it.

I shrugged my shoulders and realised it wasn’t the end of the world, then went in to see the damage and glued it together. And when my granny was buried, she had the elephant and a picture of my Niece which my brother had gifted her too with her.

Since then, every so often I buy a small elephant and take it with me on a trip after it lives in my house for a bit. Then I drop it and remember my granny and how special she was.

Today I went to the front of the hotel near the sea, with my nephews and dropped it. Can you see him?

And now, crucially, they know the story and that I’m not just some crazy elephant lady that my brother describes me as. Ha! Now they know the story too. Crazy elephant aunt – or maybe not?

Here’s the view the elephant has – not bad eh? I dropped countless elephants and o can’t even remember where now, but this one has a nice sunny warm home near the sea. (A bit warmer than the one o dropped in wick!).

After I told them about the elephant story, my nephews asked me about the rainbows, and I said they reminded me of my granny and when I’d visit her on the west coast. After she passed, I’d see them and think she was all around me.

THEN they asked me about the cape and I said I made that one up myself lol.

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