What would Super Lorn do?

I came up with the whole Super Human / Super Lorn idea about 5 years ago when I was at a bit of a cross roads and felt like I needed to point my life in a direction to fulfil me.

I learned what to do to change my life, and in doing so since then I’ve also learned how to help others change direction in their life too.

I was lucky to be able to change my career so that I worked more with people, helped people at the BBC and with my running coaching. I became a Running Coach, and created and set up the Super Human Club where you could test how Super Human you are, and figure out what you need to focus on to become Super Human too.

Or put more simply, through a card I recently received from someone I helped with coaching a few years ago:

‘I’m so glad I contacted you all those years ago – you helped change my life around. Confidence comes from within but sometimes it needs a shove to get out the door – thanks for the shove.’

Sometimes we need a shove in the right direction – my Super Human Test can help you to figure out what it is that needs your attention, so that you can make steps towards a happier life.

https://superhumanclub.co.uk/super-human-test/ (you need a PC or Mac to do the test).

Now… my work phone has me as ‘Super Lorn’ when I phone people, and somehow the name has stuck. So much so I got a birthday card full of the salutation lol. They all know me as Super Lorn, but do I?

The thing is… I don’t feel very Super Lorn these days. 😦 I feel a bit like the spark has gone, like if I was to be truly Super, I need to work on it. I need to be nicer to myself and get more smiles on my face, get the old enthusiastic and happy Lorn back.

The truth is, we all go through stages of feeling great with everything being on track, to feeling not so great and maybe not knowing why. One thing might fall out of sorts, and that might knock other things off track.

I was out running the other day, asking myself questions and answering them – and I was thinking – what would Super Lorn do?

The important thing is to recognise that something’s not right, and put effort in to fix or improve it.

But what is it to be Super Human?

Well, I made it up, but it’s all about being Happy, Healthy and Fit. Having everything in your life either good or acceptable to you. It’s about doing your best and being your best. It’s about being happy with your body and having a healthy body and mind.

It’s about getting a balance and being there for and with others. It’s about being in a career that you enjoy, about self development and having enough money to be comfortable and save.

It’s about believing in yourself and being confident to be you and be Super Human. It’s about learning and developing, and it’s about knowing who you are, what motivated you and about being who you want to be.

So if things are a bit out of sorts for me, what am I going to do to improve it?

I’ll set more specific goals around the three areas below:

Health – become stronger through strength training / running 100 miles a month, improve my sleep. Eat a simple, healthy diet, less sugar, more nutrition.

Social – spend more time with those I care about, including Fit Girl.

Work – do a good job but don’t let it over take my personal life. Get a good direction in my role, leave on time etc.

I need to bring back having fun with others, and get a focus on my strength training as well as my running. Invest time in strength training, but also spending time with others.

Go out for lunch with others, visit others and go running with others (as well as my coaching others).

I’ll start with a 2 week bodyweight training plan, hopefully getting me into strength training 4 times a week, then a 12 week training plan and get back into my strength training using my Garagym.

I’ll train towards the Glasgow half marathon with my running too. With a wee holiday away at the end of September to look forward to.

Super Lorn would set up weekly programmes, and stick to them. Days and times for training around coaching others. Super Lorn would get out of bed and go for that run.

It’s not rocket science, it’s just setting goals, getting into a habit and keeping going with that habit (and doing it!) That’s what Super Lorn will do.

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Birthday Treats

It seems I can’t go a birthday without getting some mars bars (yas!) and some elephants, rainbows and ice creams.

I’ve decided today will be a rest day, and I’m going out for the day with Fit Girl. I got 6 mars bars, two cards and some flowers from teams at work. My boss also gave me a gift card for a Steak restaurant. Yummy. 

As well as a nice rainbow top, some sun cream and some ice cream chocolates from my work Twinnie. Thanks!

From Fit Girl, some books, some gym gear, my new rainbow ring, a car ‘twister’ air freshener, some cash and some dairy milk chocolates too.

Lots of lovely cards – thank you… including a lovely cat one and a nice elephant watercolour one too. We’re gong on a wee adventure today before a nice meal out to celebrate.

I’m looking forward to being off work and having some us / me time. Cake and ice cream to be consumed I believe.

Here’s my rainbow ring. Lucky me. 

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10.2 miles West End

Done! 10.2 miles around the West End, along the Clyde turn up to and in Kelvingrove Park, around the West End and back. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

I ended up doing:

2 mile warm up then:

4×1 mile efforts and recoveries (splits 2,4,6,8 efforts).

2 mile cool down

❀️ avg HR 157, max 177, Garmin training effect 4.7, vo2 max 50.

A new lactate threshold recorded on my Garmin too – 7:48 min miles / 165 HR ❀️

You can see my heart rate was increased on splits 2,4,6 and 8 for the efforts. 8:02, 7:43, 8:26 (uphill) and 7:50 min miles with 154,168, 169 and 164 HR. πŸ™‚

I left the house at 9:59am, saw a cute little house martin fly along at the Clyde, I raced the Waverley as it paddled away from the Clydeside (it won 😳). I think of my Dad when I see the Waverley.

I passed a really old lady with 2 walking sticks, walking her dog. And a man sitting on a bench next to the Kelvin river, contemplating and about to crack open a bottle of MD2020. 😳 I almost stopped to ask him why at 11am, but thought I’d better not.

10.2 good miles in the bag on a Saturday morning. Running most definitely is my medicine! It makes me feel great (no need for MD2020 either).

45.8 miles in, 57% of the way through the month. πŸ’― mile 🎯

A nice wee morning out running, it was a little warm, but ok. Good time to myself to think (when I wasn’t doing the efforts because I can’t think when I’m doing them!!) πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜œ

Things have been a challenge in the last few months for me with one part of my life, and I’ve decided I’m going to get my spark back and start thinking – ‘What would Super Lorn do?’ More to come about that soon. Or maybe it’s the crazy endorphins talking?! 😜

Now it’s time for rehydration, refuel, shower and lunch. And maybe some more gardening later. 🌲 πŸŒ³πŸ€πŸ‚πŸπŸ’πŸŒΉπŸŒ·πŸŒΈπŸŒΊ

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100 miles might not be on…

If you know me or follow me on here, you’ll know that this year I’ve been setting a simple goal to run 100 miles a month. Up to May I was doing well with it. It was a challenge some months but I managed to stay on top of it, and I was really enjoying it.

I’d love to be able to do it for a full 12 months and get a straight graph for a full year on Garmin. 25 miles a week approximately.

I got 5 months in a row, each moth getting a great sense of achievement in getting another straight line on the annual graph above. πŸ˜€

January was good, but I crammed in too much before the end and got a cold at the start of February. Meaning I really had to focus on running to get February.

Then March, April and May seemed ok (even with a long weekend break in the middle). It felt like I was on a roll with it.

Then June hit, and work got really busy. I ran the 10k and the week before I’d finalised the recruitment process for the BBC Scotland Apprentices for the next two weeks.

Work well and truly took over. The building was busy with the Election and I was busy hosting 60 candidates in for group assessments between the 5-9 June. Then 32 people for interviews this week.

In early, staying late, home late, in bed late, not sleeping properly… I ended up just running just two days last week (Tue AM 5.3 miles wi my Work Twinnie, Tue PM 3.5M coaching, Thu AM 4.5M).

I stayed up a bit late watching the election being filmed in our cool pink spaceship of a building too. I left work at 8pm that night as Brian Taylor was going to work. Then as I came in the next day, he was leaving.

Anyway, my busy-ness at work should ease off from today. Today we selected our 12 Apprentices and I called them to let them know they were successful.

After all the work over the last 6-8 weeks, it’s sorted for this week before we confirm it all in the next few weeks for their start in September. (It’s very exciting!)

But back to my running – By the 15th June, I was 36.6 miles in and 50% of the way through the month. I had planned to run last weekend, but decided I’d prefer to do some gardening instead. :-O ahem…

Then this week, even after running 3 times in 3 days this week (about 13 miles), my 100 mile target was all starting to slip away from me. And on Friday morning I just couldn’t motivate myself to get up and out to run before work.

It’s all been too much and I’ve lost my spark for running a little. I need to get it back if I can, if I want to get my goal.

Running makes me feel good, it sets me up for the day, it helps me sleep. Running with others is great, as is running on my own. But some mornings I just couldn’t be bothered. I knew it’d make me feel good, and on Thursday I did it, but other days I just decided it wasn’t to be.

I need to just get on and do it. Set a time in the morning that I’ll run – weekdays 630am, weekends 830am (at the latest), and go run. It is not rocket science. πŸ˜‰

So next week I’m on leave from Wednesday, hopefully until Monday, and I’m planning on having some nice, fun, downtime with Fit Girl. I’m running Saturday Sunday (17-18th).

I’m running with my brother on Saturday (24th), yippee and I’m meeting a very special wee girl (3 month old baby!) on Sunday (25th) for the first time. (And I have lots of presents for her).

The busy time in work is over. Now I’m planning how I might be able to get to 100 miles.

It’s still achievable, I just need a plan, set myself dats and times to do it, and just DO IT :


Up to 15th = 35.6 miles

17-18: 10,4.4 = 14.4 = 50

19-25: 4,5,6,5,10 = 30 = 80

26-30: 6,8,6 = 20 = 100

(and hopefully my maths is right!).

So that’s the plan. Do you think I’ll do it?!

Ps: I was hoping to get back into strength training in June, but that’s far from happening (I know it makes me sure so I just can’t make myself do it! Even though I’ve done up the Garagym!) Maybe another month, eh?

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So … or sow…

So it turns out I didn’t kill my grass… what’s left of the grass is fine. The lawn was full of moss and the weed killer killed it!!

(Henry joined me for a bit of it)…

So I’ve raked all of the dead moss off it…

I watered it and raked it again …

I did this instead of a run this morning…before the rain started.

I also planted some more plants:

Now I just need to sow a new lawn. You could say I meant to kill off the moss (but I didn’t!)

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My 2016 10k vs my 2017 10k

What a difference a year makes – last years Women’s 10k – I did it in just over 52 mins, avg HR 167, max 177 ❀️ , similar conditions β˜€οΈ (a slight bit hotter last year 16’C last yr, 14’C this year), avg pace 8:22, and it was really hard.

Last year, I didn’t know the route and I was running to pace, trying hard to keep to 8 minute miles (as I was pacing 50 mins).

But pacing in the second group, it was hard weaving in and out of slower runners from the group in front of us and the heat took its toll. I also seemed to lose anyone I was pacing for. The starting waves last year (by music) didn’t help. And after 4 miles, at the BBC it felt like game over for pacing.

I was running with no one to be paced at 8 minute miles so I slowed to run at around 9 minute miles to help the ladies who’s tatted in the group ahead and we’re aiming for sub 60 10ks.

This year it was all about me running my own race. I ran to my heart rate and it was around 165-170 most of the way. Hard work still, but I let go down the down hills and eased off on the uphills.

As a result my pacing was better and my heart rate steadily and slowly increased as I went on. Avg HR 169, max 183 this year. The first mile was fastest, as I was running near the start and there were quite a few downhills.

Downhill to midway in fact, to the Clyde, then uphill back to Kelvingrove. The 5th Mile was my slowest (uphill) and my HR was away up at 174-180 ish…. ahhh (simply reflecting the hill and my effort on the hill / 5 miles in). I said hello to a Motherwell AC runner and we bounced off each other / helped each other for a bit.

I finished in 46:43 on my Garmin, a PB for this year and my 5th fastest 10k ever. (My overall PB is 44 mins something from 2011 when I was younger and slimmer ;-). Today was my fastest 10k in over 4 years. 

My VO2 max estimate was the same this year to last – 50. But I felt fit, possibly due to my 100 miles a month I’ve been doing.

Some tips from me:
– Consistency and regular running is key.
– Knowing the route helps.
– Running in the shade helps.
– Taking the racing line helps.
– Heart rate running is ace and it works!

This year I was 3lbs lighter too…and that always helps. The less you have to carry, the easier it is, the faster you go. (Although maybe 3lbs isn’t all that much!)

I probably had my CAPE on tight today too. πŸ˜‰  get yours here: https://lornpearsontrains.co.uk/2013/08/02/my-present-to-you/

This year I was around 5-6 minutes faster than last year, or 50 seconds a mile faster. Although I did feel like this at the end – lol.

Ps: The course seemed to be a bit long. I always go by my Garmin and I’d hit 6.2 miles just after I turned the left onto the finishing straight. There was about 40 secs difference between my chip time and my Garmin time, and the route seemed to be around 6.3 miles.

Anyway, this year my heart rate was a bit higher, the weather was a bit cooler, but the run felt good. It felt hard and I pushed it to my max, but it was good. Running to heart rate is most definitely my way of running my best. 

If you don’t already do it, you should try it. See here for more: https://lornpearsontrains.co.uk/2012/02/05/heart-rate-training/

Pace is always the outcome of my effort (heart rate) plus the conditions (weather and hills / course). HR running simply works. πŸ™‚ I’ll do a more full post about the event today, soon.

Did you do the run today? How did you find it?

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Women’s 10k tomorrow

Well – tomorrow is the Glasgow Women’s 10k. I got my number a few weeks ago – 327 – and I’m looking forward to it. Fit Girl is doing it too.

It’s starts at 11am from Kelvingrove Park which is about 2 miles away, so we’ll walk up to the start around 10am.

The weather says sunshine & showers… 14’C which might just be ideal for running in. It’s usually a well organised even so we’ll be able to put in our bags to the baggage area and go to the start line.

If you want to track my progress or any other runner’s progress, you can download the Great Run app and out my (or their) number or name in and it’ll track me / them.

If just look out for me on the route – I’ll be wearing a purple skort and bright yellow vest.

I paced it last year and it was roasting, plus it was the first year of a new route which frustratingly double backed on itself a few times. There were issues with faster runners catching up with slower runners / walkers too but they appear to have fixed both of those issues this year. (Colour band starts again, and a tweaked route).

Who else is running the 10k tomorrow? Are you? Or are you spectating? If you see me, please give me a shout / wave. Cape on!


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