Wk49 into Wk50

Last week work took over a bit… Monday was a normal day, then Tuesday I was up early to travel to Salford for a course, and got back after 10pm. Wednesday I was up early and went into work fir a day that ended up being about 12-13 hours long.

I got lots done, and saw some of the pilots for the new news programme go out too. Which was very exciting and what we’ve all been working towards this year. It’s great to have been involved like I have been. I feel very lucky to have helped get everyone into work on the programme.

Three rest days from exercise anyway. My legs were a bit sore from strength on Sunday anyway, so the rest was appreciated and probably needed.

On Wednesday I text my work Twinnie to ask if she’d run with me on Thursday morning. I honestly knew that I wouldn’t get up early if I was planning a run on my own, and luckily for me she agreed to run with me (even though she’d been on a night out the night before). She’s hardcore.

3: Rest
4: Rest Salford
5: Rest
6: 4.6M Travel / Shetland
7: 3.1M Shetland / Travel
8: Rest
9: 5k Santa Dash (4.6M in total)

I packed to go to Shetland on Thursday am, got done work done, then got a flight to Shetland in the afternoon. It was a bit windy on the flight and I felt a little travel sick with the turbulence. Same on the way back, flying into 50mph winds into Glasgow and sitting next to the propeller. 🤢🤮

I’d also felt a bit travel sick on the train on Tuesday, sitting facing backwards, and doing some work on my iPad. I looked up after an hour and realised I felt queezy. Oops. So I stopped working and sat in a forward facing seat for the next 2 hours.

The sunset on Thursday flying up to Shetland was nice, but the turbulence in the plane wasn’t very nice.

In Shetland we had a late dinner and lateish night, and I woke at 4am unable to sleep. I figured I might as well run a5k in the morning before work. It was cold, dark, a little wet, and a bit windy – as expected.

At one point about 2 miles in I turned right away from the sea and was blown up the road. That was pretty cool and I’m just grateful that I had the wind behind me instead of in my face.

I did three runs including today’s Santa Dash.. and I’ve done 16.8M so far in December. That means I’m probably a bit behind in my goal for 80 miles this month, so I plan to get back to some regular training next week. I still walked just over 10k steps a day, even with the rest days.

I also didn’t do any strength training last week, so time to get a balance between work, Rest, strength training and running. I’m coaching twice, so that should help. I just need to get myself up most mornings and have a good rest day on Friday and Sunday.

Here’s my plans

10: Full Body Strength 2 + PM coaching
11: 5M + PM Coaching
12: 5-6M wi Twinnie into town
13: Upper Body Strength 2
14: Rest
15: 10M
16: Rest

That’ll be me at about 42 or 43 miles for the month, half way through the month, so back on target for 80 miles this month and 1,000 miles this year.

Last note is that on Saturday I felt a little tickle of perhaps a cold starting … it seems to have died down, but that’s what a lot of work, a lot of hours and travel can do. So I’ll be careful to monitor it and i was careful to take it easy today.

I have a busy couple of weeks at work coming up, with nine days of interviews, over 10 working days – fitting them all in before the end of the year … so I’ll need to be careful not to over do it, and take care of myself. 👍🏻

Oh and the week after next week is Christmas party week so I’d better keep well for that too! Think I’ll wear my Christmas jumper to work tomorrow. 🤪😂🎅🏻🏃‍♀️

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Santa Dash 2018

I was up early today in the clear crisp December morning for the Santa Dash. I was meeting Kirsty and Victoria from work, and had text Kirsty to say I’d get her at the lions in George Square.

I left me phone at home, and it turns out she didn’t get the message as she’d dropped her phone last night, but randomly we met at the lions anyway. Quite lucky really, considering there were about 8,000 Santa’s in George Square. 🙂

We went to the start and patiently waited for the run to start… chatting, warming up and being three Santa’s in a big sea of thousands of Santa’s. I always think it’s quite funny. You leave your house thinking you’re the only one dressed as Santa, then all of a sudden you’re in amongst thousands of them.

Bryan Burnett was leading the chat at the start and the lord provost came on, ending her speech with – ‘People make Glasgow, and Santa’s make Christmas!’ Both statements possibly not true, but hey ho. We were off!

Around George Square a bit before going up St Vincent Street, then down it and along to Finnieston a street toward the Squinty Bridge, left along the broomilaw and back up to George Square.

Kirsty scooted off ahead at the start and Victoria and I stuck together… laughing at the sights and sounds. As we went on Santa suit after Santa suit had been discarded, like Santa’s had given up their duties in favour of running fast. For me it was a fun run, taking it easy and taking it all in.

Here’s Victoria and I running up Jamaica Street. Afterwards we went to cafe gandolfi for a wee bite to eat / coffee. Yum. I ran the 1.5 miles into town, so about 4.5 miles running for me today.

Last week I didn’t manage many miles with a heavy work week, so hopefully I’ll get back to training more next week. The Santa Dash was great fun though, and I’d recommend it to anyone for the fun and laugh.

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5k in Shetland

I’m not sure why, but before I came away to Shetland with work, I nearly talked myself out of running when I was there. It’d be dark, cold, wet, windy, I’d need to take my trainers and gear, I’d be busy… blah blah blah.

In fact the weather wasn’t too bad. It was a bit windy at points but luckily it was behind my back. I also got a little soaked too, but not too bad.

So I was out the door for just after 7am and ran around one of the main roads in Lerwick. And I’m glad I took my stuff and went for a run.

A nice wee 5k, taking in the sights in the dark (and trying not to get lost). I took my phone with me and checked the maps this time, unlike in London in October.

There were some hills, and some lights, some ferries and plenty of cars, people up early to go about their day.

Here’s me I my massive room in the Shetland Hotel after the run. For some reason I got two rooms that had been knocked into one.

Breakfast is at 815am, hopefully a big Scottish one, then it’s a day of work before trying to fly back to get into Glasgow in 45mph winds tonight. Wish me luck!

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Wk47 & 1,000 mile goal for 2018

So far this week, things have almost gone to plan training wise for me. I didn’t run on Tuesday morning (I blame my super fleecy bed sheets keeping me in bed instead of getting up for a run)… but I’ve done my 70 miles for November, and travelled to Aberdeen with work.

Here’s what I’ve done this week:

Mon: Lower Strength

Tue: 5M coaching

Wed: Rest & up early to travel

Thu: 6.7M easy

Fri: Rest

Sat: 4.5M Run & Walk

Sun: 80/20 strength & Finisher

Storm Diana didn’t stop me on Thursday, I was up early to run, and managed to miss the wind mostly. But it was pretty windy and rainy, and I did get a little soaked. I also didn’t know the route very well, but managed to get 6.7 miles done. And I was pleasantly treated with this rainbow in the afternoon.

My brother has a good thing he does – living in Wick it can get very windy and he’s learned to use the BBC weather app as a way to decide if he’ll run outdoors or not. If the wind arrows are black, he doesn’t run outdoors. So probably anything above 30mph. Probably sensible.


I mentioned I’ve done 70 miles in November. I could have run on Friday but decided I wouldn’t because of the weather. I’ll probably just run on Saturday instead.

Here’s my progress with my 1,000 mile annual challenge. I have 80 miles to do in December, which should be achievable, even with winter and some travelling.

Jan: 100
Feb: 105
Mar: 100

Apr: 80
May: 75
Jun: 50

Jul: 90
Aug: 80
Sep: 70 = 750

Oct: 100 = 850
Nov: 70 = 920
Dec: 80 = 1,000

My trainers got soaked on Thursdays run, but they dried off eventually. Damn winter, I can’t wait for it to be over… we have a few months to get through.

It was cold on the run on Saturday morning, but the wind and rain had gone which was a relief. 40 minutes this time, along the front then up to the Dunnottar Woods and back.

And I was treated to this view down at the beach, which was nice. Up and out the door at 8am, I used my like Nikon Key session camera to take the pics.

The afternoon was spent with my Dad, on a walk and out for lunch before coming back to the house before dinner out. A nice wee day. Can’t help thinking I should have asked him if he wanted to fly my kite on Friday when it was windy though. 😉

Now let’s see if I can do 80 miles in December… only 75.6 miles to go.

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Wk47 into Wk48

Last week I went back to strength training after a wee two week break, and after a full body strength session on Monday I felt it.

Deadlifts with 51kg, then Reverse Lunges, Bent over rows, single legs squats and trx Press Ups, followed by a finisher of step ups and squat to presses.

On Tuesday I felt fine, and did a 5k lunchtime run with colleagues, then by Wednesday I was a little sore with day 2 DOMS.

Double that up with the first day of the month (I’ll not go into detail here), but I felt a bit wiped out and was having cramps and taking ibuprofen most of Wednesday. I had said I’d gym it on Wednesday night, but decided against it the more the day went on.

So I opted to have a rest day, which led onto another rest day on Thursday, and another on Friday. It was quite busy with work too, so I let that take over for a bit, and the rest probably did me good too.

I knew I was running coaching in Sunday, so I took the opportunity on Saturday morning to do an Upper Strength session, and felt good throughout it and afterwards. It felt like I’d worked, but not too hard.

So here’s what I did last week:

19: Full Body Strength 1
20: 5k lunchtime (Coaching chat PM)
21: Rest
22: Rest
23: Rest
24: Upper Body Strength 1
25: Coaching Tania 8.3M

58.3M for the month so far, and a little off track with my training, but the rest will most definitely do me good. I’d had a couple of broken sleeps through the week, and the lie ins up to 730am (Tue-Fri) all did me good.

Next week I’m going to keep this weekend’s momentum up and get into the gym for my third Strength workout of this block. Lower body strength, then on Tuesday I’m busy at work but will aim to run before work, then in a coaching session with Audrey in the evening.

26: Lower Body Strength 2
27: 6M easy + (3M coaching PM)
28: Travel / Aberdeen / Rest
29: Aberdeen / 6M
30: KB 80/20 + Finisher
1: 7M Stonehaven
2: Travel / Rest

I’m up to 58.3 miles for November so far, and 908.3 miles for the year so far. And that’ll be about 70-75 and 920-925 by the end of November if I run the sessions as planned as above. Leaving 75-80 miles to do in December to meet my 1,000 mile target for the year. It might be a bit tight! 😳 (unless I get out running as per my plan!)

I’m away up to Aberdeen with work on Wednesday, so that’ll be a rest day. Then I’ll have some days at my Dad’s where I’ll be able to run a couple of times and do a kettle bell session in his garage. We usually get out for some nice walks and ice cream too, so I’m looking forward to that and to seeing him (and dropping their Christmas 🎄 presents 🎁 off).

Let’s see if I can keep the motivation and momentum up into next week. The following week I’m away to Salford with work on the Tuesday, then up to Shetland on the Thursday Friday, so I’ll try to keep things going and take rest days on travel days.

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Black Friday Trainer deal for charity

Me and my trainer addiction has got me into a bit of a fix where I (rather embarrassingly) have two pairs of size 7 Mizuno Wave Catalyst 2 trainers… that I haven’t worn outside… filling a space in my cupboard…

I ordered them online, tried them on around the house, but realised they weren’t for me and I liked my trusty Mizuno wave inspires instead.

Anyway, here’s their description from Start Fitness .co.uk :

Each pair is brand new and unused and size 7 (but without a box)… and I had thought about selling them, but I bought them maybe a year ago now… and it’s hard to sell such specific trainers… so here’s my idea…

If you want a pair of them, you can come collect them, or I’ll post them to you. All I ask is you give a little back.

I asked some Facebook friends who their favourite charity was, and Wilma Kyle, a regular follower of my blog said this:


So if you’d like one of the pairs, comment on here or on my Facebook page post and let me know, or email me on lorn to let me know you’d like to try them / have them, and please donate something to Parkinson’s Self in Airdrie – you can donate here: http://www.parkinsonselfhelp.org.uk/?fbclid=IwAR1kvq_AYIL86fScNgt4Z8onyWAZ6NHawya5kHw3KdKWVyLJAtjkUOl_GrY

(Let me know which colour you’d prefer too.)

First come first serve. The trainers are selling for £60 online, but a kind donation to the charity above will get you one of these pairs of brand new, unused Mizuno Wave Catalyst trainers.

You can give what you want / can afford, it doesn’t need to break the bank or be anywhere near the online price. They’re better off on your feet than not being worn by me!

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Balance including plenty rest

It was a rest day today for me… a bit of a broken sleep last night, so I decided to lie in, instead of my planned Strength workout. 😴 🛌 💤 I lay to catch some zzz’s instead of getting up early to train. I knew that I needed it, so took it. Easy peasy. 👍🏻

I still somehow managed to meet all of my Apple Watch goals & 8000 steps … and everything feels a bit more recovered after today. 😀 busy day at work… and walk to and from work.

Someone in work asked me how many rest days I have, and I honestly answered about 2 a week… that’s about right – sometimes less, sometimes more. I plan a lot in my training, but listen to my body and take rest when I need it. And I don’t feel guilty if I need to rejig things to include more rest.

I tend to only run 3 times a week, maybe 4 sometimes (not every day, like some people think). 🏃‍♀️ and I try to not over do it with my running effort. I learned quite a few years ago when I burnt out / overtrained, so rest and recovery is very important to me to get a balance. I also have my other half ‘Fit Girl’ supporting and motivating me which helps.

Work, life, family, training…. How do you ensure you get a balance with everything?

Hopefully I’ll be refreshed and maybe be back on the gym tomorrow morning. We will see. 👍🏻🏋🏼‍♂️ night night. 💤 😴

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