Wks19 & 20 into Wks21-23

The last couple of weeks, or last weekend into the early part of this week three my training into a bit of a tizz… I’ve been kind of playing a bit since the marathon, now I’d like to get a focus on 3 runs a week, and two strength sessions.

I could have run more when I was on leave last week, but I was on leave, and decided I’d be better off spending time with and having fun with the other half.

So I took Rest days on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday… and a wee fun forest run on Saturday. Back into it this week, I was off work on Wednesday, and took the opportunity to do my first Strength session of the week (outside in the sun!).

Here’s what I did in the last two weeks:

Wc 7 May
Mon: Rest
Tue: Strength Circuit
Wed: Run 7.5M easy
Thu: Strength 3x8s + Squats 1/8 / Coaching PM
Fri: 5k Run lunch
Sat: Rest & Walks
Sun: 40 mins trail running / 15 min BW Strength & Walks

Wc 14 May
Mon: Rest
Tue: Rest
Wed: Deadlift Strength 2/8
Thu: Intervals 8×3:3, 7.1M / Coaching 4.25M
Fri: Rest
Sat: Squat Strength 3/8 + Gardening
Sun: Rest & Walk

I ended up running twice and doing two strength sessions, plenty walking and some gardening.

The weather has been lovely which has been nice, and I had planned a long run on Sunday, but I think I’ll push it to Monday morning, and have another rest day.

Here’s what I was going to do… 9M incl 2 x 2M tempo, last 3M HR 165+, but I’ll do a version of it on Monday instead.

I’m 2-3 weeks into doing strength training again, and my body is still getting used to it, so buts are sore, and I’m not going to punish it any more with a long run today. I’m doing a variation of the circuit above which takes about 50 minutes, twice a week. Either deadlifts or squats as part of the initial set.

We did some gardening and lifting yesterday too, so there are some odd sore bits all over me. I was lifting and laying bags of stones in the afternoon.

The garden is looking nice now, I’ve bought and planted a lot of plants and seeds too. So it’s starting to all grow. I bought some plant food too, so hopefully that’ll do it all done good.

As I mentioned on my Facebook page, we have a birds nest in the bush in our garden too, and I’ve bought s few more bird feeders and fat feed to hopefully attract more little birds. See the video of the babies tweeting on here: www.facebook.com/lornpearsontrains

I’ve met my steps target each day for the last 2 weeks… I seem to be being more active every day, as opposed to running long one day and not doing much the next day or two (with marathon training). Averaging 15-16k steps a day, that’s not bad.

I’m hoping to get settled into a routine of runs on Monday, Wednesday and Sat or Sun… (maybe Thu) and strength training on Tuesday and Friday, but it’ll be flexible.

Here’s the plans for the next three weeks ahead of the women’s 10k:

Wc 21 May

Mon: 8-10M incl 2x2M tempo, last 2-3M HR 165+
Tue: 5x1000m:400m / PM coaching chat
Wed: Deadlift Strength 4/8
Thu: 45 min easy (or 10k TT)
Fri: Squat Strength 5/8
Sat: Rest
Sun: 10k Time Trial

Wc 28 May
Mon: 10M easy
Tue: Deadlift Strength 6/8
Wed: Massage & Coaching PM
Thu: 5M first half 150HR, second half 165HR
Fri: Squat Strength 7/8
Sat: 8M easy
Sun: Rest

Wc 4 Jun
Mon: 3x1M Intervals
Tue: Deadlift Strength 8/8
Wed: Rest
Thu: 4-5M easy
Fri: 5k tempo (no strength until following week)
Sat: Rest
Sun: Women’s 10k

I think I’ll do some foam rollering later on today, maybe some painting and maybe a trip to the cinema. Oh and we’re hoping to book a holiday too – to the East coast of America in September.

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OUTrun 5 miler entered…

Today I entered the OUTrun 5 mile event, which is on August 18th. A well organised 5 mile run up the Kelvin River and back.

I did it a couple of years ago with Lesley, and it was good, so I’ll do it again this year. The tshirt I got was an orange one, and this years one is a green one.

If you’d like to enter too, there are plenty spaces at the moment … for just over £15…

Here’s where you can enter: https://www.stuweb.co.uk/events/2018/08/18/3218/

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Morning fuelling

I’ve written already about how I’m liking grapefruit in the morning… it’s well tasty (if a bit sour)… I have it after I run / workout. A whole grapefruit, sliced. Yum.

Well here’s my other bits of fuelling… I tend to run on empty when I run in the morning, maybe some water before I go. Anything up to 8-9 miles is on empty, and I’ll fuel before and during 9 miles plus.

The idea behind running fasted, is that your body goes to fat for energy, rather than sugar / carbs / glycogen. (Or rather than available fuel you’ve just eaten, as you haven’t eaten yet.) I’m not sure how much burning fat on empty works, but I feel fine running on empty in the morning (up to about 1:15).

Strength is a bit different in that sometimes I feel like I need a bit of sugar / carbs / energy to ensure I can train at the right intensity.

Recently I’ve been having a glass of this innocent smoothie with my grapefruit after I come in from exercise. (And not coffee, as I’ve mentioned before / I’ve kinda gone aff it).

For strength workouts, I take a banana and water into the garagym, incase I feel a bit weak / peckish, and either eat it then, or later in the day for some energy.

And I have an omega 3 pill and a multi vitamin each morning too.

Right now I’m having a play about with my energy, to see what will work, and hopefully prevent me from being greedy Lorn / eating everything in sight because I think I can because I run a lot. I’ll see how that goes.

Are you seeing what I’m seeing (above)?

Safe to say I’m feeling pretty happy these days. 👍🏻

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Running in Dalbeattie forest

This morning we were up early to go out in the nice weather for a run in a forest near Dalbeattie.

We walked there last night to get our bearings, and got some nice pictures as the sun was going down. So we decided we’d go along there for a wee easy jog this morning.

We started the run just before 7…after a short drive to the car park. I used the walk jog run app on my phone to try to follow a route, but right from the start we were off track so I kind of made it up as we went.

The forest is used for mountain biking so has lots of trails, small and big. We filled the green trail for most of the run… the easy bike route.

And at one point we ran through a more wooden bit, before coming down towards a small lovely lake. I love forests… even though they’re a bit windy and you need to watch where you put your feet.

I spotted this big strange tree, the top leaning over the path.

Here’s me at the lake…. at this point a couple of dogs ran towards us, they and their owner was the first people we’d seen all morning in the massive forest.

We had a wee breather / stop at the lake and took it all in. It was a nice and easy run, my average HR was about 130.

Then we went back to ‘Craignair Cottage’ – which I’d highly recommend, and had a slap up breakfast. Yum.

But not before I did a quick bodyweight workout in the small livingroom which is attached to our room:

13 mins, 4 times:
– Squat x10
– Reverse Lunges x10es
– Press Ups x10
– Single Leg Deadlift 10es

I’m now sitting in the garden in the sun, listening to loads of bird song.

Back to the run, and Fit Girl was of course on the run with me… you might know she likes to keep herself to herself… but here are our feet at the end.

And if you look right in the distance in this pic, you’ll see her… running away from me. (I can’t think why…) … but I did need to catch up with her after taking the pics.

We’re here for a couple more days, and the weather is looking to be in our favour, so looking forward to some more adventurising in the borders. 🙂

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How does your garden grow…

I spent a wee bit of time in my garden this morning… tidying it up and planting some more seeds. I’m no gardener, but this seems to be working out ok.

I’ve planted some bluebells in the shade (maybe for next year) and some summer meadow / wild flowers, see how they turn out (weeds maybe?!)

Here’s the start of some little buds that I planted a few weeks ago.

And here’s the more established plants. The green one at the back is a total fluke baby of the little purple one at the front that I bought last year. I have no idea how that happened.

The little pink flowery grass plants were planted about 3 or 4 years ago and try always come through every year. They must be hardy like me. 😉

And this wild plant box is starting to show some colours.

Lastly we have a birds nest in our tall bush in our garden, just above where the wild flowers are starting to grow. Tiny little brown fast birdies, so fast I can never get a picture of them. I’m conscious I don’t want to scare them when I’m in and about that area.

The other day, we saw a stand off between one of the tiny birds and a big massive magpie. And the tiny bird won! We can’t see the nest and can’t hear any baby birdie tweets, but it’s nice to know they’ve made a nest in our wee garden.

Simple things.

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10k Run & Strength Training Plan

Into week 3 after the marathon and I’m feeling pretty good. People in work are asking me if I’m recovered from it, and I’m grateful to say that I am.

I’ve eased myself back in, with a loose idea of what I wanted my training to be, but I was sure to listen to my body in the last two weeks and take plenty rest and recovery.

As I mentioned before, I’m off coffee, I just don’t fancy it anymore. I seen to be getting better sleeps (surprise surprise), so it’s probably a good thing I’ve gone off it. I’ll probably still use it on long runs and keep it at that.

This week I’m feeling back to normal, and I’ve got a training plan together to work towards training for the women’s 10k on the 10th June.

3-4 runs a week (Mon / Thu / Sat / Wed?)
(including some coaching sessions)
2 strength sessions a week (Tue / Fri)
1-2 Rest days a week (Sun / Wed?)

Further to my post the other day about my plans for strength training… https://lornpearsontrains.co.uk/2018/05/05/summer-strength-2018/

I’ll build into my strength work will be 3 circuits of 8 exercises, for 2 weeks. Then next week I’ll get back to doing Squat Strength (and three other sets and a finisher) one day, then Deadlift Strength (and three other sets and a finisher) as my two strength sessions a week.

Here’s my 6 week plan, which I’ve saved into my phone…

I’ll do most of my sessions in the morning before work… any coaching sessions are usually in the PM, and I might do the odd wee lunchtime run. 🙂

I tend to schedule the most training I’ll do, and take it as it comes / drop a session if I need rest. I’ll remain flexible and shift sessions about in the week if need be.

And as I don’t particularly enjoy running hard… I’ve put in speed and tempo sessions, but if I’m not up for them, or an option to run with someone else comes up, I’ll probably do that instead.

Note – I’ve formulated this plan for me, and it might not suit everyone. If you want advice on a training plan, contact me on lorn@lornpearsontrains.co.uk or message me via my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/lornpearsontrains

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Take time to listen to the birdies

Back in 2012, I had been training for a few years and had built myself up from starting to run (zero to 5k) to running half marathons and marathons. By the time this photo was taken in May 2012, I’d run a couple of marathons and was feeling great.

But what I didn’t realise then was that I had probably been overtraining and was becoming ill as a result of it. I was the lightest I’ve ever been, but I was probably training too much and not fuelling enough.

I was in the best physical shape of my life probably, but I was burnt out and done in. I eventually burnt out a bit and had to take some time out. I needed to learn how to relax, take time out and get balance in my life.

I’ve written about a lovely lady Norma I used to know up to my mid twenties. https://lornpearsontrains.co.uk/2014/06/27/goodbye-norma-x/

My Dad’s practice nurse, Norma was a lovely lady. She had been married to Edward, a sailor in the navy, and they had three kids. Edward passed away before I knew her, but I was lucky enough to get to know her and spend time with her in my late teens and early twenties.

My Dad that Norma was such a special lady, said ‘she didn’t just call a spade a spade, she called it a bloody shovel!’

Back then, Norma saw how busy and active I was, how I was burning the candle at both ends and she scolded me in a very friendly way – ‘you’re like a train without a driver’. There was no balance in my life, it was all go go go. No time to stop and smell the roses.

And those are the main reasons I stop and take time out nowadays. Norma’s influence on me, and my aim of being as healthy as I can be.

Remembering Norma and her no nonsense words. How she had a lovely garden and did it up well. Remembering how she dealt with and managed having leukaemia until she passed away a couple of years ago. She seemed to have learned through life that some things are much more important than others.

Now I place an importance on my health. That means keeping fit and healthy and active, but it also means rest, taking time out and having fun (which doesn’t need to be exercise and stress).

Breakfasts out, like we did today. A sunny Sunday rest day… out for breakfast in the west end. Walks in the park… like we did today… enjoying the weather, the sights (the flowers and trees and blossom), sitting and watching the world go by.

Gardening, being creative, doing diy, making our house a home. Being social. Flying my kite when it’s windy. All these things help to make life fun.

I’m sitting here in our garden (which we designed, built and grew), the sun shining down. The birds are tweeting around us. We’ve got a little bluetit family nested in one of the bushes in our garden. Our little plants and garden are growing and thriving.

So I think I’ve managed to get my balance. I work hard, (in work and with exercise), I indulge with food when I want to. I take rest, time out and holidays regularly. And I often take time out to listen to the birdies (or smell the roses).

Do you take time out to relax and get balance in your life? Do you overtrain or buzz around at 200 miles an hour looking after other people in your life – burn yourself out, and wonder why you feel like crap?

Maybe it’s time you stopped and listened to your body and mind, and put the driver in the cabin of the train and get some balance back?

I think I might have an ice cream soon if the sun keeps shining.

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