Mind over Marathon programme

Here’s a good programme that’s been on recently: Mind over Marathon

Tonight was the second episode of 2, where ten runners with different mental health issues train for the 2017 London Marathon (from scratch!)

Lots of different stories, journeys, training, injuries, challenges – very interesting. 🙂

You can watch both episodes again here:

Give it a watch. 🙂

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6 week – 10k training plan

With 6 weeks to go until the Great Women’s 10k I’ve entered, I decided it would be a good idea to get a training plan together.

I managed to run 10k in 48:19 minutes at the Loch Katrine 10k in the middle of March, and maybe if I train with more intervals / threshold runs I can get my fitness up ahead of the 4th June.

My PB is 44:14 from way back in 2011 at the Women’s 10k – after my first official marathon – I doubt I’ll get near that time, but we’ll see. It’ll all be determined by my heart rate on the day. (Here’s a post I did at the time – How to run faster – maybe I should read it!! – but the update to it is that I run to Heart Rate now – not pace).

I use the Garmin Training Plans on Garmin Connect, and then I tweak them in the Calendar to suit myself and my dates. I’ve selected a 12 week heart rate plan, which I’ll do the last 6 weeks of, as below… I’ll also continue my monthly goal of 100 miles a month.

My main issue with training like this is that i don’t particularly like running fast / working hard (ha!) – so if I don’t want to face an interval session – I’ll just do an easy run instead. We’ll see how I get on. (But I’ll be honest and say that I just don’t get the point in running fast / hard! I might just prefer a social / easy run.)

For another good training plan generator if you don’t have Garmin – use the Runner’s World Smart Coach here.

Here are my heart rate zones and my week to week training (which are accessible via on my calendar on Garmin Connect now).

My Heart Rate Zones –
Z1 – <110 Very Easy
Z2 – 111 – 129 Easy
Z3 – 130 – 147 Easy to Aerobic
Z4 – 148 – 168 Aerobic to Anaerobic
Z5 – 169+ Anaerobic

4-5 runs a week – 1-3 easy runs incl 1 long run, 2-3 interval / threshold runs

Wk17Mon 24: 6.3M easy Z3
Tue: 64 min Intervals
10 min warm up, 4 x 6 min Z4, 3 min Z4 fast, 2 min recovery, 10 min cool down
Wed: Rest
Thu: 55 min Threshold
15 min warm up, 15 min Z4, 15 min Z2 easy, 10 min cool down
Fri: 44 min Intervals
10 min warm up, 8 x 2 min Z4, 1 min Z2 recovery, 10 min cool down
Sat: Rest
Sun: 80 min easy Z3 / 9 miles
Approx 33 miles

Mon 1: 6M easy Z3 (or swap run from Sunday).
Tue: Rest
Wed: 47 min Intervals
10 min warm up, (4 x 2 min Z4, 1 min Z2), 3 min recovery, (4 x 2 min Z4, 1 min Z2), 10 min cool down
Thu: 50 min run easy Z3 / 5-6 miles
Fri: Rest
Sat: 62 min Intervals
10 min warm up, 2 miles Z4, recovery 10 mins, 2 miles Z4, 10 min recovery
Sun: 90 min easy Z3 / 10 miles
Approx 33 miles

Mon 8: 55 min Threshold
15 min warm up, 15 min Z4, 15 min Z2 easy, 10 min cool down
Tue: 35 min easy Z2 / 4 miles
Wed: 50 min Intervals
10 min warm up, 10 x 2 min Z4, 1 min Z2 recovery, 10 min cool down
Thu: Rest
Fri: 1 hr 40 min easy Z3 / 12 miles
Sat: Rest
Sun: Rest

Approx 27 miles

(I’ll have a break / rest this weekend)…

Mon 15: Rest
Tue: Rest
Wed: 52 min Threshold
10 min warm up, 15 min Z4, 2 mins recovery jog, 15 min Z4 easy, 10 min cool down
Thu: 35 min easy Z3 / 4 miles
Fri: Rest
Sat: 62 min Intervals
10 min warm up, 2 miles Z4, recovery 10 mins, 2 miles Z4, 10 min recovery
Sun: 80 min easy Z3 / 9 miles (fast last 3 miles)

Approx 25 miles

Mon 22: 60 min Intervals
10 min warm up, 2 x (15 min Z4, 3 min Z4 10k, 2 min recovery), 10 min cool down
Tue: 35 min easy Z3 / 4 miles
Wed: Rest
Thu: 38 min Intervals
10 min warm up, 6 x 2 min Z4, 1 min Z2 recovery, 10 min cool down
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rest
Sun: 55 min easy Z3 / 6 miles

Approx 21 miles

Mon 29: 40 min Intervals
10 min warm up, 10 x 1 min Z4, 1 min Z2 recovery, 10 min cool down
Tue: 33 min Intervals
10 min warm up, 5 x (30s Z4 fast, 30s recovery), 3 mins recovery, 5 x (30s Z4 fast, 30s recovery), 10 min cool down
Wed: Rest
Thu: 5 mile easy
Fri: 20-30 min easy Z3 – include 5 x 30 sec pick ups
Sat: Rest
Sun: 10k race

Approx 21 miles


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Women’s 10k 2017 entered!

All of the amazing runners at the London marathon today reminded me to get my second 10k entry in this year…

The Great Women’s 10k in Glasgow on the 4th June. 6 weeks away. 🙂

They improved the course that was introduced last year, no or less double backs this time, thankfully. And hopefully they’ll have the start waves improved too.

It’ll be my second 10k event of the year so far, and I might try and go for it.

Better get some more training in!

Hopefully it won’t be as warm as it was last year.

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Garagym Phase 1

As you might remember, we acquired the garage near our house in March… we have plans for it…

… I’m calling it the ‘Garagym’ – where it’ll be a multifunctional gym / storage area with room for a car to go in it if we want to.

I’ve always wanted a TRX suspension trainer, and a bench to go with the Olympic weights and squat rack I have… but I needed somewhere for it all to go – rather than in our spare room.

I’ve ordered some stuff including the TRX, bench, good strong shelving and gym flooring… and will kit it out as time goes on.

We have two parts to the first phase –
1 – getting electricity into it – lighting and sockets.

2 – painting one wall white and painting the floor.

Our electrician isn’t available until one of the last weekends in May, but he’s given us the armoured cable to bury deep in the ground. 

We dug down a channel of around 18″ deep in the last few weeks – from the house to the garage, and today we buried the cable. So our garden is looking almost back to normal.

Here’s the inside of the Garagym… with a car in it there will be about 2-3 metres at the back. I have a plan on the computer … weights on the left, shelves at the back… bikes on the right / up high hopefully. 

I’d already sealed the brick walls with a PVA mixture the other week and today I put two coats of masonry paint on the wall. It just needs finished off, then I’ll make a start on painting the floor (grey with sparkles lol). 

Once it’s painted we’ll get the electrician to do his bit – then phase 2 will be to lay the gym flooring at the back, and get the shelving and other bits and pieces in. 🙂

Garagym Phase 1 in progress!

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Hols & 100 mile Progress

I took an extra few days off work after Easter to chill out after a busy period … and had a good few days with Fit Girl before going to visit a good friend in Skye on Wednesday into Thursday.

I gave my friend my last glass rainbow as a thanks for being there for me, and spent some time with her reminiscing over old times, and generally just catching up and being with her. It was really nice.

It was a long journey there and back – somehow the 5 hours there were nicer – nicer weather, better traffic, the excitement of seeing her. But the 6 or so hour journey back wasn’t as pleasant…(I got stuck behinds slow moving lorries with windmill arms on then for about an hour).

However, as the journey went on it was a nicer reminder of good times.

It was the road I used to drive when I visited my Granny or Aunt in Lochaline, and as if on cue, there was a rainbow at Rannoch Moor on the journey there, and another two on the way back – at Rannoch Moor and Crianlarach. They made the journey a lot more pleasant, as did the stunning scenery of Glencoe (even in the rain on Thursday).

Rain / April Showers + sun = rainbows. What a lovely part of the world.

After I got home I got a good sleep (10hrs) and will spend today, the last day of my leave not doing a lot.

I’ve been for a wee run, just over 40 mins… and am meeting a friend for lunch before maybe venturing in the garage to do some of the work that needs to be done on it.

Here’s my run from this morning – a new route, 4.5 miles nice and comfy.

Avg HR 150, max 160. A negative split and a notification than my vo2 max is up to 52, which is good as it was one of my goals to improve it too. 🙂

My 100 mile goal for this month is on target, so far I’m at 69.8 miles, so have 30.2 miles to go, in about 8 days – that’s very achievable.

Here’s my plan:

30.2 miles to go

Sat: 5M

Sun: Rest

Mon: 6.2M

Tue: 8M

Wed: Rest

Thu: 5M

Fri: 6M

Sat: Rest

Sun: Rest

With an option to run on the Saturday or Sunday if I miss a run. Back to work next week, so I’ll need to be up early to run. 🙂

This time last year I was all geared up for the London marathon and I have to say I’m relieved not to have it on my shoulders this year. Maybe one year in the future I’ll do it again.

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Easter weekend of fun

What’s busy Easter weekend I’ve had… only one run (10 miles on Saturday), plenty of sleep, quite a few parks, some kite flying, a beach and a couple of rainbows. 🙂 (and a few Easter eggs).

Friday I was the Dog Walkers assistant, with Cooper the chihuahua and Rupert the Pomeranian. They are very cute. 🙂

Then we went for an early dinner at Ollie’s on Nithsdale road – a nice goats cheese pizza. Very tasty. I think I maybe had a nap after all that!

On Saturday I went a long run with Gill – 10 miles from Bella, through Pollok, around Queens Park and back to Bella.

I managed to dodge a nap that afternoon and went kite flying at Bellahouston Park instead. And there was a nice big rainbow as we drove up to the park. 🙂 April Showers. 

Kite flying for about half an hour was fun. It was a bit chilly, but it was good fun as usual.

Then we had a walk around Bella Park.

On Sunday – no pics as we got up early and went shopping. Had a great wee day, breakfast first then loadsa shops. And a few Easter eggs too. 🙂

I bought my uncle a few presents for his birthday, some presents for Fit Girl and a few presents for myself too.

Monday was a nice wee lie in, then a drive to Irvine beach for about an hour walking along the beach.

In the sea, out of the sea, a nice bright sunny day. New jacket, new scarf. 🙂 

And Asda and Jasper came too…

Then in the afternoon we spent a bit of time in the house / garage getting ready for what we’ll be doing in it (doing it up) in the next few weeks / months.

That was all just before we saw one of the biggest, brightest double rainbows I’ve ever seen, right outside our house. It was there for ages – about 15 minutes or so.

A nice relaxing long weekend with plenty rest, going to get back running tomorrow / Tuesday.

49 miles complete, I’ll need to get my trainers on some more if I want to run 100 miles this month! Eek!

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Universe Night Classes for me!

Back in December, we went to the Glasgow Science Centre and went to the planetarium for the first time.

I’ve always loved the stars, and I miss them now that I’m in the big bad city…

Back in December it was great to be reminded of some of the stars and constellations, and to learn about some of the planets and the universe. It is well cool in that planetarium! 🙂

Anyway, this month, I saw this come up:

The Universe for Beginners: Planetarium Adult Education Classes, and I thought I’d sign up. 🙂


Running on Tuesday night in May, the topics the course will cover include:

  • The Night Sky: stargazing for beginners and what to look for over the course of the year
  • The Solar System: a tour of the fascinating planets and moons of our corner of the cosmos
  • The Life and Death of Stars: how are stars born, and how do they end?
  • Life in the Universe: the hunt for extra-terrestrial life
  • Galaxies and Nebulae: searching for beautiful star-clusters, violent nebulae, and distant galaxies
  • The Big Bang: a journey back in time to the beginning of everything
  • There’s no formal assessment or homework; simply come along to marvel at the beauty of our universe, and relax under the glittering stars of our planetarium.

I’m really looking forward to it!

(Maybe I’ll meet a Martian or two?!)

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