Wk33 into Wk34

This last week was an almost perfect week exercise wise – 3 runs, 2 strength sessions, 3 rest days.

Not the most miles with just 16.8 miles, but I did do two good running coaching sessions earlier in the week, where I was able to motivate and push two people to do a little more than they’d push themselves to do. And they enjoyed it, which is always good.

I’m still just ahead in my mileage target, I’ve done 62 miles and we were 61% of the way through the month, so that’s good too.
💯 mile 🎯 I really enjoyed my 10 mile run today, a change of scenery, and a nice wee challenge on the trails.

Here’s what I did last week:

Mon: Rest
Tue: 4.6M Interval coaching session
Wed: AM HIIT 25 + Deadlift strength PM 2.2M hill coaching
Thu: Rest / travel & 1hr walk
Fri: HIIT 25 + KB Strength
Sat: 10M trails
Sun: Rest

My neck and shoulders seem better too. I got acupuncture last Thursday and I have anew sturdy chair at work, and it all seems to be working. I’ve not done physio strength since Friday, but I’m feeling no pain in my beck or shoulders, so fingers crossed it’s gone.

One thing that wasn’t so good was my sleep. There’s a few changes in work and it seems to be having a knock on to my thoughts and I seem to be waking up at 2:36am – ping! Or thereabouts. 5-8 hours sleep – not great!

Friday night I was in bed later than usual, then work really early after about 5 hours sleep, and couldn’t get back to sleep. So today could have been better. I’ll aim to be better with it next week.

I could really do with a holiday from work, but the next 4 weeks promise to be a little crazy at work, so I’ll need to be careful to get a balance with it all. I’ll have holidays soon, and I’ll just need to man up and get extra efficient until then.

Here’s the exercise plan for next week:

Mon: HIIT & Lower Strength
Tue: 6M Run Coaching
Wed: Rest / Edinburgh
Thu: 8M Run / Physio/acupuncture
Fri: HIIT & Upper Strength
Sat: 11-14M
Sun: Rest (maybe work)

Sleep – try to be in bed for 9 or 10 at night, up early to train.

Strength training Monday & Friday in Foxy’s Garagym, run days Tue, Thu, Sat. Rest days Wed & Sunday.

I’ll leave you with this… if you think I’m crazy with Foxy’s Garagym… look it the massive blow up unicorn I met in my friends garagym!! Funny funny. If that’s a lesson I’m not giving a sh!t about what others think, I don’t know what is!

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10 miles in Daviot Woods

Long run Saturday, I’m up in Inverness so decided to do something different and hit the forestry trails.

About 2 miles up to this sign then around a in couple of funny shaped squares of forest.

The weather was showers on and off, but it was fine. I didn’t get much sleep last night and felt a bit crappy / sore head before I started but I took it easy and around 45 minutes in I was feeling good.

I usually don’t like running on trails much as I get wet and dirty feet, and it can be hard – but the scenery was nice and it was nice to feel like I was in the middle of no where with not many people around.

Some nice views over Inverness, and some challenging wee trails. And I managed to hit 10 miles exactly when I got back to my car.

Average HR was 146, max 165. So working hard at parts, but not too hard.

It was pretty hilly on the way out and a nice downhill on the way back to the car. Two caffeine energy gels and plenty of water.

I went up to General Wades Road and ran around there. Hopefully I’ll be feeling ok later on after 1:40 running. 🙂

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Wk32 into Wk33

Last week was 3 runs, 2 rest days and two strength days – ideal. Yahoo.

Mon: Rest
Tue: 5.7M easy + Massage
Wed: 5.8M coaching
Thu: 6.6M easy + Physio
Fri: Strength – HIIT 25 mins plus
Sat: Rest
Sun: Strength – HIIT 25 mins + Super 4s Squat workout

I worked pretty hard in today’s strength session, and I can feel it in my back and hamstrings already, but hopefully I’ll be ok for a run tomorrow. 9 miles, first thing.

Next week will be as follows:

Mon: 9M long / build
Tue: AM HIIT 25 + Runner strength + PM Coaching run
Wed: Coaching hill run
Thu: HIIT 25 + Super 4s Deadlift strength (+ travel)
Fri: Rest or KB strength (away)
Sat: 6-10M run
Sun: Rest + travel

I have a few days off at the end of the week and I’m away to visit sone friends. I’ll get a strength session in before I go away, and a run done whilst I’m away.

I’ve decided the Garagym needs a bit of character, and I bought Foxy a while back for it. I’m going to call the gym, Foxy’s Garagym from now on, and maybe make up some wee graphics for it. Make it a place I really want to go – I’ll be accountable to Foxy – lol … to get foxy – I’ll need to work at it.

I’m aiming to do strength twice a week as well as my running (3 times), and it worked this week. My 100 mile challenge is still ahead of target for august, and I’m working towards the Kilmalcolm half on the 10th of Sept and the great Scottish half marathon on the 1st October. 💯 mile 🎯

I spent a wee bit of time in the garden today, I got and planted a ‘spotted laurel’ evergreen shrub, and I think I’ll get more for a pretty empty shaded bit of the front garden. They grow to about 3m though, so we’d better keep on top of it. Apparently it’s quite a hardy plant (good, in case I kill it!!)

Work is gearing up just now, I have three weeks to get ready for a new lot of apprentices starting… a lot to be done. I’ll hopefully be able to balance it with training nearly every day – early nights for me, and early mornings, fingers crossed.

Last night we went out to the middle of no where to see the meteor shower – out later that we normally are, we saw about 20 shooting stars in about an hour. Truly spectacular. I made just two wishes, and hopefully they’ll come true soon.

Tonight I’m going to make some banana bread, chill out and get ready for a hopefully productive three day work week next week – then visiting some good friends. 🙂 What are you up to next week?

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Physio & Strength

When I popped a muscle in my neck / shoulder at the start of June (putting atop on) – I figured it was about time I got back to strength training, mixed with my running 100 miles a month.

I started in the middle of June and it was going well – strength once a week (due to soreness / DOMS) for 4 weeks, building the exercises as I was going. Mostly body weight work. Then I got to do 2 sessions a week and was feeling good and ready to build more weights into it.

I started physio around 2-3 weeks ago and have been doing exercises they’ve given me, twice a day. Then last week I couldn’t get strength in. Part of it was because I was running a lot and another part of me was thinking rest would be good.

The physio gave me more advanced exercises yesterday, so I incorporated them into my workout today. Twisting and strengthening – nice and steady progression.

A torso twist and a neck strengthener.

Here’s what I did this morning –

– Physio strength circuit & stretching
– HIIT 25 mins above

40 minutes of movement at the end of the week after 3 days running. I think I’ll rest Saturday, run Sunday, strength Sunday. 🙂

I’ll aim to include 1-2 strength sessions a week from now on. I’m back on it!

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Wk31 into Wk32

A lot of running last week, finishing off 123 miles in July on Monday… with 4.4 miles coaching in the morning, then 12 miles in the evening (7.2 miles of running coaching).

Then the next night was 2.9 miles of running coaching, and I had a rest day on Wednesday.

I could have done strength training, but my neck / shoulders haven’t been right, so I made my (sensible) excuses not to do it.

Thursday was a good wee 50 minute run with my work Twinnie, then Friday rest day…

… before 19 miles running on Saturday, (and a tired a probably grumpy Lorn on Sunday lol). I’ve run 27.2 miles in August so far, and so far running hasn’t seemed to make my neck / shoulders sore (it’s seemed to ease it off)… but Saturday was the first day I felt the pain. A kind of nerve pain when I tip my head up, going into muscular pain. Ouch.

I’m getting weekly physio sessions for it, and on Tuesday this week I have a massage so we’ll see how that goes… I’ve also been doing daily exercises…twice a day and gear treatment.

…so anyway, last week was:

Mon: 4.4M+ 12M
Tue: 2.9M coaching
Wed: Rest
Thu: 5.3M easy
Fri: Rest
Sat: 19M long
Sun: Rest

I forgot how much running long takes it out of you. I’m still tired and a bit hungry after it.

I’ve not been sleeping too well either, so I need to get that better. Early night tonight I think.

This week will be:

Mon: Rest
Tue: 5M easy + Massage
Wed: Rest or Strength
Thu: 6M easy + Physio
Fri: Rest or Strength
Sat: 9M build
Sun: Rest

Oh and we went to ‘Meadow Road’ on Dumbarton Road on Saturday after the long run… very tasty South Street eggs. (Poached eggs on toast with cream cheese, avocado, spinach and sweet chilli sauce).

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New jungle capris

I treated myself to a wee (half price) pair of running capris from the Nike website:

I call them my jungle capris. They’re very comfy. 🙂

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New Waterproof Jacket

I managed to bag myself a bargain last week… a really high quality waterproof Rohan jacket ahead of Autumn. It arrived today.

It was reduced to less than half price at £80. And it’s going to be brilliant for any walks in the rain. http://www.rohan.co.uk/womens-bargain-travel-and-outdoor-clothing-in-the-souk-Mountain-Leader-Jacket?ocode=04392H07

(My Dad loves Rohan clothes, and I know how good quality they are – I’m glad I got this bargain.)

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