9 days in New York City

As you might have already realised, we had a great holiday, and 3-4 days after we got back we’re only now adjusted to the time zones. Just in time to go back to work.

I know I wrote this down day to day and posted it on my Facebook page, but I thought I’d put a post together about what we did in New York, so we can look back, and others can look too.

We flew United Airlines out and back – direct from Glasgow to Newark, spent 6 nights in Manhattan, then travelled up New York State to Bear Mountain and had a few chill out days there (3 nights) – including one rather rainy day at Woodbury Common Outlet stores.

We had planned 5 nights at Bear Mountain, but the weather wasn’t in our favour (rainy and cloudy) so after 3 nights we checked out and spent 3 further nights in New York City.

We bought a 5 day New York Pass before we went, and got the AirTrain to and from Newark Airport.

When we were in Bear Mountain it was a chance to chill out with some walks and runs, but our heart was in the city. The best hotel we stayed at was the Double Tree Hilton Times Square south (but the price was higher than the others).

I did three runs when I was away, one short hotel room strength session, and lots of walking.

The weather was very warm the first week, and clear, then it seemed to have the outer effects of Hurricane Florence and it got more cloudy and rainy in our second week.

We didn’t let it dampen our spirits though – and I even got a really good American Eagle umbrella for $6 in the sale (I’m Harlem of all places).

Here’s what we got up to in our 9 days there:

Day 1 – Mon 3 Sept

– Staying at Hampton Hilton, 31st Street

– Times Square

– Natural History Museum

– Guggenheim Museum (brought back some memories 😳)

– Central Park

– Museum of NYC

– Central Park / Alice in Wonderland

– 5th Avenue

– Chrysler Building

– Empire State Building

35,000 steps / 15 miles.

Day 2 – Tue 4 Sept

– Breakfast out at Friedman’s

– Bought bus tickets for our journey to Bear Mountain

– Bus Tour tickets at 42nd St

– 13 various stops on bus to downtown

– Battery Park overlooking the Statue of Liberty / War Memorial

– Sky Scraper Museum

– Walk up to 9/11 Museum and One World Trade Centre

– Sphere and 9/11 Memorial

– 9/11 Museum

– One World Observatory

– Dinner out in Tribeca

– Walk up through Greenwich, Soho & Flat Iron District

20,000 steps / 10M

Day 3 – Wed 5 Sept

– Up to the Hudson Yards & the High Line

– Whitney Museum

– Chelsea / Gramercy 🌳

– Union Square Gardens (lunch)

– Chrysler Building / 42nd St up Lexington ave

– Grand Central Terminal Tour

– Magnolia Bakery – Cupcakes

– Madame Tussaud’s – met ET (my childhood hero) etc

– Macy’s

– Dinner at the Harold

23,000 steps / 11M

Day 4 – Thu 6 Sept

– Out for breakfast 🍳 Andrews

– Subway to Brooklyn (High St)

(- Rockin’ Robin Quartet on the train)

– Brooklyn & Brooklyn Bridge Park

– Ice cream looking over Manhattan / Piers 5 & 6

– Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge

– City Hall Park

– Wall Street & Trinity Church

– South Street Seaport Museum / Piers 15 & 16

– Front Street & Pearl Street

– Sara D Roosevelt Park (watching locals play basketball)

– Chinatown & Little Italy

– Union Square

32,000 steps / 12 miles

Day 5 – Fri 7 Sept

– Out for Breakfast at Till & Sprocket 🥞

– Walk to Union Sq, down 6th Ave

– Some shopping

– Up 5th Ave, Madison Square Garden 🌳

– More shopping

– Keen Steakhouse for lunch (burger) 🍔

– Rockefeller Centre 🏙 & Top of the Rock

– St Patrick’s Cathedral 🕍

– Museum of Modern Art

– More shopping

– Time’s Square

21,000 steps / 10M

Day 6 – Tue 11 Sept

– Travel from Bear Mountain – staying at NYLO hotel in Upper West.

– Lunch out Sarabeth’s Upper West

– West side Broadway down to Columbus Circle

– Central Park

– Boating pond (ice cream)

– Strawberry fields

– Chinese meal

20,000 steps / 10M

Day 7 – Wed 12 Sept

– 5M run through Riverside & Central Parks 🌳

– Brunch at Kirsh Bakery & Kitchen 🥞

– Walk up Amsterdam & Broadway to 110th st

– Walk in Riverside Park 🌳

– Columbia University 🏢

– Morningside Park (Turtles, stork, stairs)

– Harlem🏚🏠

– Marcus Garvey Park 🌳

– Madison Ave

– Central Park Conservatory Gardens 💐

– North & East Meadow 🌳

– Upper East side down Lexington Ave

– Through Central Park to West side 🌳

– Dinner Pizza / Pasta ‘Bettola’ on Amsterdam Ave 🍕

– Wee bit of shopping

10,000 steps running, 25,000 steps walking / 5M & 12M walking

Day 8 – Thu 13 Sept

– Breakfast at Serafina’s – I had a 6oz steak 🥩 eggs 🍳 and chips 🍟

– Hayden Planetarium

– Coffee ☕️ & cookie 🍪 at Parliament Cafe at the Historical Society

– Taxi 🚕 downtown to next hotel – 36th St / 8th

– Walk around Garment District / some shopping

– Madison Square Garden – lunch

– Manhattan Mall

– Walk up Broadway & 7th

– Pedlay Centre for Media 📺 📻

– Radio City

– Rockerfella

– 6th & 5th Avenue

– Bryant Park 🇺🇸🌳🏢🌳🇺🇸

– Hotel room on top / 26th floor with city view

12,000 steps / 7M running

20,000 steps / 10M walking


Day 9 – Fri 14 sept

– Staying at Double Tree Hilton, Time’s Square South, 36th Street, free upgrade to top floor corner King room. (Best hotel of the trip).

– Breakfast

– Walk down 9th Ave

– Greenwich

– Chelsea & Chelsea Market

– Friends apartment

– New York Fire Station Museum

– Washington Square

– Graffiti on walls

– Lunch on 7th / 13th in Cafeteria

– Airport

21,000 steps / 9.5M walking

There we have it… 9 days in New York City – much fun, many memories and many pictures taken. Many beef burgers, pizza and steaks and eggs eaten – not enough ice cream (only two!)

Better get paying for it now.

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Got my number

Today I got my number for the Scottish Half Marathon this weekend – https://www.scottishhalfmarathon.com/

1197 👍🏻

Looking forward to it.

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Oops – zzz

It’s lucky we still have a few days off after coming back from New York… we’re back to work on Wednesday.

I was thinking yesterday that after the night time flight, where I maybe got 5 hours sleep, that I’d get home and do the 10 mile run I have in my plan. But instead, at 12 noon, I had a wee lie down on the bed and before I knew it, it was 4pm. Oops.

(The double espresso at the airport and coffee with breakfast clearly didn’t work).

Then I was a bit later to bed than usual, 11pm… (making overnight oats at 10pm isn’t my normal routine lol)… then managed to sleep in until about 11am this morning – 5 hours ahead of when I should have got up. Oops. It appears I’m still on New York time.

Oh well. 3 days to get it sorted before I’m back at work. And I’m feeling ok (no wonders, after a 12 hour sleep lol).

My plan is to have a normal day today, unpack everything and get an early night, then up for 6 or 7am on Monday, run 10 miles at 7 or 8am Monday. Fingers crossed that all works itself out.

I’m also planning my training for the next three months too – a mixture of running and strength training, back into the gym to see what I can get up to. 🙂

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My Pearson Porridge

When I stayed with my lovely Uncle and Aunt recently, my uncle made me a nice concoction of porridge, or overnight oats … and I figured when I got back from my holidays I’d make my own again.

His version was nice and simple and had:

– 75g oats
– Almond milk
– Chopped up dried apricots
– Sultanas (or raisins)

Then it was left overnight and eaten in the morning. It sure packed some energy and taste.

So here’s my version:

– 50g oats
– 15g Chopped walnuts (sliced almonds)
– A handful of blueberries (or 40g)
– 20g sultanas
– A sprinkle of cinnamon
– 125ml whole milk

Left overnight in the fridge, then stirred and heated for 1 minute, stir again, heat 1 minute, add milk to taste.

That’s my first attempt anyway, I’ll let you know how they turn out. (1 for each morning for 4 days).

The shopping list for it is:

– 200g oats (500g-1kg in bags or boxesusually)
– A punnet (150g) blueberries
– A bag of sultanas
– A pint (or more) of any kind of milk (I use whole)
– Nuts – either chopped walnuts or sliced almonds.
– Ground Cinnamon

Thanks for the idea uncle Derek! Hopefully it’ll help me live as long as you have! 😜

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New York City Central Park Loop

Well, that was worth getting up early on our penultimate day of our holiday in New York City to do. I wanted to run the whole way around Central Park, and I’m glad I got up early to do it.

Our hotel is around a half mile from Central Park, so I figured this was kind of a once in a lifetime chance for me to run around the whole of Central Park today. (We might be back, but not very soon.)

I figured the Park was about 2-3 miles up, and about a half a mile wide, so if I ran all the way around it, I guessed it would be about 6 miles. Half a mile from the hotel and back, and it was a 7 mile run, in exactly an hour (randomly).

I set my alarm for 6:15am and lay for a bit, then managed to realise it was all or nothing by 6:45am. Out the door by just before 7am, I ran along a quiet 77th street east towards the park.

Joining the numbers of runners already running, I headed anti clockwise, or South. It was pretty warm compared to what I’m used to 21’C but a bit cloudy and muggy – or ‘oppressive’ as the weathermen call it. It was still ok for running.

I ran my first mile pretty fast (8:00 min mile), and it felt like every mile after got slower, but I didn’t mind. It was just nice to be able to run around the whole of Central Park.

The bottom of the park (South end) was pretty busy, but it quietened off when you got to the top of the park (North end). The top also seemed to have a few long hills too (down and up) which was a bit of a challenge, but I just slowed it down and enjoyed it, taking in all of the sights.

I finished and ran up to exit at 77th street and got my pic taken. Then I met his guy… (I really don’t know who this one is – tut tut).

I saw a squirrel and a kid learning on a bike with her mum. And many many runners and cyclists. Up 77th street and a school was going in and kids were filling up the pavement so I opted to run along the cycle path for a bit, which worked fine.

A good way to start our day, now I’m off for a big breakfast to keep me going. 🙂 ps. I was a bit of a hot sweaty mess at the end. Here’s the route (6 miles exactly along the road within Central Park).

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New York City Parks running

We came back to New York City to spend a few more days here instead of at Bear Mountain (there’s more to do here in the rain). Three days left, and we’ve had a great time away.

We checked into a nice hotel (the NYLO) on the upper west side close to Central Park and the Museum of History, and we decided we’d take a nice easy run in Riverside and Central Parks this morning. It’s around 24’C and pretty humid… so what better way to see Central Park than running it?

We went along to nearly the bottom of riverside park at 72nd street, and on the way I’m told we passed Ben Stiller … he looked like he was walking his kid to school so we didn’t stop him for a pic (and I was too busy looking at dogs). Madonna lives on 81st apparently, I’ll keep an eye out for her whilst up here. 😉

Just as I started our run (after walking a couple of blocks to where we were going to start) I pressed my Garmin to go… and it basically died right in front of me.

You can’t see it here but it froze and a black mist came over the screen … then the screen went black – died right in front of me. Aahhhhh. (Luckily I had my Apple Watch on, and Fit Girl was wearing her Garmin so I’d get the map etc from that). I’m charging it now and hopefully it’ll be ok.

Anyway, after my left arm fell off (my Garmin stopped working lol)… We ran all the way up riverside park, it seemed very much like a dog park, with lots of people out walking their dogs.

Fit Girl was in heaven seeing them all. Once we’d run mostly to the top of the park, we ran east towards Central Park and started nearly at the top near 100th Street.

We got onto the main drag and joined the hundreds of runners, walkers and cyclists that do this every day. We ended up getting down to strawberry fields before going back up the outside of the park to get home.

And I met this bloke near the museum of natural history… he’s famous I think? (Only kidding…).

Back at our hotel, we’d run just over 5 miles and a good way to wake up and see the sights. I’m not sure what we have planned today, probably some more eating, walking and sight seeing.

Here’s the map from Fit Girl’s Garmin:

Now, please pray with me that my left arm, I mean, my Garmin will be ok. 😉

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Lots of walking in NYC

No running in the last week (or September) for me… but plenty of walking… I’ll write a summary of what we did in the last week with a few pics … but in the meantime, here’s some of where I’ve been (the Garmin maps went a bit funny – the distances were way out).

Lower West side… Chelsea, The High Line & Greenwich.

Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan.

Here’s me on the High Line. 🙂

Times Square Central Park and the Empire State. And another day we did the One World Observatory and the 9/11 Museum etc on the first day, and some sight seeing, eating out and shopping today.

I made the mistake of not wearing trainers on the first two days (I wore Toms and Keens) and my feet were sore after the long walks. But my trainers on the next few days have me the support I needed (and some ibuprofen helped too).

On avg 23k steps a day… including some low steps days on Saturday and Sunday. Around 10-12 hour days. 164k steps in a week! No running, but plenty of walking, sight seeing and having fun.

I’ll need (and will get) a rest next week! 🙂

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