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Wk46 – Circuits wi Gill

Wednesday morning. 630am. Circuits with Gill at Bella. We did the warm up and I noticed my ankle was sore when I tried the Log Jumps, so I did high knees instead of them. It seemed ok as long as … Continue reading

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Ow ow ow…

Jeezo… my legs are sore… my hamstrings and quads! Ouch.  I don’t know if it’s from the circuits from Monday night, or from double spinfit on Tuesday night… or from the injury I picked up last Friday. My hope is … Continue reading

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Wk11 – Double Spinfit

Tuesday night was spinfit night: double spinfit.  2 x 45 mins with the lovely and funny Helen. After work I really wasn’t fancying it, but I’m glad I went as I got a good workout.  Spinning like that, high intensity … Continue reading

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Wk7 – Double Spinfit

Tuesday night was straight to Spin as usual after work. I wasn’t booked in for the first class as it was full when we tried to book it, but surprise surprise there were about 5 empty bikes!! Annoying. Nevermind. My … Continue reading

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Spinfit and powerplate session 2

Tuesday night I went straight to the gym after work to do an easy double Spinfit class with Helen. I was going to just spin easy so went to the back of the class and told Helen I’d be taking … Continue reading

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Marathon hangover…

So… 24 hours have passed… I had a bit of a restless night… a little dehydrated and my hips were sore as anything – I couldn’t get comfy to sleep.   I’m walking like a cowboy too. lol. I think … Continue reading

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ow ow ow…

Looks like the weights last night worked.  😀 I have sore…: Shoulders, Triceps, Abs, Obliques and Pecs.  They aren’t too bad, but at least I know the workout was worth it.   I’ve decided on my 18 mile route too… 3 miles … Continue reading

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