Training Plan for August

Back to my training and I’m really getting into my swimming – good thing really, as I have the 3,000m Go Swim open water event at Loch Lomond in about 3 weeks time.
Here’s how I plan my training, usually week by week, in an email draft on my phone. Here’s what I did / am going to do this week:

I’m giving blood on Saturday, so I’ll bear that in mind for Sunday – to keep an eye on how I’m feeling, and bail on the Sunday loch swim if I’m not, or the weathers not looking good. We will see. Safety and sense comes before the need to swim / practice in a loch (although I really want to do it).

By the way, I’ve recently went on a water safety course online with the RNLI (free), and have signed up to anther one, 4×1 hour on zoom in October (£30).

It’ll be a good thing to increase my knowledge of, especially if I’m going to be swimming in places other than the pool.

Anyway, here’s my training plan for the next 3 weeks up to the event (also taking into consideration o hope to do the Brighton 10k on the 12 September (fingers crossed).

As usual, most of my exercise is done in the morning, before 8am / a bit later at the weekends.

Next week I decided to add in a third swim. I’d already booked Thursday at the Gorbals, and you can’t do Tuesdays there… so Wednesday it’ll have to be.

With my running, I’m gently building the distance up, and if I feel any pain in my leg ok or after the run I will not progress the distance. Wish me luck.

It would be great if I got rid of my hamstring injury once and for all – and if I can run 10k pain free, I will be over the moon.

Then after the Brighton 10k I’ll have some time off work, and maybe some time off training too. We’ll see.

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