Wk30 into Wk31

Last week I did 3 swims, 2 runs, 1 strength, about 3-5 short walks and had a rest day on Saturday. As I hadn’t swum on Sunday due to being away for the weekend, I swam first thing on Monday at the Gorbals and it worked fine.

My runs were the best they’ve been in a long time, and my right leg seems to be forgetting it’s sore. My runs on Tuesday and Friday were pain free for once. I’m so pleased, and I’ve stopped the physio exercises and physio treatment. But I’ll still take it easy with running – 2 runs a week still, building very gently in terms of distance.

I went for a wee walk on Wednesday morning before work… I think I had spin on the plan? But was a bit tired after the weekend so opted for a wee early morning walk and a strength session instead. And it was raining for once! Shock horror.

It ended up it stopped raining not long after I went out. The walk set me up well for a 30 minute Apple fitness strength session with Kyle.

That’s me swum between 2,000m -2,500m twice a week for about 5 weeks now, plus a few open water swims, in Loch Ness, Lochan Spling and the sea at Stonehaven.

I feel like I’ve got my swim fitness back, and I’m swimming strongly, and seeming to recover well too. Training is going well, and I’m enjoying it. I’m a swimmer again!

Only thing is my old goggles have started leaking… which is a little annoying. An old pair of clear tyr goggles. So I went back to my trusty Speedo goggles instead. I ended up buying a pair of Hyper Elite goggles and they fit well (above). They’re cool. I’ll try them on Thursday.

My sleep was good, although I did have one night where I woke half way through the night and couldn’t sleep. Hopefully that doesn’t happen often. I’ve been much more settled since January, since I knew my path was going to change. So that’s all good.

Things are really good again, at long last. 👍🏻 My big smile is back. (Although my hair needs cut, for sure!)

On Thursday I made some very last minute arrangements to go see the owners of this little pup – Vinny. It was nice to catch up with some ex colleagues and share how good things are with me now – work, training, life. What a difference to a year ago.

I had a rest day yesterday, with a nice brunch at the Marlborough… eggs florentine, yum.

… then I picked up someone nice from the hospital and spent some time with her and her cat, and got her some messages etc. It’s nice to be nice and see people.

Then today Fit Girl and I went a nice wee walk sting Hogganfield Loch in the north of the city.

More animals. This time of the bird variety – loads of them! Swans, geese and all sorts of other birds.

Then we had a late lunch at Toni Macaroni’s where the service and the food was great. I’d done my big swim and not eaten much so I decided I’d have pizza and a pudding of a banana split!

Goats cheese and caramelised onions… then three scoops of ice cream. Funny enough, I didn’t need anything else to eat all day! Oops.

It was pure greed, but probably worth it.

Here’s my distances for July vs June. More swimming – about 22,500m, 30 miles running, 47 miles walking, but a lot less cycling at just 32 miles. So maybe I earned it?!

Here’s my plans for training next week. I’ll aim to get a couple of runs and a couple spin sessions in, and I’ll have a rest day on Saturday which should also help me to recover from giving blood.

As long as I’m fine after giving blood, I hope to go open water swimming on Sunday – hopefully up to Loch Venachar early doors. But I’ll take it as it comes. I’m usually fine after giving blood, but you never know.

Oh and I used my fins / flippers today. Some good strong swimming and some hard work.

My new garmin swim 2 watch is coming in handy for the workouts, splits and heart rate. All these stats are from my swim today at Tollcross.

I leave you with this… a picture of a wee bird who keeps coming to our garden, we’ve named him ‘Scrawny’ because he is.

Cats dogs birds, nice people and plenty activity and sleep and eating. What a good week, I’ve had. Here’s to many more.

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