Super 8s Strength Workout

Super8slogoandstraplineI’ve come up with a simple
Super 8s Strength Workout
based on the main
compound weight lifting exercises:
Squats, Deadlifts, Press and Row.

My Super 8s Strength Workout is designed to make you become progressively super strong by getting you to add and lift more load as time goes on.


8s strength 1Super8s
Here is my
Super 8s Strength Workout Workbook
(in Excel) which you can download,
print out and take to the gym and use to chart your progress.

Here’s the layout and details of my Super 8s strength workout:



  1. 2-3 Strength Workouts a week, on alternate days (ie: M, W, F).
  2. Download, Save as and Print out your Super 8s Strength Workout from here.
  3. Cardio warm up to start (bike or run).
  4. Check the Super 8s Strength Plan page for weights to lift.
    (Weights detailed are in KG.)
  5. Where more than one exercise shows (1-8), choose one:
    (ie 1. Press up, Bench Press or Cable Press)
  6. Record the weights you lift, your failure reps and your weight, body fat
    on the 8s Actuals Record.
  7. Use Barbells (for most exercises) /  Dumbbells / Kettlebells (for the KB swing).
  8. 5 sets of: 8, 7, 6, 5, to Failure.
  9. Option to do all 8 exercises each workout day, or
    Do 4 exercises (1-4) one workout day, then the next 4 (5-8) the next workout day.
  10. Use heavy weights, and have limited rest = work hard. 🙂

8s strength 2Note: The order of the exercises is set up so that you work particular parts of your body, then rest them whilst you train other parts of your body – for the best results, don’t change the order of the exercises.

FSuper8slogoinally, if you have any questions about my
Super 8s Strength Workout

feel free to: email me.

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