My Medals as at 2021

51. That’s how many medals I’ve got. I started running in 2008, so that’s not many medals each year, but enough for me, and they’ve amassed over the years into quite a nice wee haul.

I finally got around to getting my extra medal hanger up… and here they all are (some of them are Fit Girl’s too – over and above my 51):

Oct 2008 Big fun 5k
Dec 2008 Glasgow Santa Dash
May 2009 Glasgow Women’s 10k
Aug 2009 Wick Sprint Triathlon
March 2010 Mighty Deerstalker (never again!)
March 2010 Balloch to Clydebank Half
April 2010 Fort William Marathon
May 2010 Glasgow Women’s 10k – PB 44:12
Sep 2010 Glasgow Half Marathon (dressed as Super Girl)
March 2011 Balloch to Clydebank Half Marathon
May 2011 Glasgow Women’s 10k
Sept 2011 Glasgow Half Marathon
Sept 2011 Chicago Half Marathon

May 2012 West Highland Way Walk
Sept 2012 Glasgow Half Marathon
March 2013 Balloch to Clydebank Half marathon
March 2013 D33
May 2013 Mull of Kintyre Half Marathon
May 2013 Glasgow Women’s 10k
June 2012 Barrathon Half Marathon
May 2014 Glasgow Women’s 10k (pacing)
May 2014 Belfast Marathon PB – 3:32:37
(Fastest marathon event)
June 2014 Skye Half Marathon PB – 1:38:08
July 2014 Thunder Run 24
(Sept 2014 Glasgow Marathon PB – 3:28:18 – But not an event so I don’t have a medal!)
July 2015 Thunder Run 24
Oct 2015 Glasgow Half Marathon (pacer)
Oct 2015 Loch Ness Marathon

(Sept 2016 Glasgow Half Marathon)
Need to move this one over on the hanger.
April 2016 London Marathon
June 2016 Skye Half Marathon
Oct 2016 Loch Ness Marathon
March 2017 Loch Katrine 10k
Sept 2017 Glasgow Half Marathon
Nov 2017 Moira’s 5k
March 2018 Inverness Half Marathon
April 2018 London Marathon
May 2018 Glasgow Women’s 10k

Sept 2018 Glasgow Half Marathon
Sept 2018 Scottish Half Marathon
Nov 2018 Moira’s 5k
Dec 2018 Glasgow Santa Dash
March 2019 Inverness Half Marathon
Sept 2018 Glasgow Half Marathon
March 2019 Alloa Half Marathon
Jan 2020 Nigel Barge 10k
March 2020 Balloch to Clydebank Half Marathon
Nov 2020 Moira’s 5k
Aug 2021 Loch Lomond 3,000m Swim
Sept 2021 Brighton 10k
Sept 2021 Loch Morlich 3,000m Swim

As you can see, a lot of them have been local, or at least in Scotland. My furthest away (and possibly favourite medal and one of my favourite events) was the Chicago Half Marathon in 2011.

The furthest north was the triathlon up in Wick. The furthest south, the Brighton 10k.

I think best medals are the Chicago one, the Brighton 10k one, and the marathon ones, Loch Ness and London, nice and chunky. Although the D33 and the Mok Half Marathon ones are nice as they’re hand made.

As for lock events Moira’s 5k in Queens Park is always good, and this year I’m going to do something different with a nighttime 5k / lit up around the Kelpies in November. That’ll be my 4th medal in 4 months / this year.

I’ve won two age group prizes in my running / swimming career – usually due to lower numbers of participants! The Barrathon I got a nice glass, for being 3rd female senior I think, and for the Loch Lomond 3,000m swim I was 3rd female veteran (still waiting on my trophy!)

I’ll now likely stick to shorter runs (under the marathon, closer to the 10k mark, maybe the odd half marathon), and hopefully get some more medals at swimming events.

Now there’s some room for some more with the few extra rows on the bottom hanger I’ve added.

I think it’s safe to say that my running PBs are likely behind me (plus running fast is hard!)… but maybe I’ll get some new swimming PBs (and medals) now that I’m new / back to the sport.

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