Technique 1 Swim Session – 6/1/21

I thought I’d blog about my swim training rather than just share it on my Facebook page, so here it is.

This morning I started my swim training for 2022 with a new swim smooth workout – Technique 1, which consisted of the workout in the image below.

There were three in the lane, including me and we managed to space it out enough to be fine swimming.

I did a good warm up – of 200m front crawl swim, 150m Pull, 100m broken arrow / swim by 25s, then 50m front crawl again.

Then a 300m build set of 6 x 50m, which was 25m strong / 25m easy. I got caught behind someone on the last 50m, but other than that it was a good 45-50 secs per 50m

Then I went onto the 4 x 400m set… (but without fins as they’re not allowed in Bella) –

1. (Fins) > 6/1/6 < FC
2. B3/5/7/3
3. (Fins) > Broken Arrow < FC
4. FC

I have to admit the broken arrow drill took some getting used to… here’s a video of it

But once I got into it on the 400m swim I was fine. Until the cool down where I nearly choked and drowned – ha… first time in a while I’ve had to recover on my back.

The 6-1-6 drill is good too – in a steam lined position, arms in front, kick for 6, then breathe and do a pull to one side, then 6 kicks and repeat.

I think the drills probably made me work a little harder, with my max heart rate going up to 158, average 138.

When I finished, the other female in the lane recognised me and introduced herself as someone from the Glasgow Triathlon Club. So that was nice.

2,700m / 108 lengths in about 50 mins.

I had a shake after it, and then this tasty breakfast burrito out. Yum.

A good start to my swim training for this year. I’m booked in to Tollcross on Sunday at 9am (lane 7) and Bella Tuesday and Thursday at 630am.

If you want to know more about my swim training sessions, go here –

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