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Top 10 tips on becoming a morning exerciser!

I love working out in the morning before work.  6:30am I aim to get to the gym by (or out for a run by), and I’m usually there by about 6:34 or so.  😉 I usually work out for 45 … Continue reading

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I’m going to be a pacer at the GSR half marathon!

I got news today that the organisers of the Great Scottish Run want me to be a pacer for the half marathon. 🙂 I was planning on doing the event anyway with a friend of mine Pauline Davies. It’s her … Continue reading

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GSR Half Marathon Top 10 Tips

As it’s my third year running the Glasgow GSR Half Marathon, and I’ve taken to trying to help others run this year… I thought I’d get my top 10 tips together about the event and about running half marathons in … Continue reading

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10 steps to improving your nutrition: part 3

Following on from part 1 and part 2, here is part to in my ‘How to improve what and how you eat’ series: 10 STEPS TO IMPROVING YOUR NUTRITION 1. Eat smart. Eat right.  Plan and prepare your meals and … Continue reading

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How to run and enjoy it!

In the past few months I’ve been helping quite a few people start to run.  Starting out running can be a bit daunting.  Firstly you don’t know how your body will react when you start running and secondly, it’s all … Continue reading

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50 fitness facts you need to know

Here are 50 fitness facts to live by… : 1.Carbohydrates, protein, fat, and alcohol have 4, 4, 9, and 7 calories per gram respectively. 2.It takes a 3500 calorie deficit to lose 1 pound. 3.Insulin and growth hormone have an … Continue reading

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5/5 Top 10 ways to achieve your personal best

To take your training and competition to the next level you need to do more than just put in time, you need to have a plan.  Your training program requires constant adjustment throughout the year to avoid plateaux and burnout. … Continue reading

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Top 10 Marathon Tips

With the marathon season coming up, I thought I’d put some top tips together to help you get through the 26.2 miles that is the marathon. Some of it you’ll know already, and some of it might be new to … Continue reading

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My goals for the D33: Tick! + some tips!

On Saturday the 17th March 2012, I completed my first official Ultramarathon.  The D33 went really well for me, almost exactly to plan and I think I ran the race of my life. Below is an update of (how well) … Continue reading

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Top 10 ways to Improve Your Trail Running

This weekend will see my first trail run on the West Highland Way this year, in preparation for the 53 mile Highland Fling Ultramarathon in April.  I’ve mentioned before that I’ve found trail running to be very different to road … Continue reading

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