My go to breakfast

Here’s my go to breakfast…. a tasty high protein yoghurt, berry and walnut breakfast that keeps you fuelled and fuller for longer.

– 25g impact whey protein – summer fruits (My Protein)
– 200g (2 large tables spoons) skyr fat free natural yoghurt – a handful of blueberries
– a handful of crushed walnuts
– a splash of milk (full fat for me!)

– mix the protein powder with the yoghurt and splash of milk (if you want it to be less thick). – add in the blueberries and crushed walnuts
– add milk if you want (or not).

Serve with coffee and a multi vitamin and super omega 3 capsule.

Health benefits:
– a good balanced meal, with plenty protein, fats and energy to keep you going and fuller for longer.
– health benefits from the blueberries (anti oxidants, blood pressure, healthy skin and bones, protecting against heart disease) and walnuts (omega 3 fats).

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