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Q: Beginners: Further or Faster?

Here’s a question from a reader who’s just started running a few months ago…  (his aim in starting running was to mix things up a bit and run a 10k – and perhaps a marathon once, if he liked running.  … Continue reading

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Help me: Should I run tomorrow morning?

There are Amber weather warnings out for tomorrow, Thursday morning (22nd).  It should be quite mild…10’C…but very windy and wet.  Christopher Blanchett was warning everyone on the News / Weather tonight. Forecast for Thursday Squally winds and heavy rain slowly … Continue reading

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Q. How does pacing work in a Half Mararthon?

A first time half marathon runner posted a question on my Facebook page and I thought I’d answer it here for her…it might help others thinking the same thing… (thanks for the question Mandy) Q Hi this is my first … Continue reading

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Garmin activities won’t upload to Garmin Connect – FIX

I’ve spent the last two weeks frustratingly not being able to upload my activities from my Garmin 610 to Garmin Connect. It may sound sad but I feel a bit like I’ve had a finger cut off (not as bad … Continue reading

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I did it!

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Q: Is it too late to change my training plan for the GSR?

A friend of mine asked for some advice around training for a half marathon and I thought I’d post it here for anyone else thinking of doing a half marathon: Q:  Hi Lorn, May I ask for some advice? I’m … Continue reading

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Q. How to run faster?

A friend of mine who has been running for about 3 years now and really got the running bug, asked me for some advice on how to get faster and I thought I’d put it on here, see if it … Continue reading

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Q: How can I build strength in my legs for running?

Here’s another question and answer… 🙂 (It’s answered by me mind, no expert, but I know what I know based on my experience) 😀 What exercise, other than just running can you suggest to build strength in the legs? I’m … Continue reading

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7 week Half Marathon plan

Following my post yesterday about how to increase your mileage from 10k up to half marathon distance, another friend asked me if I thought it would be too much of an ask for him to aim to run a half … Continue reading

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Q: Running Long and thoughts on runs

Someone at work asked me a few questions about running today, and I thought I’d answer them on here for her… 🙂 How do you increase the distance you generally run (from 10k)? First of all you need to decide … Continue reading

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