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31M map and splits

Now that I’m home I’ve been able to upload my garmin route from the 31 mile run I did on Friday. Here it is: Wk24 – 31M Thurso to Wick Here are the stats of the run: Run: 31.01M, 4:31:32, … Continue reading

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Change of direction

Today I’m going to move away from concentrating on running so much and hopefully give my leg a but of time to recover. I’m going to go to the gym, do a 10 minute run and see how my legs … Continue reading

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Wrecked my knee and my plans

Well, the bad news is that I appear to have really injured my knee. Yesterday during the 31 mile extravaganza I did: ( ) I felt the familiar pain of IT band friction in my right knee and leg from … Continue reading

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Wk24 – 31M Dunbar Hospital Thurso to Wick

Well. I did it. I ran the furthest I’ve ever run today. I’ll write it up properly with photos and the route but here’s a wee summary. Here’s the route: I ran 31 miles in about 4:30. I stopped … Continue reading

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Wk24 – 5M in sunny Wick

I’ve not run since the disastrous run a week ago where I was meant to run about 26 miles (32 in total for the day) and I only managed 16 (plus 6 from the morning). I had a rubbish time … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to me :-D

Today, the 21st of June was my 31st birthday. I had a nice relaxing day on holiday in Inverness. I woke and opened cards and lots of presents. I got loads of presents, a couple of books, 2 running tops, … Continue reading

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Wk23 – an hour of gym work

I spent a few days looking after my 3 year old niece and felt that I hadn’t spent much time with my partner. Usually on a Saturday morning I do my long run (from 7 or 8 am) and my … Continue reading

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Wk23 – Part 2: Cambuslang out 8 miles and back

After the run in the morning with Jackie, I got in my car and drove to Cambuslang anyway. Doubts were already in my head. 26 miles on a route I don’t know. My leg is sore, maybe I should just … Continue reading

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Wk23 – Long run day – part 1

I’ve been a bit busy since knocking off work on Wednesday night. My sister was way over her due date with her second baby and I was to look after her oldest daughter whilst my sister was in labour. I … Continue reading

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Wk4 Training for 40 mile ultramarathon (updated)

With family commitments and things getting in the way I’m having to amend my training a little… this week I’ll have run 3 times, totalling 46 miles.  I took today off after a hard run yesterday and towards the end … Continue reading

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