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Q. How to run faster?

A friend of mine who has been running for about 3 years now and really got the running bug, asked me for some advice on how to get faster and I thought I’d put it on here, see if it … Continue reading

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Wk7 – 5M Winter Series wi Gill

I thought I’d get Gill to do some speedwork today.  She wants to get faster over 5 miles and speedwork just might help her to do that.  We’ve been doing the same 5 mile route over Winter: from Bellahouston, along … Continue reading

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Speedwork using your Garmin 610

A while ago I wrote a blog post about how to set up your Garmin 405 to do speedwork… well here’s how you can set up speedwork workouts on your Garmin 610.   Unlock your Garmin 610. Go to the … Continue reading

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Wk6 – 8.23M speedwork

Thursday night and I wasn’t dreading the hour of speedwork I had planned.  Although I had felt a bit of a niggle on the outside of my right calf, so I wondered if I should be doing it at all.  … Continue reading

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Wk5 – 8M Speedwork & attacked by a bulldog…

I say ‘attacked’…. I wasn’t really attacked… he was just wanting to run along and play, but as it was a bull dog…and it was dark…I had my music on… it was on one of my fast intervals, and didn’t … Continue reading

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Wk4 – 7.45M speedwork

After my abismal attempt at 7 miles of speedwork last Wednesday (- I only managed 2.5 miles before stopping the treadmill), I thought I would try a different approach.  Here was the plan before last nights run: Run outside, and not on … Continue reading

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Wk10 – 10k in the rain

Wednesday night and my friend picked me up from work so that we could go straight to the start of the women’s 10k route and run it before it got dark. It was raining quite heavily, and it ended up … Continue reading

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Wk9 – 7.2M Speed with every even mile faster

After a long day at work on Wednesday (I didn’t go swimming at night as I had planned…work seemed to get in the way)…in the back of my mind I wasn’t really fancying a 7 mile speed session this morning… … Continue reading

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Wk4 – 10k Time Trial

Wednesday morning it was either going to be a slow 5 miles to replace the one I was meant to be doing at the weekend…or a fast 10k time trial. I put the vote out on facebook and two people … Continue reading

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Wk1 Wednesday 5.1M speed session

Wednesday morning… 5:20 I woke up after having a dream I cycled the 5 miles I was going to run this morning, on a spin bike… I fell back to sleep.  6:05 I woke up having dreamt that I had … Continue reading

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