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Hey you, Zombie on a treadmill

I absolutely HATE seeing people on the treadmill – holding on….I rarely run on treadmills, but know there’s a time and a place for them. I find people holding onto treadmills so annoying, so I thought I’d write this… 🙂 … Continue reading

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Wk49 – 6th day of the week in the gym!

Like buses…. I don’t go to the gym for months, then this week I think today is my 6th day in a row!  I was going to do a long run, but Fit Girl suggested I join her in her … Continue reading

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Wk49 – 7.6M treadmill hill session

Wednesday night and it was back to Bella gym for a run on the treadmill. I could have run outside but I’m getting fed up of the dark, so I thought I’d continue my running in the gym instead. When … Continue reading

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Wk49 – 8k progressive treadmill speedwork

Monday morning and there was no way I was letting the first snow of this Winter put me off getting a run in this morning.  I think my legs were still a little tired after the long walk on Saturday, but … Continue reading

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WK31 – 5M treadmill hills then Insanity Day 14

Wednesday night and it was pouring so I decided to run on the treadmill. I like running in the rain, but I knew I had to do an Insanity workout after my run, so I didn’t want to do it … Continue reading

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Wk27 – Run then Lorn’s Tabata Circuits with Gill

Thursday morning and I’d arranged to meet Gill again at Bella for some circuits.  I’ve not been settle dwith the circuits we’ve been doing and in the last two weeks I’ve been playing about with different exercises. The workout consists … Continue reading

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Run, Insanity Day 2, Bike workout

Tonight I’m planning the following: Run: 20 minutes treadmill Insanity Day 2: Plyometrics Cardio Bike: 45 minutes, Speed Acceleration workout Run: I’m going to take it easy on my run, on the treadmill, perhaps run at between 7.1-7.5mph.  Nice and … Continue reading

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