Wk2 into Wk3 and being a mentor

Last week was good, my first week back at work… and I tried to keep my training up, but needed a rest day on Friday, and ended up skipping my strength workout on Monday (for a rest day) after swimming coaching so I could get logged in early after two weeks off.
Here’s what I did:

By Thursday I was getting a bit tired. I’d been used to 9-10 hours sleep each night and I was getting about 8.5.

When I was off on leave I was getting between 9-10.5 hours sleep a night (and no naps needed)… but on Saturday I took a wee nap when it was raining in the afternoon.

I was probably tired from being back at work, but on top of that my Thursday was very long; with a swim early, then a day at work, and a 3 hour training session on ‘Child Protection’ for my swimming coaching for the juniors of Glasgow Triathlon Club. It was a good refresher and very worthwhile.

Last week I also got some new goggles, a new pair of arena tracks…. I needed to change the nose bar out to a smaller one, but they’re good and a reasonable price too.

I did 2 runs last week, a 10k on Wednesday and just over 5k on Saturday.

On Friday I realised a goal I’ve been trying to get to for a while. In July 2020 I signed up to be a mentor with MCR Pathways… https://mcrpathways.org/become-a-mentor/ and on Friday I met my first mentee. A girl from a local school who I’ll meet regularly and hopefully help.

Read more about it on the link above. 🙂

It seems like it’ll be very rewarding for me too. I’ll meet her once a fortnight, usually in person, but maybe virtually at some point.

Next week I have the following planned:

I got a good lower body strength workout in today, after swimming coaching, very early. I’ll see how tired I get this week, but hopefully I’ll be used to full time working, plus 2 hours coaching, by the end of the week (after my leave).

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