Wk25 – 4.2M Clyde Bridge loops with knee pain

The plan for Wednesday’s run was to try to run up to 5 miles and see if I experienced any pain in my knee/IT band.  I had run 1.5 miles on Monday night on the treadmill (13.5 minutes) and hadn’t felt any particular pain… so today was a chance to try running for a little longer.

The pain isn’t there when I don’t run, so the only way to test it, is to run. I decided on a looped route which would keep me close to my flat.  A few loops around the bridges over the Clyde.  I ran up to the Millenium Bridge, then over the Squinty, then over the Bells Bridge.  Then along on the North side of the river to the Squigley Bridge where I crossed and ran East to the next footbridge.  All seemed to be going well.  I felt comfortable and didn’t feel any pain in my knee.

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Across the footbridge… then I headed West along the North side of the Clyde again.  I was about 5k in when I felt a little niggle in my knee, then by 3.3 miles the pain kicked in properly.   I had about a mile to go (I thought) and I managed to run (a little slower) back home.  Back over the Squigley Bridge on the South side of the river – I could have walked, but I knew it was only a short distance home.

My sore leg is the one on the left in the photo (my right leg)

It’s kind of good that I know the injury is still there because it means I must keep my change of direction and avoid thinking of doing any long distances and think about training in another way (ie circuits/swimming/walking/leisurely cycling).

2.5 weeks until the Clyde Stride and it is looking ever increasingly not an option for me.  Never mind, there are worse things to happen in this world.  🙂

I’m not going to get upset or depressed about it, I’m just going to take my mind off running, rest my leg from running and take stock of what I can do and what I’ve got to give.  😀

Run: 4.3M, 36:14, Pace: 8:29, Calories: 425
Ave HR: 149 (78%) Max HR: 169 (89%)

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