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Wk48 – Monday Gym, run & weights

Monday night, straight to the gym from work. I was going to do a warm up cycle 15-20 minutes, but when I went in all of the bikes were taken, so it was on the treadmill for me again. I … Continue reading

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Speedwork plan

After the new year I will be building up my training to aim to do the Lochaber Marathon in April… : 14 weeks worth of training.  In the weeks that I train I’d do: 1-2 easy runs, 1 speedwork run … Continue reading

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Wk48 – Monday morning run…

Monday morning: I went to the gym to do 7k on the treadmill.  The snow is still here so running outside is out of the question.  I usually run 4.3 miles to Maxwell Park and back, but there was no … Continue reading

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Wk47 – Run then weights

This morning the snow was here… after 1 week of not getting any (and me feeling rather smug that we didn’t have any for once whilst the rest of the country did)… we got it.  Julie Ann, the woman I … Continue reading

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Give blood… appointment made

So I try to give blood about 2-3 times a year and I thought now was as good a time as any.  A nice recover period before the training restarts for proper in January. I’ve booked in for Wednesday … Continue reading

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Wk47 – easy run, power plate, swim

Wednesday night I got in had dinner, then went out at about 7pm to go to Bella Leisure Centre.  The football was on at Ibrox so it ended up the gym and pool were very quiet.  Sweet.  Stangely enough the … Continue reading

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Here are my weights routines for December… I’m going to stick to one or two of them, and maybe mix in a few of the exercises once I get back into it. The plan is to do what I did … Continue reading

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Wk47 – the plan from now til the end of 2010…

Now that I’m almost recovered… I’ve got the task of getting a training plan together which works on the activities I’m wanting to work on… (less) running, weights, swimming, spin and bike work. This is the sort of thing I’m … Continue reading

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More marathon analysis…

So after the marathon… my legs are nearly back to normal and I’m back to easy training.  In the time after the marathon I did a bit of analysis on the speed and time splits for the 26.2 mile distance … Continue reading

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Spinfit and powerplate session 2

Tuesday night I went straight to the gym after work to do an easy double Spinfit class with Helen. I was going to just spin easy so went to the back of the class and told Helen I’d be taking … Continue reading

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