10 Super Lean Cardio Workouts


Each cardio interval workout will include a 5 minute warm up followed by a set number of intervals, and a 5 minute cool down.  The number and duration of intervals will increase over time and I’ll provide a plan for you to follow.

The key phases and workouts in the Cardio section of the Super Lean Regime are:

PHASE ZERO: Set time aside and choose your cardio
Choose cardio you enjoy (or cardio you don’t hate!)

PHASE ONE: Short Intervals
Weeks 1–4: Speed: 30 secs hard: 30 secs recovery.
1 min intervals: 1 min hard: 1 min recovery.
Power: 30 secs hard: 2 mins recovery.

PHASE TWO: Intermediate Intervals
Weeks 5-8: 1 min intervals: 1 min hard: 1 min recovery.
 2 min intervals: 2 min hard: 2 min recovery.
3 min intervals: 3 min hard: 3 min recovery.

PHASE THREE: Long Intervals
Weeks 9-12:
           2-3 min intervals: 2-3 min hard: 2-3 min recovery.
                 4 min intervals: 4 min hard: 2 min recovery.
6 min intervals: 6 min hard: 3 min recovery.

There are also three other cardio workouts which you can do in addition to what is planned as part of the Lean Regime, or you can utilise them after the initial 12 weeks of the Regime:

PLUS THREE: Three final cardio workouts

20 secs hard: 40 secs moderate: 60 secs recovery
Steady State: Low – moderate intensity long duration.
Tempo: 10 min warm up, 20-40 mins hard, 10 min cool down (up to 1 hr).

Through out the Super Lean Regime you will do three cardio workouts per week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Sunday is a rest day.


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