Wk44 into Wk45

Last week I got 2 swims in, 2 strength, 1 run and 2 rest days, along with 2 x 1 hour swim coaching. I also had a good wee day on Wednesday travelling to Stonehaven to see my Dad and step Mum – the perks of ‘flexi time’ at work.

Here’s what I did:

And here’s the totals:

I took today off swimming for a break from it, and I’ll be back at it on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday next week. Here’s my plans for next week:

I have a couple of social runs planned next week, so that will be good. I’ve also planned some strength in, and I’ll hopefully get 2 minimum done. I’ve been a little sore after strength, so the more I do it regularly the better.

Im travelling on Friday with another flexi day to see a friend, her kid and her new puppy! And I’m also meeting a friend on Sunday for brunch after my swim. 4 friends in one week!

Let’s see how I get on with my training next week.

Roll on Monday. I’m up early again to teach swimming for the Glasgow Triathlon club, it’s good to see people progressing with their swimming – even if it is at 615am on a Monday!

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