Taking a different path

Today I went a run… a little longer than my usual 5k, up to Maxwell Park and back. It’s a route I’ve done for over a decade and one of my favourites… a bit uphill at the start, and of course, a bit downhill on the return (weeeeeeeeeee).

I must have run it nearly a hundred times (garmin says 96 times since 2009!)

Before, when I’d run it, I would usually always do the route clockwise, taking a left where St Andrews Drive meets Sheilds road, then round in a clockwise circle and back home. I’d do it that way, just about every single time.

Now since I’ve had some time off and limitations from running in the last year… I’ve not run the route often. A search on garmin shows I run it just 3 times last year, and 5 this year. But I’ve run it many many times, including on Christmas Day.

Today I ran it and I decided to go anti-clockwise for once … taking a right at the lights and running down St Andrews drive towards and into Maxwell Park, then along Terregles Avenue – 4 miles (and thankfully my leg was ok!).

The route is a bit nicer down that way, that’s why I tend to like to run that bit on my way back, after the start of the run is done with… but today I chose a slightly different way. It I was still downhill on the way back, so my last mile was the fastest, as usual (gravity!).

Today I was listening to an Apple Fitness ‘Time to walk’ by Dr Sanjay Gupta. The stories are mostly American, but this one was great today. He was talking about his mums journey from India to the US, and his journey in becoming a medical Dr and eventually a medical correspondent for CNN, and treating the camera lens like his patient. Very inspirational.

Around half way along the run, just out of Maxwell Park, my endorphins and thoughts on the run were flowing, and I got a lovely sense of relief flowing over me. The realisation that now I’m on such a different and much better journey with my career, after so long trying to get it settled. And it really does feel great.

I’m on a different journey with it finally, in a great organisation, with a great culture and in a really good team, and I couldn’t be more pleased and more settled. One month in and finally it feels like everything is as it should be and it’s magic.

So now I’ve gone on a slightly different path in my life, and I’d taken a slightly different path on my usual Maxwell Park run. I have to say it felt good, and I’m not looking back.

Fingers crossed my leg stays ok for running and I can build it back up again. After 6 weeks of physio and 2 runs a week, it’s seeming to all work – touch wood! I’ll see if I can build up to 10k running by the middle of September for the Brighton event, but we’ll see.

This Super Lorn is back, and ready to fly.

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