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I may be a Gadget whore…

My name is Lorn Pearson and I am a gadget whore. There. I’ve said it.  😉   I admit that I am a gadget whore. Since I broke my third Nike Fuelband a few weeks back… you’d have thought I’d … Continue reading

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Garmin Missing Uploaded Activities – FIX

I’ve written about when my activities weren’t uploading to Garmin Connect before, and now Garmin was experiencing issues and a couple of my activities seemed to be lost. 😦 (I wouldn’t mind so much but one of them was my … Continue reading

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My Gadgets

This post has been in the making for a while… I thought I’d get together my list of gadgets I’ve got. 🙂 Here goes… GARMIN / RUNNING 1. Garmin 610 Possibly my favourite and most used gadget of all, my … Continue reading

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Why I like the Nike Fuel Band

I’ve had my Nike Fuel Band for few months now and I have to say I’m still loving it. Sure it’s perhaps needless and expensive gadget, but I’m still liking it. On a day to day basis you can set … Continue reading

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Garmin activities won’t upload to Garmin Connect – FIX

I’ve spent the last two weeks frustratingly not being able to upload my activities from my Garmin 610 to Garmin Connect. It may sound sad but I feel a bit like I’ve had a finger cut off (not as bad … Continue reading

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Nike Fuel Band

I already posted about this… the Nike Fuel Band… and I think I might need to save up to get one… 🙂 See a good video about it here: The question is… how long can I hold off from … Continue reading

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I’m most like an Ethiopian apparently?!

I had to laugh at this… it’s a calculator on the BBC website which can tell you if you are a healthy weight and how you rate against others globally. The test is here:  Where are you on the global … Continue reading

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Garmin 610… what you can do with it. :-)

garmin610 A friend of mine has just been fortunate enough to buy herself a Garmin 610 – welcome to the club!  🙂 I love my Garmin 610 and since getting my first Garmin (405) in 2008 I’ve got to grips … Continue reading

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TRX workout

This morning I did an hour of weights and a boxfit workout followed by a good TRX circuit at Bellahouston. I’m really liking the TRX and got this set of workouts together (top two sets standing, last set on the … Continue reading

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How to count lengths?

An avid reader of this blog asked me if I knew of any lap counters on the market which she could use to count the lengths she swims. Previously, I’ve done these posts: 64 length easy to remember swim plan … Continue reading

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