Ready for the Brighton 10k!

It’s been about 21 months in the waiting this event… but finally tonight I put my first flat lay for what feels like years, out… here it is…

Mostly in ‘bot’ colours apart from my trainers …including my Scotland flag / cape. lol.

I got my number earlier and I’m in the red coral, group C… so I need to be there for 8am. I’m not sure when the race starts but I’m sure I’ll be ready.

I have all my gear, although I don’t think I’ll wear my purple arms… I’ll swap them out for my sunglasses as it’s due to be sunny (and warm enough too).

The flight down was fine, masked up, well managed boarding and disembarking… although there seems to be less mask wearing around here… I must remember mine tomorrow, just incase.

I got a couple of energy gels at the expo today, I’ll use one, the cold brew one with the highest amount of caffeine in it, probably around 8am, or half an hour before the 10k is due to start. I probably don’t need it, but I might as well. It’ll do me no harm and give me some calories and caffeine.

I was looking back, and my last event was the Balloch to Clydebank Half Marathon, just as lock down started, in March 2020. And my last 10k race was in January 2020 – the Nigel Barge 10k… where I beasted it and finished just under 50 minutes.

I doubt I have anywhere near that on the bag for tomorrow, given my hamstring injury which has recently cleared up, and my relatively low level of run training of two runs a week. I’ll see how it goes, settle into it abs watch my heart rate / keep it around 165 hopefully – and see what the outcome is.

Earlier on we went down to collect our numbers, and we dropped our kit bags off, so they’ll be ready for collection after the run. It’s been done a bit differently due to covid etc, but it seemed to work quite well. I imagine it’ll be easy to find / get your kit bag after the run tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

We all went out for dinner tonight – pizza for me… four of us (on the left) are doing the marathon and the other three of us are doing the 10k. It’ll be good to cheer everyone on and celebrate anyway.

When we were walking back from picking up our numbers Jen pointed out this – a sun-bow / halo. I had thought about bringing and elephant to drop in memory of my Granny, but I think I’ll do it next weekend (around my swim at Loch Morlich) instead.

Good luck to all the runners tomorrow. I look forward to seeing how everyone does.

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